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  • High-Quality, Safe and Compassionate Care
  • Cancer Teams
Our Proud to Care values include compassion, dignity and respect

What sort of hospital do we want to be?

A first-class district general hospital (DGH) – the model for what a DGH can be in the service of its community – delivering sustainable high quality clinical care, offering an exceptional experience for our patients; and creating a great place for our staff to work.

How will we do this?

We have six objectives to achieve our aim.

For our patients and our community we will:
1. Provide high-quality, safe and person-centred care;
2. Deliver sustainable, appropriate and high-performing services; and
3. Build on existing partnerships and create new ones to deliver better care.

For our hospital and our staff we will:
4. Support and develop our staff;
5. Manage our money wisely, foster innovation and become more efficient to improve quality of care
6. Provide an infrastructure to support delivery.

How do we show that we are Proud to CARE?

At Chesterfield Royal our Proud to CARE ethos is at the heart of how we run the hospital – looking after our patients and taking care of our staff:


  • Compassionate care delivered with professionalism and a positive, friendly attitude
  • Care that preserves dignity and respects the person; putting patients at the heart of all we do
  • Respecting the unique and individual contribution that each of our staff members make – fair, positive and inclusive, recognising diversity and using it to enrich our organisation


  • Excellent care, safe services and a positive experience every time
  • Exceeding expectations by delivering first-class performance, bettering national standards through innovation and ingenuity


  • An open and honest relationship with our patients, staff, partners and our communities
    Working in partnership in the interests of our patients
  • Acting in a socially responsible way and meeting our commitments to the local community.


  • Providing a hospital environment that is modern, clean and safe – conducive to care and recovery; and a good place to work.

Latest news

High-Quality, Safe and Compassionate Care

We already display planned and actual staffing numbers for each shift - so our patients and visitors

Nursing, midwifery and care staffing review

In April 2014, our third nurse staffing review paper was presented to the Board of Directors - as part of our on-going commitment to providing high-quality, safe and compassionate care on our wards. This paper included some clear recommendations for the children’s and adult wards - to make sure we have the right staff, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time.

As a result of this review, the Board made a decision to invest an extra £1.7Million in staffing. You can read about this investment here.

The Board paper and full details of the review can be downloaded here:

Associated document

Nurse Staffing Review April 2014.pdf (.pdf, 607.53 KB)

Last updated on 07 May 2014.

Cancer Teams

Cancer Team

This your Chesterfield Cancer Team.

We have provide these cancer services:
Head and Neck
Upper Gastrointestinal
Palliative Care
Cancer of Unknown Primary
Information and Support.

The Cancer manager is Steven Swift. 

Last updated on 07 May 2014.

Things you should know

We have a 24 hour Emergency Department

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