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  1. How to make up a feed
  2. Things you need for formula feeding
  3. How to sterilise equipment
  4. How to use formula

Things you need for formula feeding

When you are bottle feeding, it's very important that you clean and sterilise all the equipment to prevent your baby from getting infections and stomach upsets.

Formula feeding equipment

1. Bottles with teats and bottle caps.

2. Brushes to clean the bottles and teats.

3. Sterilising equipment (such as a cold-water steriliser, microwave or steam steriliser).

4. Formula milk powder or ready-to-feed liquid formula.

Types of bottles and teats

The types of bottles and teats you buy will depend on your baby and the stage they're at.

Generally, newborns feed little and often, and many parents prefer to use smaller bottles at first and then move on to larger bottles as their baby grows, but this really does depend on your baby.

Teats come in 2 basic shapes: rounded and "natural" (that mimic a nipple). Try both and see which one your baby prefers.

Teats have different flow rates – fast, medium and slow. It is generally recommended to use a slower flow for newborn babies as it can prevent too much milk going into their mouth too quickly.

As they get used to bottle feeding and as they get bigger, you can move to a faster-flowing teat. But again, this should be led by your baby – there is no right or wrong.

If you have any questions about types of bottles and teats, talk to your health visitor or midwife.

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