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You and your baby at 33 weeks pregnant

Your baby at 33 weeks

By 33 weeks of pregnancy, the baby's brain and nervous system are fully developed.

You at 33 weeks

Too much caffeine in pregnancy can cause miscarriage or for your baby to be born with a low birthweight.

If you're pregnant, don't have more than 200 milligrams (200mg) of caffeine a day – that's about the same as 2 mugs of tea, plus 1 can of cola.

Heartburn or acid reflux in pregnancy is common, caused by hormonal changes and the growing baby pressing against your stomach.

Changes to your diet and lifestyle may be enough to control your symptoms. If not, your midwife or GP can recommend treatment.

Find out how you can ease indigestion and heartburn in pregnancy

Your placenta grows in your womb during pregnancy. It brings oxygen and nutrients to your growing baby and takes waste products out of your baby's blood.

Things to think about

What happens if your baby is not lying head down ready for labour – some babies may be born bottom first or feet first (breech) or sideways (transverse).

Learn about pain relief in labour, including things you can do yourself.

You may get Healthy Start vouchers for milk, fruit, vegetables and formula milk if you're pregnant or have a child under 4 years old and receive certain benefits, or you're under 18.

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