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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Following the Government announcement on Monday 23rd March 2020, and advice from Public Health England and NHS England, Newmedica has suspended non-urgent, elective ophthalmology services from Tuesday 24th March 2020.

We continue to provide Wet AMD services where we are commissioned to do so.

We will however continue to accept routine referrals where the referrer deems this to be necessary. All referrals will be triaged to ensure the patient’s sight is not at significant risk and the patients will be contacted. We will then defer the referral where it is safe to do so and rest assured, we will carry out treatment as soon as patients are happy to and we are able.

All our patients who are currently booked into a clinic will be contacted to discuss and rearrange their appointment.

If you have any further questions please contact the Eye Clinic or Eye Hospital you attend or have been referred to, contact details can be found under each location on our website at

Newmedica is one of the leading independent sector providers of NHS funded ophthalmology services in England.

Our mission is to revolutionise the care and treatment for patients facing the prospect of sight loss, by creating a new national network of specialist eye clinics, that have a seamless link with all optometrists and GPs.

Our vision is a society where everyone can get access to free or affordable world class treatment for advanced eye conditions without any unnecessary delay or worry.

We have a proven track record of working with the NHS, providing services for NHS CCGs, NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts, and other providers of NHS funded services, currently we provide services for 22 NHS contracts.

We deliver over 120,000 patient interactions annually in more than 23 locations across England, including eye hospitals and clinics in Bristol, Gloucester, Grimsby, Middlesbrough and Leeds with further plans to open more centres throughout England.

Departments and services

The Services we offer vary according to the contract and the location, as well as General Ophthalmology we also offer

  • Cataract Surgery and management

  • Ocular Hypertension and Glaucoma treatment and monitoring

  • Oculoplastics surgery

  • Medical Retina

  • Yag Laser Treatments

  • Wet AMD

  • Diabetic Macular Oedema

  • Retinal Vein Occlusions


Latest news

New hospital opens

Team in Teesside

Teesside’s ground-breaking new eye health clinic and surgical centre has been praised for providing a range of ‘amazing’ services that reduce waiting times.

The 3,500sq ft Newmedica centre at North Ormesby opened in October with the aim of improving eye health services in the community and helping to reduce waiting times for patients needing essential treatment for sight-loss conditions.

Since then, Teesside Newmedica has delivered over a 1,000 appointments and surgical procedures for patients with a range of eye health conditions including cataract, ocular hypertension, oculoplastic surgery and glaucoma.

Joan Breeze received flowers and chocolates during the eye health clinic’s recent official opening ceremony, in recognition of her being one of the first patients when she had her cataracts removed.

Other dignitaries attending the official opening included Cllr John Hobson of Middlesbrough Council.

Joan, who cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony, said: ‘I came here because I was told I’d be seen within four weeks and the service was excellent. My eyesight is so important to me and my treatment was amazing – I simply cannot recommend it enough. The staff do an incredible job.’

The centre serves Teesside and the surrounding areas, stretching to Stockton, Hartlepool, County Durham and Darlington, Northallerton and beyond. It has three consultancy rooms, three treatment rooms and one theatre equipped with the latest innovations from the ophthalmology industry.

Darshak Shah, Managing Director at Newmedica, said Newmedica has a trusted 12-year track record of working closely with the NHS to carry out a range of specialist eye care services at no cost to patients.

He added: ‘Most eye conditions are age-related, and there is an increased need for routine operations.

‘Eye operations don’t necessarily need to be in big hospitals, which is why we have created this specialist unit. It is the first integrated Eye Clinic and Surgical Centre we have established with an outpatients department and an operating theatre under one roof. We are very proud of our new facility, and the team are working fantastically hard to ensure each patient receives the best care.’

Patients can be referred to the centre at 29-30 Market Place, North Ormesby, by their GP or optician, and will be typically seen within two weeks for their first appointment.

Surgery usually takes place within the following two weeks, eliminating any unnecessary delay or worry that patients might experience when told they need treatment for a sight-loss condition.

Treatments include cataract surgery and management, ocular hypertension and glaucoma treatment and monitoring, oculoplastic surgery, medical retina, and a special laser treatment designed to improve vision after cataract surgery.

Doug Perkins, a co-founder of Specsavers, one of the Newmedica partners, said: ‘The thing that people don’t plan for is their failing sight, but as we live longer it’s inevitable that we are going develop some sort of eye condition. What we are providing at North Ormesby will complement the NHS by meeting the demand as our population ages.’

Newmedica began in 2007 with a mission to revolutionise the care and treatment for patients by creating a new national network of specialist eye clinics that have a seamless link with all optometrists and GPs.

Annette Johnson is Operational Director of Teesside Newmedica, working with Consultant Ophthalmologists Qasim Mansoor and Philip Severn, who bring more than 35 years of clinical experience to the new venture.

She said: ‘We have already had some lovely feedback from patients who are absolutely thrilled to be seen and treated so quickly. We are looking forward to being able to make a significant difference to people’s lives in the community.’ The North Ormesby centre is open Monday to Saturday from 8am to 6pm. For more information, call 01642087614 or visit


Last updated on 19 December 2019.

Pioneering eye care service for North East Lincolnshire

06 Nov 2017

A new way of providing hospital-grade eye care to patients in the community is being pioneered from Grimsby.

Newmedica, part of the Specsavers group, has opened an eye health clinic and surgical centre in Cromwell Road Primary Health Centre and is working with local opticians and GPs to offer services to NHS and private patients.

The NHS contract was established with North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in April this year to offer greater choice to patients.

It covers outpatient consultations and diagnostic scans, cataract surgery, YAG laser capsulotomy, oculoplastics, treatment for glaucoma, peripheral iridotomy and medical retina (excluding AMD) services.

In another first for eyecare, the Newmedica service in North East Lincolnshire is led by two joint venture partners – a set-up similar to the Specsavers joint venture partnership in which stores are owned and led by local optician and retail partners, who are completely focused on providing excellent patient care and customer service.

For the Grimsby service, the joint venture partners are consultant ophthalmologist Tim Manners and operational director David Pullen. Tim Manners is a clinical director with Newmedica and former consultant ophthalmologist at York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and David Pullen is an experienced healthcare manager.

Tim Manners says, ‘We are delighted to offer patients in Lincolnshire a high quality and accessible NHS service, complemented by an exceptionally good value private offer for cataract surgery.’


Last updated on 16 May 2018.


If you have recently undergone optical surgery at Newmedica, or received any clinical care from us in the past, we would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Your feedback is essential in enabling us to continue with our provision of high quality, patient focused eye care, so we encourage patients to comment on all aspects of their experience with us.

If you have received treatment at any Newmedica clinic, please leave your review here on our NHS choices page. 


Last updated on 27 November 2017.

Major investment in ophthalmology partnership

Specsavers, the largest optometry provider to the NHS, has made a major investment in a partnership with Newmedica, one of the largest independent ophthalmology providers to the NHS, to improve eye health services for patients in the community.

Doug Perkins, co-founder and CEO of Specsavers, said: ‘Newmedica and Specsavers share a passion for transforming eye health and for focusing on what is best for patients and we are very much looking forward to working together.

‘The investment has only just been made and it is too early to say exactly how the partnership will develop in the future.

‘However, with hospital eye departments under pressure due to an ageing population and an increase in treatable eye conditions, we will be exploring with Newmedica ways in which we can provide NHS ophthalmology services in the community. We envisage that the services would be led by ophthalmologists, and supported by optometrists in our stores.’

Darshak Shah, co-founder and director of Newmedica, added: ‘This represents a significant milestone and a hugely positive development for Newmedica, enabling us to develop the business for a long term future in support of our mission of making eyecare better.’



Last updated on 23 November 2017.

Last updated on 26 March 2020.

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