Living with disability

Life with a disability

An increasing proportion of the UK's population is learning to live with the particular challenges that disability brings.

Fitness advice for wheelchair users

If you’re a wheelchair user, getting active regularly will bring you important health benefits.

Weight loss for wheelchair users

If you’re a wheelchair user and you are overweight, you can make changes to achieve a healthy weight.

Managing weight with a learning disability

If you care for a person with a learning disability, you can help them to achieve a healthy weight.

Independent living

For millions of people with physical and mental disabilities, independent living is more than just a dream.

Adjusting to disability

The majority of people with a disability weren't born with it: it's something they've learned to live with.

Work and disability

Don't let preconceived ideas about disability hold you back from the world of work.

Help for disabled parents

If you're a parent with a disability, help and support is available.

David Weir, Paralympic superhuman

Paralympic superhero David Weir talks about his London 2012 success and how he got into wheelchair racing.

Boost for disability sport

Parasport aims to increase participation in disability sports, improve access to facilities and encourage new talent.

Motor neurone disease: Kevan's story

Kevan Hassall, 42, has motor neurone disease. His health is getting worse, but he explains why he's determined to make every day count.

Caring for older relatives

Do you care for an older relative? Financial, practical and emotional support is available.

A guide for disabled festival-goers

Many of the UK's big music festivals provide facilities and staff to assist disabled people

Caring for carers

If you care for a disabled relative, there is practical and emotional support available if you need it.

How to keep fit with a disability

Keeping fit with a disability is easier than you may think. Fitness instructor Mike Lee explains why exercise is important to help prevent obesity and cardiovascular disease. He also gives tips on how to find the right gym or what to do from home if you don't want to pay for a gym. Also watch other disabled people describe why they want to keep active.

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Services near you

Find addresses, phone numbers and websites for services near you


Your NHS Health Check

Millions of people have already had their free "midlife MOT". Find out why this health check-up is so important

Going into hospital with a learning disability

If you care for someone who has a significant learning disability, these 10 steps can help make their hospital visits a success

'I lost my leg in Iraq'

Sergeant Mark Sutcliffe, 29, lost his leg in a rocket attack in Iraq. He talks about the incident and his recovery

'We volunteered at the Paralympics'

Dave and Justin talk about their unique experience and the positive British attitude towards disability

'My learning disability'

Sinead, 25, a charity worker, has a learning disability. She describes the support she receives in her job and from her family

New wheels gave Payton his independence

Find out how children's charity Whizz Kidz is working with the NHS to transform the local wheelchair service

Video: MS - being diagnosed

Watch a film produced by the MS Society of people with MS talking about being diagnosed and the ways they've adapted thanks to treatment, therapies and practical and financial support

Video: having a sibling with a disability

Find out how Chloe and Charlotte deal with their sister's disability and get expert advice on what to look out for as a parent.

Video: bionic hands

Watch a prosthetist at a military rehabilitation centre demonstrate two electronic hands and their technology