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St Cecilias care home Scarborough

Saint Cecilia's is an award-winning independent, privately-owned Scarborough care home providing professional, compassionate care in a friendly and welcoming environment.

We are more than just a Scarborough care home, we strive to make it our residents' home, a place where they can retain independence and personal freedom and live their lives with enjoyment and fulfilment.

We aim to treat all our residents as we would wish to be treated ourselves and believe that, while dementia or confusion might mean they can no longer live alone it should not mean any loss of privacy, dignity or respect.

The owners and management have many years' experience of providing expert care to older and vulnerable people in a homely, family atmosphere. Everything is geared towards ensuring that our care home's residents are happy and our overall aim is to provide dedicated, personal care, tailored to individual needs. We provide full support to relatives including the opportunity to visit at any time.

We accept local authority-funded clients. The care home is part of the Saint Cecilia's family of care services which includes Saint Cecilia's Nursing Home for 44 residents and Saint Cecilia's Day Care, which provides stimulating and enjoyable daycare activities.

Click on the links to learn more about Saint Cecilia's care home, then get in touch and come and see us for yourself – you'll be made very welcome!

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Saint Cecilia's Care Home

Tel: 01723 503111   Fax: 01723 501080

Address: 19/21 Stepney Road, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO12 5BN



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Latest news

July 2017 newsletter

This newsletter takes a photographic look back at the success of Care Home Open Day and also has a round-up of the latest Saint Cecilia's news.

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Newsletter July 2017 (.pdf, 1.64 MB)

Last updated on 21 July 2017.

May 2017 Newsletter

Our May newsletter looks ahead to National Care Home Open Day and also showcases some new photographs we have had taken across the Saint Cecilia's care family!

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Newsletter May 2017 (.pdf, 1.67 MB)

Last updated on 21 July 2017.

February 2017 newsletter

This first newsletter of 2017 reveals the exciting news that a Scarborough nursing home is joining the Saint Cecilia's family. Plus there's all the pictures from Christmas celebrations!

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February 2017 newsletter (.pdf, 1.55 MB)

Last updated on 18 April 2017.

December 2016 Newsletter

All the latest news and pictures from St Cecilia's and our sister care provider, Eastfield House Day Care.

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December 2016 Newsletter (.pdf, 2.6 MB)

Last updated on 22 December 2016.

September 2016 Newsletter

Read the latest news on some management changes at St Cecilia's in our latest newsletter.

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September 2016 Newsletter (.pdf, 3.42 MB)

Last updated on 22 December 2016.

June 2016 Newsletter

Our June 2016 newsletter features news and pictures from our contribution to this year's National Care Home Open Day

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June 2016 newsletter (.pdf, 476.7 KB)

Last updated on 22 December 2016.

March 2016 Newsletter

The March 2016 newsletter includes all the latest news from St Cecilia's, including our latest inspection report and Easter pictures!

Last updated on 11 May 2016.

January 2016 Newsletter

The latest news from St Cecilia's, including a round up of pictures from the Christmas party...

Last updated on 11 May 2016.

December 2015 newsletter

Welcome to our December newsletter featuring all the latest news from St Cecilia's...

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December 2015 newsletter (.pdf, 2.11 MB)

Last updated on 22 December 2015.

April newsletter

Our April 2013 Newsletter

In our April newsletter we report some excellent news for St Cecilia's and have a picture special on Easter celebrations.

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April 2013 newsletter (.pdf, 2.14 MB)

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

A day in the life of St Cecilia's

Serving tea at St Cecilia's

A typical day at St Cecilia’s is one that is filled with enjoyment, stimulation and above all, compassionate care, tailored to individual needs and wishes.


Up and about

The day shift begins at 7.30am, when a team leader and three carers will take over from the nightshift team and begin the process of getting the residents up and ready for breakfast.

That is the time when the new team will be brought up to speed with anything that has happened

overnight or since they were last on duty.

Head of Care Jo Edmond says the dressing and breakfast process is an unhurried affair, with the residents encouraged to begin their day at their own pace.

“Breakfast, like all our meals, is very much

prepared to suit individual tastes,” she says. “Some residents like to eat breakfast in the dining room with the others whilst some prefer it in their rooms.”

Mornings are typically the time when nurse or GP appointments take place. Some residents might go out to their doctor or others will see them at the home. A hairdresser or chiropodist might call. It can also be a time when some relatives come to visit or take a resident for a trip out.

There is always a mid-morning coffee break for those at the home.


Lunch — main meal of the day

Lunch begins at around 12.30pm and is the residents’ main meal of the day.

Chef Duncan Cammish is highly skilled in preparing tasty and nutritious food that caters for all tastes, particularly those who have difficulty eating.

Lunchtime is a very sociable time, an opportunity for all the residents to enjoy some time together with the care team.

“Mealtimes, particularly lunch, are one of the times the residents look forward to and we try to make them as enjoyable as possible,” adds Jo.

Afternoon is fun time. Former carer Pat Flint comes in regularly for a sing-song or a game of cards or dominoes. The residents also love a theme day, when Pat will lead a chat about poetry or a period of history.


Fun time in the afternoon

Visiting entertainers and theatre groups will also come some afternoons to provide a variety of music and entertainment.

Afternoons are also an opportunity for the residents to enjoy some one-to-one time with the carers.

“That can be anything from looking through a book, enjoying a chat or joining in with a singalong CD—anything to stimulate the residents and provide some enjoyment during the afternoon,” said Jo.

“In the summer months, about once a month, we might take a group out for a little drive or afternoon tea somewhere.

“It is also the time when our aromatherapist calls. There is usually something going on, or we have the sensory room if one or more residents want to enjoy some relaxing time in there, with some music.”

Between lunch and tea time, there will be afternoon tea, served in the lounge or in the garden on warm sunny days.

With lunch the main meal of the day, tea is a lighter meal—a sandwich, beans on toast, for example, and a small dessert, again made according to specific tastes and diets.


And time for bed ...

Like getting up and breakfast time, bed time is again a staggered affair, with some residents ready for bed early others staying up later.

After supper (a hot milky drink and a dip in “the chocolate tin”), the residents will

gradually get off to bed.

“All our shifts are busy and night-time is no exception,” says Jo. “It is the time when we get all the things done that we can’t do during the day, like a mountain of laundry, ironing, cleaning the communal areas and paper work,” she adds. “We do rounds every two hours to check every resident in turn. Depending on what they need, those rounds can take more than an hour at a time.”

That takes us through to the morning, when another day at St Cecilia’s can begin...

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

Our staff - making a difference

St Cecilia’s has always worked hard to provide person-centred care, with the resident’s quality of life our number one aim. Everything we do – from harnessing the latest Telecare monitoring equipment to setting up the residents to have email and internet access – is geared towards helping them to get the most out of their stay at St Cecilia’s and to have a good quality of life. This ethos is built in to every aspect of St Cecilia’s, especially the recruitment of staff.

Alongside relevant skills and qualifications, we are looking for, above all, compassion and people skills, allied to a desire to make a difference to someone’s quality of life. Moving forward from recruitment, ongoing staff development is all about improving that ability to help people with Dementia. We actively seek out the right training and development to empower our staff to work together in St Cecilia’s to support people with Dementia.

The attached files gives details of the formal qualifications that our staff hold.


Associated document

Formal Qualifications (.PDF, 235.46 KB)

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

St Cecilia’s signs up to the Dementia Pledge

St Cecilia’s and our sister business, the Eastfield House day care centre in Eastfield, have signed up to the Dementia Pledge, promising to provide the best possible care for those living with the condition.

The Dementia Pledge was launched last month and so far 360 social care providers have demonstrated their commitment to providing excellent care and support for people with dementia.

They have made a firm commitment to improving the knowledge and understanding of carers working with people with dementia and delivering care and support that are truly person centred.

St Cecilia’s Head of Care, Jo Edmond, said: “As care providers that specialise in the care of people with dementia we are pleased to sign up to this excellent pledge and to show our commitment to providing the best care."

As dementia affects different people in different way, and there are different forms of it, the care we provide reflects that and everything revolves around providing the best possible care for each individual.

“We invest heavily in ensuring that our staff have the very latest training to ensure they can provide the specialist care that people with dementia need and we also place a high priority on providing a happy, stimulating atmosphere in a welcoming and compassionate care setting.”

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St Cecilia's Dementia Pledge (.pdf, 204.01 KB)

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

Our June Newsletter

In this months issue we give details of a forthcoming relatives meeting and celebrate the heroic efforts of one of our  Eastfield House care assistants.

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Newsletter_June2013.pdf (.pdf, 1.58 MB)

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

Testimonials from the families of our residents

 We know that people looking for care want to hear about the experiences of others.  We would like to encourage people to use the "Leave a review" facility on this website to share their experiences of care here at St. Cecilia’s. 

Until we start to get some reviews we thought it might be helpful if we shared with you some letters we have received from the families of our residents.  They have all given their permission for us to share their positive feedback.

Associated document

Testimonials from families (.pdf, 912.4 KB)

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

Our August Newsletter

In this Summer edition we celebrate a VIP Visit, singing sessions and the Eastfield House Summer Fete.

Read all about it and see the great photos.


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August/September2013newsletter (.pdf, 3.21 MB)

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

Our October Newsletter

Autumn is now upon us and after a wonderful Summer, we look forward to two award ceremonies in November at which St Cecilia's has a chance of winning awards.  We give you the results of our latest Care Quality Commission unannounced inspection and feedback following a recent survey.  We also celebrate the lives of some of our past residents.

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Newsletter_Oct_2013.pdf (.pdf, 1.19 MB)

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

Christmas party at St Cecilia's

Christmas party at St Cecilia's

Relatives and friends gathered to make the annual Christmas party at St Cecilia's a great success.

With music from Sing Along Steve and a fantastic buffet tea, a great time was had by all, as this selection of pictures shows.

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

December newsletter

In this edition we report on preparations for Christmas, St Cecilia's gaining recognition at two award ceremonies and celebrations to mark a 99th birthday!

Click on the link to read all our news.

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December Newsletter (.pdf, 2.81 MB)

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

Aladdin drops in to our care home

Aladdin at St Cecilia's

Aladdin paid a visit to St Cecilia's, as residents enjoyed a fun performance of the famous pantomime.

The show was put on by Tickled Pink Productions who entertained with comedy sketches, jokes and sing-along songs.

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

January/February newsletter published.

The January/February issue of our regular newsletter Feedback is now online.

In this issue we look back at Christmas celebrations in St Cecilia's and also report on a very special thank you from some grateful relatives.

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January/February newsletter (.pdf, 2.77 MB)

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

Zany performer entertains

Frantic Theatre visit

Residents at St Cecilia's were entertained by the zany antics of this young perfomer from the Frantic Theatre Company when he paid a visit to the home.

A real livewire, he got the residents singing and clapping along with a selection of favourite songs in amongst his monologue and puppet theatre show.

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

Tv cameras at St Cecilia's

Television cameras were at both St Cecilia’s and our day care centre at Eastfield House this week.

The crew, from BBC Look North, were filming as part of a report they were doing on the issue of VAT and care businesses.

Presenter Danielle Hewson also interviewed Managing Director Mike Padgham about the issue.

Care businesses are charged VAT for goods and services they buy but do not charge VAT themselves for the care they provide. This means that, unlike other organisations and businesses, they are unable to offset any of the VAT they are charged.

Care providers are campaigning to alter this anomaly, even if only to allow care businesses a VAT holiday to help them invest during the current economic climate.

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

March/April newsletter

The March/April edition of our newsletter is now on line.

In this latest edition we find out a little bit about Charlie and Maxine Wilson, the first married couple to live at St Cecilia's.

There's also a feature on the recent visit by the Frantic Theatre Company and a report on TV cameras visiting the home.

Associated document

March/April newsletter (.pdf, 1.56 MB)

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

St Cecilia's and the Care Quality Commission

Click here to read a message

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

May/June newsletter

The May/June edition of our newsletter is now online.

In this edition we look at preparations for National Care Home Open Day and also report on the latest inspection at the home by the Care Quality Commission, plus lots more news.

Associated document

May/June Newsletter (.pdf, 1.88 MB)

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

St Cecilia's celebrates National Care Home Open Day

National Care Home Open Day at St Cecilia's

The sun shone as BBC television personality Harry Gration called in to St Cecilia's as part of our National Care Home Open Day celebrations.

Harry enjoyed a tour round the home and also got to meet staff and residents during his time at the home.

Other special guests during the day included students from Graham School, Jo Bell, Care Quality Commission Regulation Manager for York and North Yorkshire, representatives from North Yorkshire County Council, exercise group Oomph! and Sing-along-Steve, as well as relatives and visitors.

Afterwards Harry said he had enjoyed his visit and had been impressed by the home and in particular with the dedication of the staff.

Head of Care Jo Edmond said the day had been a success.

"All in all it was a very enjoyable day," she said. "During the morning It was lovely to welcome the students from Graham School, who joined in fabulously with Oomph! and the residents. Then in the afternoon there was a lovely atmosphere as Harry and the other guests mingled. It was nice to have something different for the residents and it gave us the opportunity to showcase the care on offer at St Cecilia's."

National Care Home Open Day saw dozens of care homes all over the country throw open their doors to give a greater understanding of the care on offer to older and vulnerable adults.

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

July/August newsletter

In this edition we reflect on the success of St Cecilia's participation in National Care Home Open Day as well as report on the latest news from the home

Associated document

Newsletter_Aug_2014.pdf (.pdf, 2.94 MB)

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

St Cecilia's highlighted in major national launch

St Cecilia's has been used in a major national report calling for an overhaul of the residential care sector in England.

The way St Cecilia's uses new technology to help it look after residents, is highlighted in the Demos Commission on Residential Care.

Working in partnership with North Yorkshire County Council, the care home uses a number of electronic monitoring aids in rooms and communal areas throughout the home.

They monitor residents’ movements around the building and also check for things like incontinence, falls and residents getting out of bed during the night.

In Demos Commission report, the home’s use of Telecare equipment is given as an example of how new technology can be used to help provide modern care.

Jo Edmond, Head of Care at St Cecilia’s, said: “It is a great honour for St Cecilia’s to feature in a national publication and we are very pleased to have played our part in something that will hopefully have a beneficial effect on the future of residential care in this country.

“The use of monitoring equipment has certainly brought many positive benefits in terms of providing extra monitoring checks on the residents and also freeing up staff to spend more quality time with those residents too.”

The Demos Commission’s report, unveiled by former care minister Paul Burstow, says NHS Trusts should sell surplus land next to hospitals to build enough care homes and supported living apartments to meet ever-increasing demand for them.

Around 450,000 people live in care homes in England and with a rapidly ageing population, that number is rising. It is feared that the country is unprepared for this care “time bomb”.

Less than 40% of land held by NHS trusts is currently being used for medical buildings, so more than 5,000 hectares could be used for care accommodation, easing the strain on NHS hospital beds. Around 30% of acute hospital beds are filled with people who could be looked after in a care home.

The Demos Commission’s final report calls for incentives like quicker planning decisions and reduced purchase prices to sell surplus land to providers who are willing to reserve a percentage of space for state-funded care, or contribute to local authority services.

It also calls for care facilities to be co-located with educational institutions or community centres such as nursery groups or libraries.

Mr Burstow calls for a separation of housing and care costs along with the introduction of individual tenancy rights to give people moving into care homes the same security and rights as those moving into supported housing or care villages.

The report also recommends carrying out 20-year projections on demand for care, dropping the term ‘residential care’, requiring the Care Quality Commission to inspect care commissioners as well as providers, introducing a ‘licence to practise’ to ensure training for care workers, ensuring those working in care homes are paid a living wage and greater transparency from care providers on feedback and complaints.

? The Telecare equipment, provided by Tunstall Healthcare, has had an extremely positive effect at St Cecilia’s. Key benefits included extra assistance to staff who are freed up to do other tasks, including spending more time with residents, and the targeted management of specific risks.

The project alleviated the need to carry out frequent ‘just in case’ checks, for example in the event of incontinence, which can limit a person’s behaviour or cause anxiety. Early detection of incontinence also helps avoid skin problems. It has also given relatives extra reassurance that their loved ones are well cared for and getting more one to one interaction with staff.

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

Christmas comes to St Cecilia's

We were delighted to welcome many relatives and friends to the St Cecilia's Christmas party.
All enjoyed entertainment and a fabulous buffet tea!

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

March 2015 newsletter

In this March 2015 edition we look ahead to National Care Home Open Day at St Cecilia's and have a picture special on a visiting theatre group at the home.

Associated document

March 2015 newsletter (.pdf, 1.68 MB)

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

Open Day success at St Cecilia's

National Care Home Open Day 2015 at St Cecilia's

St Cecilia's enjoyed its best National Care Home Open Day event so far. This special document takes a look at the highlights of the day.

Associated document

Care Home Open Day 2015 (.pdf, 4.74 MB)

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

Our February 2013 Newsletter

In this edition, we look back and reflect on our all our great Christmas activities and discuss the recently announced shake-up of social care funding.

Associated document

Our February 2013 Newsletter (.pdf, 1.94 MB)

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

Our mealtimes and menus

Our recent St Patrick's Day Menu

Mealtimes are a key part of our day to day life here at St Cecilia's.  We celebrate good food and the social interaction that mealtimes bring. 

We help bring life to special occasions with themed mealtimes, as you can see from this picture of our recent St Patrick's Day menu.

To give you an idea of the kinds of meals our residents here enjoy on a daily basis, why not have a look at this attached sample menu.

Associated document

A typical meal menu (.jpg, 356.8 KB)

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

January newsletter

A round-up of the latest news from St Cecilia's, including a look back at Christmas 2014 and the results of our latest satisfaction survey

Associated document

January 2015 newsletter (.pdf, 2.06 MB)

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

November/December Newsletter

As we approach Christmas, the newsletter looks at some of the early festive events held at St Cecilia's and a celebration for our patron saint!

Associated document

November/December Newsletter (.pdf, 2.84 MB)

Last updated on 09 September 2015.

Home welcomes Frantic Theatre Company

Frantic Theatre Company at St Cecilia's

Residents and staff thoroughly enjoyed a visit from the Frantic Theatre Company.

Entertainer Jo Papworth had her audience laughing with a mix of knockabout comedy and fun songs during an afternoon slot at St Cecilia's.

The residents warmed to her straight away, joined in with some familiar songs and loved her zany comic sketches.

Last updated on 23 September 2014.

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