Superfoods: the evidence

What are superfoods?

We examine the evidence behind the health claims made about the most popular so-called superfoods.

Can beetroot juice give you wings?

Beetroot is alleged to lower blood pressure, boost exercise and prevent dementia. But what does the evidence say?

Blueberries: antioxidant powerhouse?

We sort the phenols from the flannel to bring you the facts about the alleged health benefits of blueberries.

Is broccoli a nutritional showstopper?

Reinvented as a superfood, find out what the evidence says about broccoli's health claims.

Are chocolate's health claims for real?

We examine the latest research to see whether the health claims about chocolate are too good to be true.

Is garlic an everyday superfood?

Valued as a trusted remedy for millennia, we look at the evidence behind the health claims about garlic.

Do goji berries deserve their A-list status?

Prized by Hollywood A-listers, does this red Himalayan fruit deserve its billing as a superfood?

Green tea: the elixir of life or just hype?

From weight loss wonder to cancer cure, we review the evidence surrounding the health claims made about green tea.

Pomegranate: superfood or fad?

One of the trendiest 'superfoods' around, does the bejewelled pomegranate live up to its hype?

Oily fish: mighty omega-3 or codswallop?

Is oily fish the secret behind Eskimos' famed cardiovascular health? We look at the evidence.

Wheatgrass: detox tonic or just juice?

Wheatgrass fans look away: we place the health tonic under the glare of scientific research.


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