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  • Practice Plus Group is leading innovation in patient care at HMP Five Wells – Britain’s newest Prison
  • Practice Plus Group become first to retain ‘Outstanding’ CQC rating for an NHS 111 Service
  • Fast-track mobile sight saving service launches in Southampton
Practice Plus Group

Practice Plus Group (formerly Care UK Healthcare) is England's largest independent provider of NHS services, delivering more than 70 different healthcare centres throughout the UK.

We work closely with the NHS to deliver high quality healthcare services, reducing waiting times and giving the patient a greater level of choice.

Practice Plus Group runs:

Patients who are treated by us can rest assured that we are bound by the same standards and measures of success as the NHS, with the same governance and accountability procedures in place.

This means that the quality of care we provide will always meet the high levels of service you expect from the NHS. 

With an unrelenting focus on quality and an innovative approach to patient centered care, our dedicated team of healthcare professionals will always put the patient first, no matter what.  

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Latest news

Practice Plus Group is leading innovation in patient care at HMP Five Wells – Britain’s newest Prison

The healthcare team standing outside HMP Five Wells

The healthcare team at HMP Five Wells were delighted to welcome their first patients into the prison on 4th February 2022, after nearly 12 months of planning.

As the healthcare provider at HMP Five Wells, Practice Plus Group will be at the forefront of innovation at ‘Britain’s most high-tech prison’. A revolutionary, patient-centred model of care will be complemented by a range of digital healthcare solutions, and initiatives informed by patient feedback, all of which have been trailed in partnership with NHSE over the past few years to achieve more comprehensive patient care.

The inclusion of technologies like Traka MDL units will allow patients to collect their in-possession medication autonomously, letting them pick up medication up at a time that suits their schedule.

The use of technologies like Visionable and Attend Anywhere will allow residents to receive consultations with external community services whilst remaining within the prison. This allows Practice Plus Group clinicians to be part of patient consultations and reduces the need for prisoner escort services.

Practice Plus Group will also be championing Reconnect services at Five Wells. This is a service that helps to establish community-based health and social care support for patients after they leave prison, and aims to take steps towards patients’ reintegration into the community.

The Practice Plus Group team has been preparing for the launch of HMP Five Wells nearly 12 months, and are thrilled to see services commence at the new site. Healthcare at HMP Five Wells includes a variety of services, and is one of the first sites in the UK to utilise Practice Plus Group’s new model of care.

The new model is divided into an early days team, who look after patients for their first 14 days at HMP Five Wells; a planned care team, who manage patient’s ongoing care requirements; and an unscheduled care team, who look after for patients that are unwell or experience acute conditions.

The prison is designed to encourage an ethos of rehabilitation and resettlement and Practice Plus Group has looked to patient informed initiatives wherever possible at the site in order to improve services.

Prisoners at HMP Five Wells are referred to as residents of the facility, and there are various workshops and training opportunities on offer to all residents.

The category C facility is designed to house 1,680 residents and has a modern design. There are no bars on resident’s windows, and there are a range of easily accessible resident facilities, including: gyms, snooker tables, and table tennis tables.

The contract is set for an initial period of seven years, with the option of three 12 month extensions. Practice Plus Group now supports 48 prisons across England.


Last updated on 28 April 2022.

Practice Plus Group become first to retain ‘Outstanding’ CQC rating for an NHS 111 Service

CQC inspected and rated "Outstanding"

The South-West NHS 111 contract centre, run by Practice Plus Group, has been rated as ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission in their report.

The NHS 111 South-West contact centre, based in Bristol, is part of Practice Plus Group’s national network and provides care for patients in Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset and Gloucestershire. It also supports our contracts in London, Surrey and East of England.

Lauren Stavrou, the Contact Centre Manager and registered CQC Manager, said "I am delighted by the CQC assessment of our work as ‘Outstanding’. We were the first NHS 111 provider in England to achieve this top rating in 2019, and we are now the first to retain it. This is a tremendous achievement and a true reflection of the hard work of each and every member of the integrated urgent care. I would particularly like to thank every member of my South-West team of which every single person has made a valuable contribution, and those who support us locally and nationally at all levels."

The inspection took place in December when NHS services were still under extreme pressure due to the pandemic, making this achievement all the more significant.

Within the report, the inspectors were extremely positive about Practice Plus Group’s proactive safeguarding approach and safety record. The report also praised the company’s gold standard auditing, its continuous improvement programmes and how the team works collaboratively to deliver effective and sustainable care and treatment.

Kevin Brown, National IUC Director, said “This achievement reflects the extra mile everyone goes to support our patients both in Bristol and across our entire network. I am very proud of the contribution every person makes to support and achieve this Outstanding rating.”

Last updated on 28 April 2022.

Fast-track mobile sight saving service launches in Southampton

External shot of a parked mobile clinical unit

A new, mobile sight-saving service launched this week, serving the mid-Hants area, supporting the recovery of local hospital eye services and ensuring continued delivery of timely, safe and effective treatment.

The service is for local people who need treatment for the debilitating disease, Wet Age-related Macular Degeneration (Wet AMD), which affects more than 600,000 people in the UK. The Macular Society have now revealed that almost 1.5million people nationally are affected by macular disease making it the nation’s leading cause of vision loss in adults.

This new mobile NHS service, delivered by Practice Plus Group, will initially provide quick and effective treatment for patients from the Mid Hampshire area who have been referred by either their GP or their optician for Wet AMD, diabetic macular oedema or retinal vein occlusions. A fast referral is of vital importance in the treatment of Wet AMD, as even a few days’ delay can have serious consequences for vision quality. In this service, patients will be offered an appointment within 72 hours of referral and treated by specialist nurses overseen by an ophthalmology consultant team.

Ms Karen Goodall, Practice Plus Group’s national clinical director for macular services, explained: “Wet AMD is caused when abnormal blood vessels grow into the macular area, which is responsible for central vision. Blood or fluid can leak from these vessels, causing scarring and rapid loss of vision. The good news is that, with prompt treatment, deterioration can be stopped in its tracks and a person’s sight saved. We urge referrers to act quickly upon discovering any symptoms for Wet AMD. This disease only deteriorates the vision and we want to help stop this.

Ms Goodall continued: ‘We have established fast track referral pathways for optometrists and GPs that ensures, the moment they become concerned that their patient may have Wet AMD, they can contact us for an appointment. We aim to see, diagnose and treat patients within 72 hours of referral and we achieve the delivery of 100 per cent of appointments within a week; that’s twice as quickly as the Royal College of Ophthalmology guidelines. As a result, our outcomes are among the best in the country with sustained visual gains of 4-6 letters on average.

Practice Plus Group, which runs the service on behalf of the NHS, has invested more than £450,000 in the mobile clinical unit and equipment, which incorporates a waiting room, assessment area and treatment room in which patients receive the sight-stabilising injections. The mobile team is based out of the Practice Plus Group Hospital, Southampton which has been rated as ‘Good’ by the Care Quality Commission.

The mobility of the service will prevent people with visual problems having to travel long distances from their homes for treatment. It will also be possible for some local patients, who currently have to travel outside the area for treatment, to be transferred to the new local service by their GP, optometrist or NHS Trust.

Practice Plus Group’s service director for Ophthalmology, John O’Brien, commenting on this new service said: “Patients come to us at a point in their lives when they are feeling particularly vulnerable. They may have started to lose their central vision, with all the attendant concern that this can bring. Our clinical teams help to overcome our patients’ anxiety by bringing our service closer to them and by arranging appointments at times to suit the patient to improve accessibility of clinical services in a smaller, friendlier, welcoming environment.

Last updated on 27 April 2022.

£90,000 investment in X-ray equipment for Emersons Green hospital

Louisa Shreeves, Radiology Manager | Practice Plus Group Hospital, Emersons Green

A £90,000 investment in state-of-the-art X-ray equipment by Practice Plus Group Hospital, Emersons Green will improve patient waiting times and enhance the accuracy of diagnostic imaging.

The new Carestream Dental Cone Beam CT Scanner, one of only two in South Gloucestershire, allows the radiology team to zoom in on areas as small as a single tooth’s root, as well as capturing facial imaging and detailed images of bone and soft tissue.

Not only does the new equipment enhance the hospitals digital capacity in the area of dental X-ray, it aids diagnosis by improving the quality of the X-ray. The equipment makes the process faster and more efficient, with benefits to patient comfort and experience.

Radiology manager Louisa Shreeves said: “We are delighted with the new state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to further enhance the service we can offer in this department.

“Our investment in the very latest diagnostic imaging equipment emphasises our commitment to providing our patients with outstanding service and care, be they NHS, insured or self-pay patients. Everyone receives the same high levels of care from our dedicated team.”


Last updated on 27 April 2022.

Last updated on 28 April 2022.

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