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Map of Medicine

About Map of Medicine

Map of Medicine Healthguides encourage joint decision-making between you and your doctor through a care map – a clear visual representation of the options available for managing your condition.

What are care maps?

Healthcare is a journey – a pathway from your first visit to the GP or hospital, via various stages of treatment, through to follow-up care.

Map of Medicine Healthguides are a map for the journey. Healthcare professionals use these care maps as they show ‘best practice’ – the most effective way to treat a health problem – based on up-to-date evidence of what works. Each care map is made up of a series of steps. These include tests, treatments, referral to specialists, and links to other care maps.

How can Healthguides help me?

Healthcare can seem confusing, especially if your condition involves lots of different investigations, medications or specialists.

Healthguides show you when each step takes place and how your care is likely to progress. Finding clear, trustworthy information online about health conditions can be difficult. Healthguides use the best available evidence, including national guidelines. They are regularly reviewed by clinicians, so they're reliable. You can see the information the care map is based on by clicking the ‘Provenance’ link at the bottom of each page. Some care maps also provide links to further reading for patients and carers, produced by organisations certified by the Information Standard.

The care maps encourage you to take an active role in your health by helping you to understand your condition and care choices.


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