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  • Wake up to sleeping disorders
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We are applying to become a Foundation Trust

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust is a new Trust formed on 1 October 2013.

The Trust is responsible for hospital services at Lewisham Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Greenwich. The Trust also runs a range of NHS community services in Lewisham and some services at Queen Mary's Hospital in Sidcup.

Services are not changing following the merger, and patient appointments are unaffected.

The healthcare teams in Lewisham and Greenwich have many strengths and by building on these we can develop an organisation we will be proud of. We are committed to working with patients, GPs, partners and staff to improve services and meet the needs of local people.

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We will be working closely with staff, GPs, patients and partners to improve services. To keep informed and get involved you can join us as a member. Membership is free, and we will send you regular information on developments.

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Departments and services

We provide a wide range of medical, surgical, emergency and community services as well as a range of paediatric, neonatal and specialist services.

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The safety and care of our patients is our top priority and at the heart of everything we do. The Trust has a team of highly skilled consultants, doctors, nurses, midwives and other clinical staff to care for our patients.

We provide hospital outpatient and community clinics as well as inpatient wards and emergency treatment for care of people with a wide range of medical and surgical conditions and injuries.

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Latest news

Wake up to sleeping disorders

Sleep Unit QE

To support National Bed Month, specialists at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust are highlighting the importance of a good night’s sleep.

People who suffer from sleep disorders, can find that their standard of life is severely affected by low energy levels and other physical and psychological symptoms that are linked to broken sleep.

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust has a dedicated Sleep Unit at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich, that has helped thousands of people with sleep disordered breathing.

The team of experts, with a combined experience of over 60 years in the field of sleep and respiratory medicine, are able to tailor care and treatment to the needs of each individual.  This involves treating conditions such as obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), upper airways resistance syndrome, restless legs syndrome and chronic type II respiratory failure.

Stephen Wells, 60, was diagnosed with OSA in 2008 after visiting his GP with continuous symptoms which included headaches, daytime sleepiness, poor memory and low energy levels.

“I constantly felt jet lagged and would sometimes fall asleep when talking to people at work. I had no energy and the lack of sleep had a negative impact on my life.”

Having been referred to the Sleep Unit, Stephen underwent a sleep study that monitored his oxygen levels and heart rate while asleep. The results found he suffered from OSA and was given CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) treatment – a mask worn by the patient when asleep and is attached via a tube to a machine that generates a pressurised flow of air to keep the airway open.

“The first day I used the machine it felt like a light switch came on and now I don’t fall asleep all the time,” Stephen said. “It has transformed and changed my life. My personality has changed and I’m not easily irritated or irritating other people. I’m also remembering things well”.

Tony Richardson, who was diagnosed with OSA in 2008, was also treated at the Sleep Unit and praised his treatment and the team at the unit as “marvelous”.

The 76-year-old said: “I used to be tired all the time and snored when I slept, but now I am a different person. To get through the day used to be hard work and would take me a while to carry out my duties at work. But now I’m much better”.

The retired civil servant added: “The treatment has been marvelous and so have the team – nothing is too much trouble for that lab and I am always treated well.

“The benefits of the treatment far outweigh the hassle of wearing the machine. Wherever I go I bring the machine with me.”

Steve Sims, lead physiologist and manager at the Respiratory Lab/Sleep Unit said: “When some people first see the equipment they are initially taken aback and worried that they have to use the sleep equipment every night. However once they start the treatment and begin to notice improvements throughout the day, they generally find the benefits outway the inconveniences. For this reason the treatment is very successful and up to 80% of people continue long term”.

People suffering from sleep disorders can be referred to the Sleep Unit by their GP, or other healthcare professionals.

Last updated on 14 May 2014.

New initiative is a piece of cake for patients

Matron's Tea Round

Matrons at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich have started a new initiative called the ‘Matrons tea round’, where they personally deliver a cup of tea and a slice of their favourite cake to all the patients on the wards, whilst having a friendly chat to them.

The scheme has been running since December 2013 on the stroke, orthopaedic and elderly wards at the hospital. The tea round takes place every week, in the afternoon during visiting time.


Last updated on 24 February 2014.

Don't just go to A&E...

Yellow man campaign

If you’ve noticed some yellow men on posters around Lewisham or Greenwich, then you will have seen the new campaign launched by local NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups to help you find the right place to receive treatment if you are injured or unwell.

Just visit the new website (www.notalwaysaande.co.uk), select your symptoms and type in your postcode.


Last updated on 24 February 2014.

Trust Seeks Patients’ Views

Patient and nurse chatting

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust is carrying out a survey to find out what patients think about the care provided by the Trust. 

The results will be used  to highlight areas where the Trust performs well and to identify the areas where there is most room for improvement.


Last updated on 24 February 2014.

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