Cataract surgery outcomes

The quality and outcomes measures for cataract surgery now include the latest data from The Royal College of Ophthalmologists’ National Ophthalmology Audit.

Latest diabetes data

The CCG Better Health diabetes indicators have recently been updated to include assessment results from the National Diabetes Audit report, December 2017.

MyNHS prototypes to try

My NHS is trialling new ways to help you use performance data. We’d like you to test drive our prototype tools and tell us what you think.

Activity and Outcomes

Hospital activity graph

How has hospital activity changed?

These graphs show how hospital activity has changed in recent years. The statistics are presented for all years that have readily available data.

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Health outcomes graph

Have health outcomes improved?

Some causes of death, e.g. lung cancer, can be treated and as such are amenable to healthcare. The potential years of life lost through health conditions have fallen by over 25%.

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