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You and your baby at 37 weeks pregnant

Your baby at 37 weeks

At 37 weeks, your pregnancy is considered full-term. The average baby weighs around 3-4kg by now. Your baby is ready to be born, and you'll be meeting them some time in the next few weeks.

Your baby's gut (digestive system) now contains meconium – the sticky green substance that will form your baby's first poo after birth. It may include bits of the lanugo (fine hair) that covered your baby earlier in pregnancy.

You at 37 weeks

When you're around 37 weeks pregnant, if it's your first pregnancy, your baby moves down ready to be born. You may feel more comfortable when this happens, and you'll probably also feel increased pressure in your lower abdomen.

If it's not your first pregnancy, the baby may not move down until labour.

You may notice some leaking from your nipples, and this is normal.

Things to think about

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