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100-calorie snacks

100 calorie snacks

If you're buying packaged snacks for your kids, remember to look for 100 calorie snacks, two a day max!

Choosing healthier snacks

There are lots of ways to help your kids have a healthier snack whether on the go or at home. Fresh fruit and veg are always a great choice for a snack. But sometimes our kids want other types of snacks, especially those in packages!

So to help you out, we're suggesting a handy tip when buying packaged snacks, look for '100kcals, two a day max'. It's to help you make quick decisions on packaged snacks when faced with lots of choice. It's not about calorie counting for the kids.

100 calorie snacks

Parents have asked us for suggestions of what 100kcal packaged snacks look like. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Malt loaf slice
  • Lower-fat, lower-sugar fromage frais (some flavours include strawberry, raspberry, banana, apricot)
  • Fresh or tinned fruit salad
  • Chopped vegetables and lower-fat hummus
  • Plain rice cakes or crackers with lower-fat cheese
  • Sugar-free jelly
  • One crumpet
  • One scotch pancake

Remember to always check the label as products may vary.

How to check for 100 calories

You can buy snacks that are 100 calories and lower in sugar. Many products have traffic light labels on the front of the pack.

The calories are included on the far left-hand side of the label. Choose snacks with more greens and ambers on the label, and cut down on snacks that show any reds.

Not all packaged food has traffic light labels, but you can find out what you need to know about your snacks with the free Food Scanner app. 

DIY snacks

You can also save money by preparing healthy snacks yourself. Fresh, tinned or frozen fruit and vegetables are always the best choice for a snack — check out our great snack ideas your kids will love.

Try these healthier snacks!

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