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NHS MidLife Check Media Briefing 

The NHS MidLifeCheck is an online assessment service for adults aged 40+. It takes users through a four step cycle:

  • Users answer a set of simple questions
  • Results are given based on the answers provided to those questions
  • Users can then go on to access furhter information or support
  • Users can choose to set goals and create plan to change their lifestyle and improve their future health and wellbeing

It focuses on factors including smoking, healthy eating, alcohol use, physical activity and emotional well-being. NHS MidLifeCheck analyses the information people provide and then presents them with detailed feedback.

The service identifies causes for concern and helps people plan for lifestyle change, giving ideas, information and support. Users can set personal goals and request helpful reminders.

NHS MidLifeCheck began piloting in February 2009. The pilots looked at the acceptability and impact of the service, opportunities for promotion of the NHS LifeCheck message and how NHS MidLifeCheck can be used in a variety of settings. The pilots were independently evaluated and the evidence and recommendations from is informing further tool development and the strategy for national roll-out later early in 2010.

More information will be posted for media closer to the national launch date, expected to be early 2010.


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