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There's more to calling 999

North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust was established on the 1st July 2006, following the announcement by Lord Warner, Health Minister to reduce the number of ambulance services to 12 across England. Services in Greater Manchester, Cheshire & Mersey and Cumbria & Lancashire were merged to form the new Trust.

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NWAS' new camapign

999 doesn't always mean an ambulance or a trip to hospital...'s about getting you the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

The new campaign features NWAS team members in their roles and shows how the ambulance service endeavours to get the right care for each patient's specific needs and this won't necessarily be an ambulance.

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Departments and services

The Trust handles in the region of a million emergency calls each year and undertakes approximately three million patient journeys which accounts for 17% of national activity. Within this total, over two million patient journeys are undertaken by our non-emergency service for patients travelling to hospitals and other healthcare centres for treatment.

The Trust employs over 5,200 staff who operate from 120 sites across the region and provide services for patients in a combination of rural and urban communities, in coastal resorts, affluent areas and in some of the most deprived inner city areas in the country. We also provide services to a significant transient population of tourists, students and commuters.

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Latest reviews of this trust

Quality service and compassionate nursing.

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18 February 2018

Compliment on paramedics northwest!

I just want to say how lovely two paramedics were bringing a resident back to the home i work in. Despite it being their last call at nig...

27 January 2018

My son's care

My son was very poorly, unfortunately an ambulance was called and they attended my home. The crew were fantastic and I apologised they we...

13 January 2018

Emergency response and hospital care

Had to be bought in by ambulance few days ago because I was suffering from severe back pain and muscle spasms which, could be only be com...

19 December 2017

Child with chest pains

Last night my eleven year old son came down to our room with severe chest pains. He was doubled up and incoherant and dribbling a little ...

26 November 2017

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