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Eye on Olaf

Olaf is told to keep an eye on the cake while Elsa goes to get Anna ready for her birthday surprise. Can you keep your eye on the cake?

Players: 3 or more
Where to play? Indoors or outdoors

How to play

  1. The youngest player starts as Olaf, who stands facing a wall.

  2. Everyone else is a slice of the cake – they must line up 10 paces away.

  3. When Olaf is looking away, they must race to try to touch Olaf. The first one to do it becomes Olaf next.

  4. But Olaf can turn around at any time – if he sees you moving, you've got to go back to the start.

  5. Keep a count of how many times you become Olaf – the person who has the highest score after 10 minutes is the winner.