Mental health

Worried about mental health?

If you're having mental health problems, you're not alone. One in four of us will have problems with our mental health at some time in our lives.

Financial stress

Worries about money or losing your job can cause emotional distress. Get tips on coping with feeling anxious and advice on when to seek help.

Battling mental stigma through Emmerdale

Psychiatric nurse Lol Butterfield used his experience of depression to advise a character in the ITV soap Emmerdale.

'How I help improve student mental health'

University mental health adviser Dr Luke Jefferies explains the support he offers his students and the NHS.

Talking to children

If you’re worried about a child you think has a problem, getting them to talk about it can really help.

Returning to work after mental health issues

Find out how to get back into work if you've been off because of mental or emotional health issues.

Duncan Irvine

'Samaritans saved me'

Duncan Irvine talks about how a last-minute phone call to the Samaritans saved his life.

Addiction: what is it?

If you have an addiction, you're not alone. An estimated 2 million people in the UK are fighting an addiction.

'I used to drink all day'

George Budge knew he had to get help when he realised he was drinking all day, every day.

Losing someone close through suicide

Guilt and blame are among the feelings people can experience following a suicide.

Coping with bereavement

A bereavement counsellor explains what bereavement is, how to cope and where to go for help and support.

Raising low self-esteem

Why some people have low self-esteem and how it can affect your mental health. Plus simple tips on how to give your self-esteem a boost

Find mental health services

Get details of mental health services available near you


Feeling stressed, anxious or depressed? NHS Choices Moodzone can help you on your way to feeling better

Depression self-assessment

Are you depressed?

If you've been feeling low or down about things, take this short test to find out if you're suffering from depression

Worried someone is depressed?

If you’re concerned about a friend or relative who seems depressed, find out how you can help them

How to control your anger

Tips and advice on how to control your anger, and information about anger management programmes

Is your child depressed?

Find out about warning signs of depression in children and teenagers, and the help available

Carers: mental health services

Read about the support on offer if you look after someone who has a mental health problem

Free audio guides to boost your mood

Eight Moodzone mental wellbeing audio guides designed to help you better understand the problems you may be facing in your life

Video: better mental health through singing

Experts explain why singing boosts your mental health, and Jane describes how joining a singing group helped her deal with her phobia of driving

Video: self-harm

Watch this video and find out why young people may self-harm, and get advice on how to get the right support