New Year's resolutions

Get help achieving your New Year's resolution, whether it's losing weight, getting fit, stopping smoking, eating more healthily or drinking less.

Around 7 million of us will make a New Year’s resolution to improve an aspect of our health.

After the overindulgence of Christmas, many people see the new year as an opportunity for self-improvement.

Below are some of the most common New Year health resolutions, with links to Live Well to help you get started and achieve your goal.

Get practical tips to lose excess weight, including getting started, healthy food swaps, and tips from others on what worked for them.

We've got all you need to help you achieve your goal to stop smoking, including ordering a free 'Quit Kit', getting support and tracking your progress.

Boost your fitness with fun and practical ideas to help you get into shape, from exercising at home, to learning to dance.

Calculate your units, get tips on cutting down, read about the health risks of drinking too much and find out where to get help and support.

Whether you're cooking for a family or eating on the go, our tips and recipes can help you get your 5 A DAY.

Staying motivated

Keeping a New Year's resolution can be tough. A promise made hastily, when you feel guilty after Christmas, can quickly be forgotten when you return to your normal routine in January.

Richard Wiseman, a professor of psychology at Hertfordshire University, gives the following tips for boosting willpower and staying motivated.

1. Make only one resolution. Choosing just one aspect of your health to improve will increase your chance of success.

2. Plan your resolution in advance. This will give you time to think about your goal and how to achieve it.

3. Don't repeat last year’s resolution. Or, if you do, at least pick a different technique to achieve it.

4. Keep the resolution specific and write it down.

5. Plan a reward for when you achieve your goal. This will give you something to focus on.

Once you've chosen the aspect of your health you want to improve, visit the Live Well section for practical advice to help you achieve your goal.

Achieving your New Year's resolutions

Life coach Sandy Warr gives practical tips on how to put your good intentions into action and achieve your long-term goals.

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