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Breastfeeding: where to get more help

If you have any questions or worries about breastfeeding, there are lots of people who can help you. You can talk to your midwife or health visitor, or contact one of the breastfeeding helplines below. They will be happy to help. You may also have a Children’s Centre or support group for mums in your area.

Family and friends who have breastfed can also give you their tips. And support from your partner is great for you and your baby.

Common problems

Find out what to do if you face breastfeeding problems like sore or cracked nipples, sore breasts, blocked ducts and mastitis or thrush, or if your baby has tongue-tie.

Breastfeeding helplines

To find out what your helpline call will cost, type the number into Ofcom's number checker tool.

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