Festival health

Festival survival guide

Everything you need to know to stay safe and enjoy yourself if you're heading to a festival this summer


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Georgina’s festival trip nearly ended in tragedy when a camping gas canister blew up in front of her

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Cooking food thoroughly at a barbecue helps to avoid food poisoning. Find out how to tell when your meat is done

Protect your ears from loud music

Loud music at festivals can cause lasting damage to your hearing. Find out how you can avoid hearing damage

A guide for disabled festival-goers

Many of the UK's big music festivals provide facilities and staff to assist disabled people

Festival sun safety tips

You're having fun but don't forget the sun. How to avoid common conditions, from sunburn to heatstroke

Festival personal safety guide

Music festivals are a target for thieves. Find out how to keep yourself and your belongings safe


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Insect bites

Most insect bites can be easily treated, but visit your GP as soon as possible if your symptoms are severe