Extreme weather

Be prepared in cold weather

How to keep warm and look after vulnerable people if the weather turns extremely cold.

Keep warm, keep well

How to keep your home and family warm and healthy over the winter, plus advice on benefits.

Asthma in the cold

Find out how cold weather affects asthma symptoms, and get five tips to manage your asthma when temperatures plummet.

Running in winter

Don't let cold weather put you off running. Use these tips to stay on track in winter.


Hypothermia can quickly become life threatening. Find out who's at risk and how to spot the signs

Flood: cleaning up and food hygiene

How to stay healthy after a flood, including cleaning your home and dealing with food and water.

The health risks of flooding

Drowning, gastrointestinal disease and carbon monoxide poisoning are key risks from flooding.

Smog and your health

Find out who is at risk from smog, and how to protect yourself if there's a smog alert.

Heatwave: be prepared

Why heatwaves are dangerous, who's most at risk in extreme heat, and how to keep cool and safe.

Services near you

Find addresses, phone numbers and websites for services near you

Winter health

Tips and advice on how to stay healthy and well through the cold, dark days of winter

Exercising in winter

Boost your mood and stay in shape with our winter weather exercise advice