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Tips and advice for mums-to-be on having a healthy pregnancy

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Healthy, happy mums-to-be

First of all, congratulations!

Being pregnant is really exciting, and having a baby is the most amazing thing that can happen in our lives.

But it can also feel overwhelming. There’s lots of information to get your head around, and it can sometimes feel like everyone has an opinion about you and your baby.

We’re not here to boss you around. And we don’t want to add to the pile of information that’s already out there. We’re here to give you the essential guide and lots of free tools for having a healthy, happy baby and becoming a healthy, happy family.

Baby can tell when mum eats well

Eating healthily while pregnant means that your baby eats healthily too.

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This bump is made for walking

Did you know that 30 minutes of walking each day has loads of benefits for pregnant mums? And it doesn’t even have to be in one go!

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Healthy, happy mums-to-be

Having a healthy pregnancy is great for your baby and good for you too!

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Give your baby a better start in life

Getting babies healthy and active from birth gets them off to the best start.

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Looking forward to parenthood?

How to support your partner during pregnancy, the birth of your baby and the first few years.

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