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You can refine your search by selecting your preferred distance, terrain and date, and view results as a list or on a map.

Working towards a goal, such as a running event, is one of the most effective ways to stay motivated for regular exercise.

If you have recently completed the NHS Couch to 5K (C25K) plan, signing up for a running event is one way to keep going.

Whatever your goal,’s extensive listings will have an event for you – from family-friendly and fancy dress events, to non-scary triathlons and night-time runs.

Launched in 2012, is the brainchild of childhood friends and thrill-seekers Rob Munday, David Wearn and Richard Ward.

As rowers, they had grown weary of 5.30am wake-ups and wanted to explore new ways of enjoying the outdoors.

The next few years were spent falling off mountain bikes in Wiltshire, paddling punctured kayaks in Kent and spraining ankles in Snowdonia.

They found that, as well as being accident prone, it was often hard to find the next challenge. There was no one website where they could look up any sport and enter an event.

“You had to search through a handful of different sport-specific sites, none of which were easy to use or comprehensive,” says Wearn.

This could be done better, they thought.

“We wanted to create a cross-sport listings site with the sole purpose of making it easier to find races and events,” says Wearn.

A few years later, was born. The site currently boasts some 5,000 events to choose from across the UK and is used by thousands of people every month.

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