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Creating an NHS Choices account is easy and will allow you to better tailor the website to your personal interests and needs.

With an account you will be able to save useful information such as contact details for your GP or dentist, and addresses of local pharmacies. You can also save pages you have visited so that you can easily refer to them again.

To create an NHS Choices account, click on the create an account link which appears at the top of every page.

If you want to know more about creating accounts and the personalisation of NHS Choices in general, please click visit the Account FAQs section.


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Oliv said on 03 July 2014

Prednisolone - I have been on it for 3 years (myalgia and temporal arteritis); both the latter disappeared quickly but coming off pred. slowly has caused many side effects. The important thing is that they are now dying down, so dont get depressed - with any luck you will get back to normal. I cant wait to get rid of my pumpkin face and skin blotches and hope that will be my Christmas present in 2014!

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Stella marie said on 08 February 2014

Went into anaphylectic shock for past two saturdays at work panicin it might happen tonight dont know what my allergy is but have an epipen now

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