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  • Coaching again after triple surgery at Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre
  • Award winning Lincolnshire baker rising to the health challenge
  • Chesterfield resident champions patient choice after successful hip operation


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The Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre is a purpose built hospital serving the populations of South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire. If you live outside the areas listed you can still be referred to us, just ask your GP. The Treatment Centre focuses on providing specialist orthopaedic services. The hospital is run by Care UK, an independent company providing services to NHS patients. It is a newly-built, 36-bed inpatient and 6-bed day case orthopaedic centre, with four theatres, and opened in July 2005. It performs over 5,000 surgical procedures a year, made up mainly of knee and hip replacements, shoulder, lower back surgery, minor orthopaedic cases, plus ophthalmology.

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Coaching again after triple surgery at Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre

A summer of bowling and coaching awaits a Chesterfield man, following three surgeries at Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre and now he is encouraging people of all ages to join him on the green.

Andy Hoe, 64, had played sport at a competitive level al his life, including representing Rugby Union clubs wherever he lived. But a family pre-disposition to arthritis and years of punishment on the squash and badminton courts had taken their toll on his knees and hip.

"My wife and I have always enjoyed walking holidays, but increasingly a dull pain started to affect my hip. At first I thought it was just a strain, but the pain got worse. I took painkillers and I had steroid injections into the joint, but nothing really worked.

"My GP sent me to the Barlborough treatment centre, where an MRI revealed that the cartilage had completely worn away and bone was rubbing on bone."

Mr Hoe, who was project manager working in pharmaceuticals and engineering, underwent surgery and was impressed with the centre and the team. "I could not have asked for better; everyone was friendly and professional and Mr Toth, my consultant, worked with me to ensure the replacement joint was suitable for my needs and I found that very reassuring."

Mr Toth discovered the pain Mr Hoe was experiencing in his knees was also caused by arthritis. Mr Hoe said: "My father has been plagued by arthritis in his joints and it has severely limited his mobility. The Barlborough team carried out arthroscopies on both my knees, using keyhole surgery to repair damaged cartilage and remove fragments from the joints.

"The results were great, I worked diligently at my physiotherapy exercises and I have no pain. While I know I may need further surgery in years to come, this will mean I am significantly older when it happens and, as I intend to be playing bowls into my 90s, that is a good thing."

Mr Hoe, who has bowled for 40 years, plays and coaches at Wingerworth Bowls Club. He said: "Bowls is a fantastic, competitive game for all ages and abilities. We offer free trial sessions at the club every Sunday morning at 10am. I would recommend anyone who enjoys competitive sport or just relaxing and socialising, but who can't keep up the pace on the court or pitch anymore, to join us and see what they think."

Hospital director Steve Booker said: "Our consultants work with patients to ensure the operation they receive works for them, while our physiotherapists follow up with patients to help them gain the maximum benefit from their treatment. When patients like Mr Hoe work at their exercises, the results are usually impressive.

"Being competitive but suffering from some footballing injuries as I do, I am very tempted to join Mr Hoe for some training at the club off Allendale Road and Cenral Drive."


Last updated on 10 August 2018.

Award winning Lincolnshire baker rising to the health challenge

A 68-year-old former award winning baker from Lincolnshire is back taking part in shooting and fishing just weeks after having a total knee replacement, thanks to his preperation for surgery and a minimally invasive procedure under local anaesthetic at Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre.

Mr Peter Welbourne ran a bakery in Navenby established by his grandfather Cornelius in 1896. In 2004 he took the title of England's Tastiest Baker and he also won awards for his traditional Lincolnshire plum bread. "We always baked our goods to traditional recipes and cooked pies and sausage rolls from scratch, cooking our own meat to family-held recipes," he said.

He started work in the shop with his father as a boy when the ovens were still coal-fired and without the aid of temperature gauges. Me Welbourne said: "Iloved my life in baking but a lifetime of work standing up took its toll on my knee joints. Added to work I played a great deal of sport over the years and I am not an indoor person. I prefer to be in the country, walking, fishing and shooting.

"I first went to my GP, who is very good, around eight years ago, as the pain was getting worse. He helped me to keep working, giving me advice to take up cycling to build up the muscles to support the knee and helping me with pain management.

"But last year the pain, as bone grated on bone, meant we had to take action and an x-ray revealed I need total joint replacements on both knees. I elected to be treated at Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre as I had heard very positive reviews and a family friend works at the centre."

Mr Welbourne elected to have his left knee treated first as it was causing the most pain. He explained: "I was run over twice when I was young and later I broke my left leg and kept working on it for almost a month, because that is what you did."

Mr Welbourne was delighted with the centre and the treatment he received. "The place has a very friendly atmosphere. It is very clean and everyone I met could not do enough for me. Everyone on the ward was treated with dignity and with a friendly caring way, and everyone coming back from surgery was pleased with how it went."

Mr Welbourne had his operation under a regional block rather than under a traditional general anaesthetic. He said: "It was great. I do not like general anaesthetics: I do not feel right for days after. I was conscious throughout the operation but felt no pain at all. The team chatted to me throughout and it was reassuring. I could not believe I was having a cup of tea an hour later and I was up on my feet shortly after that."

Medical director Marco La Malfa said: "I am delighted Mr Welbourne is happy with the procedure and I know he is hoping to come back and have his right knee treated.

"By using this technique we are able to get people up on their feet, using crutches, on the same day. This not only builds confidence and helps to aid recovery, but it reduces the risk of patients developing deep vein thrombosis. It also enables us to get people back to their own home, often after just two days, and we know people recover better at home, where they feel comfortable.

"Mr Welbourne has helped his recovery by keeping fit and healthy and I would encourage anyone having joint replacement surgery to work with their GP or physiotherapist on preparing for treatment, as well as following the instructions they receive after the operation in order to get the best possible results.

Last updated on 05 March 2018.

Chesterfield resident champions patient choice after successful hip operation

When dancing her way into 2014 on New Year’s Eve this year, Chesterfield resident Elise Bonham felt a sharp pain in her hips.

The severe pain she felt while bopping along to her favourite songs had bothered her on and off for almost two years, but this night on the dance floor spelled the final straw.

After New Year, the 63 year old went to see her GP who told her she would need a replacement of both hips. She was offered the choice of two providers; the local hospital or Care UK’s Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre.

Elise who also enjoyed keeping active by walking and going to the gym said she had heard good things from friends and family about Barlborough where clinicians perform at least four hip replacement operations a day. It also had one of the shortest local waiting times at four to six weeks compared to the national average of more than 12 weeks.

As an avid gardener, Elise was worried undergoing the operation could mean she wouldn’t be back in her garden in time for spring, however just three months after the treatment she was back to her beloved gardening.

Commenting on her road to recovery, she said it’s being able to do the simple things again that she looks forward to the most “putting my right sock on will be a milestone, at the moment it’s driving me mad. Also not having to sleep on my back and being able to sleep on my side again will be a significant improvement for me.”

When asking friends and family advice on where to go, Elise said it was her neighbour who was in the perfect position to make a recommendation. The neighbour’s elderly mother had undergone a full-hip replacement in two stages. She had one hip replaced at the local hospital and the other at Care UK’s treatment centre. Currently over 97 per cent of former patients have stated they would recommend the centre to their friends and family.

The neighbour recommended Barlborough as it has no cases of hospital acquired MRSA, short waiting times and provides excellent patient care. She said her mother had a really positive experience at the treatment centre. 

Speaking about her treatment Elise said: “I was terrified at the prospect of such a big operation but I took comfort in hearing from people I knew had been to Barlborough and had a pleasant experience there. I decided I’d rather go there as it had the best reputation for this kind of surgery and it was close to my home.”

Since the operation she has been following the post-operative exercises given by her physiotherapist three times a day and is slowly returning to all her activities. She said: “I don’t think I will ever forget to do the exercises. You find yourself improving every day.”

Now on the mend and virtually pain free, Elise wants to spread the word to others that they needn’t be fearful of the operation: “The actual procedure doesn’t hurt. Naturally it’s not completely pain free, you do have some pain in the days following but the nursing staff are constantly monitoring you and adjusting your pain relief medication accordingly.”

Care UK orthopedic surgeon Mr Fred Farlin said one of the key actions a patient can take to ensure a speedy recovery is to follow the exercises provided by their physiotherapist.

Mr Farlin’s top five tips for those recovering from a full hip replacement include:

  1. Avoid bending your hip to more than a right angle, or 90 degrees, during any activity
  2. Try to avoid twisting your hip
  3. Avoid lying on your side where possible
  4. Don’t cross your legs over each other
  5. Don’t force the hip to do anything that makes it feel uncomfortable.

Meanwhile Elise’s advice to others facing a hip replacement is to “ just go for it. I can now sit and stand up without my hip joints locking in pain, which is the most amazing feeling.”

Last updated on 08 September 2014.

Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre reaches 30,000 patients and celebrates its eighth birthday

Chesterfield woman Minnie Baxter has revealed she was delighted with a trip to Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre. Not only does her new hip mean she can continue to enjoy walking in the stunning Derbyshire countryside with her husband, but Minnie also discovered she was the 30,000th patient to visit the popular service since it opened in 2005 to help reduce NHS waiting lists for orthopaedic procedures.

Minnie, 77, visited the Care UK-run treatment centre for her second hip replacement – an operation she says has given her a new lease of life. When she returned for a check up Minnie was thrilled to leave with the news she can drive again and take her husband to their favourite walking spots.

She said: “My left hip was replaced four years ago and it had got to the stage where the right one was severely affecting my mobility and I had to use a walking stick. I wanted an operation to put this right as quickly as possible and my doctor told me Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre had the shortest waiting time. I’d heard a lot of good things about the centre and was thrilled that just three weeks after having x-rays I was booked in for my operation.

“I’m so pleased with my new hip and how straightforward everything was. I couldn’t believe how quickly I was back up on my feet without any pain. I arrived at 7am and was taken to theatre around 11am. The operation only took a couple of hours and by mid-afternoon I was out of bed and getting around without my walking stick.

“The consultant and nurse told me I’d recover quickly but I think even they were surprised at how fast it was. When my niece arrived later that day she was shocked to see me sitting in a chair and walking around, rather than being stuck in bed.

“The service was brilliant and I’ve been telling everybody I know how wonderful the place is. Everyone was so friendly and I couldn’t have asked for more. One of the things I really appreciated was people taking the time to talk to me. I felt comfortable and relaxed the whole time I was there – even during the operation.

Donna Elkington, lead physiotherapist at Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre, said: “Minnie was the perfect patient and the speed of her recovery was fantastic. Being active definitely helped with her rehabilitation and we’re so pleased she’s able to get back to doing the things she loves. It’s always nice to hear how our work has made a difference to peoples’ lives and this time it’s extra special because Minnie was our 30,000th patient.”

Minnie, who has always led an active lifestyle, is now looking forward to being able to enjoy her favourite pastime again. She added: “I’m really grateful for the help the team at Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre has given me and I can’t thank them enough – especially the physiotherapist Donna who showed me the stretches and exercises I needed to do to help with my recovery.

“My husband and I love being outdoors and enjoying the Derbyshire countryside. Now I can drive again we’re excited to be able to visit Ashover and Chatsworth – which are two of our favourite places to go walking.”

For more information about Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre, including opening times, visiting hours and directions, please visit or call 0333 200 4066.

Last updated on 04 March 2014.

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