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Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust cares for people of all ages who have community health and mental health and social care needs. The Trust also provides specialist support for people with learning disabilities.

Childrens services are provided across Bradford, Wakefield and Airedale, Wharfedale & Craven


The Trust supports people of all ages who live in the Bradford, Airedale and Craven areas of Yorkshire and has a vision to be one of the country’s leading providers of integrated health and social care services


As a provider of choice, the Trust aims to:

(1) Create connected communities and help people to feel as healthy as they can be at every point in their lives (our purpose); 

(2) connect people to the best quality care, when and where they need it, and be a national role model as an employer (our vision); 

(3) We care, We listen, We deliver (our values). All our activities will contribute to one or more of these goals: best quality services, seamless access, healthy as possible and for staff, best place to work; 

(4) Everything we do will focus on making better lives, together, whether its our staff or the communities we serve.


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Safer Staffing Levels

Bradford District Care Trust staffing board
From April 2014 it became a national requirement for all inpatient services to display and publish their staffing levels. This is part of the NHS response to the Francis Inquiry.


Patient safety is very important to us. We already have measures in place to make sure that our wards are safely staffed.

When you visit one of our 13 wards at Lynfield Mount Hospital and the Airedale Centre for Mental Health you will see our ‘staffing level boards.’ These show the planned and actual numbers of staff (registered nurses, clinical support workers) on shift each day. This does not include support staff, such as ward clerk, housekeeper.


The boards are displayed on each ward where they can be clearly seen by service users, visitors and staff. They show who is in charge of the shift that day, when the board was last updated, and if the person in charge feels that the ward is safely staffed at that time.

Every month we will publish information about our staffing levels and provide links to the paper discussed in public at our Trust Board meetings on our Trust website:

 The Board will hear if our wards are meeting the safer staffing requirement, if action is needed and what steps are being taken to make our wards as safe as possible. 

If you would like to discuss the staffing levels of our wards you can talk to the person in charge on the ward at the time that you visit.

Last updated on 22 June 2016.

Last updated on 05 July 2019.

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