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NHS Choices partners - Bazian

About Bazian

Bazian specialises in conducting evidence-based analysis of drugs, devices and healthcare services, with the aim of determining their effectiveness. The company, founded in 1999 by two clinicians working at the BMJ, has supplied high-quality evidence-based content to Clinical Evidence, Elsevier Science, the NHS, Map of Medicine, governments and NHS bodies. In 2012, Bazian joined The Economist Group and continues to offer analysis to support policy and commissioning decisions in healthcare as part of The Economist Intelligence Unit.

Bazian supplies the critical analyses that underpin the Behind the Headlines daily news analysis service on the NHS Choices website.

Bazian uses transparent systematic review processes with a view to improving decision making related to treatments and the configuration of health services. Patients, healthcare providers, governments and insurers routinely have to choose between competing and costly clinical options. Decisions are often made from a position of uncertainty caused by ever increasing amounts of information and research available and differing opinions where individual studies on one subject often reach different conclusions. 

Bazian helps eliminate uncertainty and bias by providing independent, thorough and scientifically robust assessments of drugs, devices and services. This allows those making clinical decisions to be confident that their decisions are grounded in a detailed understanding of what works best and what provides best value for money.

The Bazian name

Bazian (pronounced Bays-ee-an) takes its name from Thomas Bayes, an 18th Century statistician and clergyman from Tunbridge Wells. As with many groundbreaking theoreticians of risk, Bayes liked to gamble and developed his theory of conditional probability to increase his winnings at the track.

Bayesian theories inform a wide range of elements in the modern world, from Google searches to stock trading – while also playing a role in key parts of evidence-based practice.


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