Weight loss tips

Many doctors now believe that when it comes to your health, your waist measurement is important.

Download Losing weight - Getting started, a 12-week weight loss guide combining advice on healthier eating and physical activity.

While knowing your body mass index (BMI) is a good way to decide if you're overweight, it doesn't tell the whole story.

BMI is a measure of how healthy your weight is for your height. You can work out what your BMI is by using our BMI healthy weight calculator.

If you have a high BMI, you're likely to be carrying extra fat. But your health could be at greater risk depending on where you store that fat.

Having a large amount of tummy fat (compared to fat around your bottom or thighs) makes you more likely to develop diabetes and heart problems.

A healthy waist circumference for men is less than 94cm (37 inches), and for women it’s less than 80cm (32 inches).

Losing weight and keeping it off isn’t easy, but it has many benefits. You may only need to make small changes to your lifestyle to maintain a healthy weight.

Why lose weight?

Obesity causes 9,000 premature deaths in England every year and reduces life expectancy by an average of nine years.

It's also linked to serious health problems and increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancers of the breast, colon and prostate.

Most people who are overweight can blame their excess weight on eating more calories than they burn.

That means there are two main options if you want to lose weight: eat less or do more physical activity. The best way to lose weight is a combination of the two.

Weight loss tips

You can reduce your risk of obesity-related health problems by losing weight through eating more healthily and doing more physical activity.

There are many articles to help you attain a healthy weight in our lose weight section.

You can cut down on calories by making simple healthy food swaps in your everyday diet.  

It’s not just small changes to your eating habits that can make a big difference. Getting more physical activity also helps you shed the pounds. You can do it in just three short bursts each day with these ten-minute workouts.

Even if you're well on the way to your target weight, there'll be plenty of temptation to overindulge. See our tips on how to avoid the diet danger zones.

One excuse for choosing a quick, fat-laden supper is that healthy eating is expensive. Learning how to eat well on the cheap will help you save the pennies as well as calories.

Two-thirds of dieters regain all the weight they've lost within four years. For advice on how to stop piling back on the pounds, read about how to lose weight for life.  

Lose the belly

Around 1,000 people a week die from obesity-related conditions. If you want to get fit and lose the belly, watch this video to see how other men have done it.

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The 1 comments posted are personal views. Any information they give has not been checked and may not be accurate.

MetalBoy said on 26 May 2011

Good advice, but I'm concerned about the obsession with BMI in articles of this type. BMI does not take into account bone density or musculature as far as I'm aware.

Hence I am, according to BMI, overweight at 5'10 height and 13 stones weight and am putting my health at risk. Odd then that I have a healthier diet than 'BMI healthy' friends and go for a run / gym session 2 or 3 times a week!

Just thought that this was something people should be aware of. While BMI is one of the most easily calculated measures of obesity / health risk, it's only a good measure for people with average activity levels. As a result, someone who started exercising and built muscle while losing fat may become disheartened that actual weight change wasn't what they thought it'd be.

Basically, I reckon people should use BMI as a guideline, but keep at the healthy living and you should see and feel the difference :)

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