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Weight loss tips

People talk about how they have successfully lost weight and an NHS dietitian offers useful tips.

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More tips from real-life slimmers

Keep a photo diary

From Carrie Sorrell, 20, from Hertfordshire. Lost 28kg (four and a half stone).

"I asked my partner to take photographs of me in my underwear and kept a photo diary. It meant I could see what I really looked like underneath my clothes. I also recorded my measurements, targets and feelings. It was a great way to keep motivated as I saw the pounds and inches disappearing."

Track weight loss monthly, not weekly

From Wendy Jenks, 38, from Eastleigh, Hampshire. Lost 24kg (three stone 11lbs).

"One thing I was told stuck in my mind: it's a good idea to consider your weight loss over a month rather than getting disheartened after a disappointing week."

Find ways to walk

From Karen Baird, 31, from Shepshed, Leicestershire. Lost 25kg (over four stone).

"I used to hate the fact that I seemed to be constantly going up and down the stairs. Now I see it as a leg-toning exercise. I also walk a couple of miles a day with the children instead of always using the car. It's good for me, them and the environment."

Visualise the new you

From Karen Thompson, 28, from Bedford. Lost 32kg (five stone).

"I used to meditate and visualise the new, slimmer me. I would imagine myself wearing a brand new dress or a tight pair of jeans and feeling great. Not only did it relax me, but it really helped me stay focused."

Set small, achievable targets

From Sonia Nurse, 34, from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. Lost 54kg (eight and a half stone).

"I know how soul-destroying it can be to think how far you've got to go, so my advice is to set little targets along the way, such as the next half-stone or dress size. That's what worked for me."

Get sponsored

From Amanda Richards, 35, from Sussex. Lost 19kg (three stone).

"I signed up to run a 5km race. I got loads of people to sponsor me and it was for a charity that meant a lot to me. I knew I had to get fit to run the race and I couldn't let everyone down, so I had the perfect reason to stay motivated."

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The 10 comments posted are personal views. Any information they give has not been checked and may not be accurate.

jberg said on 17 October 2015

Hi Everyone,

It's not that I don't how how to manage diet, and fitness, and usually the problem I have is the following; interupptions to normal routine, and motivation, combined, if that makes sense.

If I know, I am going to have severeal months, for serious conentration in working out to maintain a healthy weight, and apart from other major problematic sympotons which need to be kept monitored as well, now as soon as, and boy doesn't time wizz by quick, I know, that I am then going to be away with holiday again, with parents, about 3-4 weeks beforehand, certainly during 1-2 weeks, from 3 weeks anyhow, my motivation will then gradually dissappear.

i also haven't been very physically well with on both legs, leg infections (boils, in other words) and self treating, monitoring and then letting hem heal which takes time, I couldn't workout, and now it's drawing nearer quickly for when I go away on holiday, I have lost that well, "happy feel working out good feel" .

All being well, and after my return from holiday, I shall seriously and until March time, focus, on my fitness levels yet again, to carefully monitor my other possible symptons elsewhere about me to be kept down and at bay, and for weight maintenance also.

Once again, it isn't the problem, now how I can i achieve the weight and fitness goals, it's the problem and certainly at this time of year, lack, of motivation. And, what's more important I know, motivation is pretty much, the key.

So therefore, yes, it is the interruptions, holiday breaks t his is, which pretty much gets me majority of the time. Certainly very much nearer to the family holiday break.


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MikeG78 said on 29 July 2015


I know a thing or two about how hard it can be to stay on the right track. When people say – don’t give up, they usually don’t know how hard it is to follow diet programs, to be focused all the time. Sometimes I am down, but that is normal. My favorite quote is “Run when you can, walk when you have to, crawl if you must, just never give up”. It helps me every time I want to give up!

One thing helped me the most, and that's an ebook created by the owners of a community of which I am a member. In it, they collected the experiences of real people who shared their motivation tips & tricks, along with their diet routines which helped them achieve weight loss.

Wish you all the luck in your weight loss journey.


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jberg said on 31 March 2015

Allowing that I have been away on holiday, for about a fortnight, or just after a fortnight, and my weight had nearly gone up to 10 stone.

Since having returned back to home, and I always feel, I can never eat on a long haul flight, I'm very tired, more than feeling very hungry, I passed on the 1st meal round, then had breakfast on flight, later, now since having returned to home, and from when I weighed in last week, 9 and a half stone, I am now combined with working out, and being careful regarding what I eat, I am now down to 9 stone 4.

I shan't be giving up on working out, to fitness dvds, and attending zumba, classes, I need to work out to prevent stress build up, keep anxiety and irritiblity levels down and at bay.


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jberg said on 28 December 2014

Well, I'm now very pleased and happy to report, that having done a weigh in check, Sunday 28th of December, and I last weighed onMonday or Tuesday, I have now lost some more weight, and I have gone down to 9 stone 4, from 9 and a half stone. So I'm feeling very pleased and happy about that, plus much much fitter and more toned up.

This goes along way back, when I oriignally weighed back in 206- 2010, at almost 11 stone, and gradually and carefully over time, I have lost all of my excess weight, iva, my happy strong interests in Walking, and fitnaess Dance Aerobics home workouts, to dvds, and also from a point of time, attending zumba, and I plan to become more active in the field of Zumba classes. Oh and I intend to keep off the excess weight now.

I had been on a cause of weight gain medication, and since I have been on my present medication from July 2007, I have lost all of my excess weight, which was oriignally caused by excess weight gaining medication I was on, I'm not on that medication and haven't been for about 5 or 6 years.


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jberg said on 27 December 2014

I am happy and pleased to report, that gradually over time, I have steadily, and gradually lost weight. Back in 2011, I was about 11 stone, then I gradually went down to 10st.

Within this time, I had began to workout on a regular basis, fitness dvds, in at home, and also attending zumba classes. From 2012/2013.

I am now 9 and a half stone, or there abouts, and feel happier and better for it, and much fitter.

I have cut down on a lot of bread, although I still have a partial feel for choclate, I am limiting myself now,

I am still working out to fitness dvds, and I would like to develop plans to become more active again, in zumba gold and zumba classes.


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nberg said on 02 September 2012

I have always had a struggle to shift those extra pounds (as they say) so I feel by cutting out Potatoes in main meals, and also by working out frequently and also attending my Zumba that I should be able to lose weight - well not very much, I have dropped though comfortably from 11st down to 10 and a half, this seems to be very much the norm, it's the final hurdles which are difficult to manage, don't get me wrong, I do eat protein and veg in meals, just not chips, or roast potatoes, I've said about Green Tea, I have cut down and back on Green Tea, as I found I was having a bit too much of it. If I do I'll have one or two cups of Green Tea on the odd occasion when I do have Green Tea.

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Kirsty F said on 20 February 2012

I stay motivated, by having little conversations with myself, might sound a little weird but it works for me, try it. If I reach for something I want but I know it isn't good for me, I talk it through and 99.9% of the time it stops me. Good luck everyone, keep going you will do it, as will I :-)

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jberg said on 07 February 2012

I stay motivated to lose weight by working out in the form of Aerobics/Dance Aerobics, and I walk lot as well via the use of Public Transport. Late last year and into this year I have had a setback having not worked out for a very long time however I'll resume my working out regime shortly.

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jberg said on 07 February 2012

I had somewhat of a set back from the late Autumn last year and regarding the early Winter dark mornings, (including late afternoons getting darker early) that without realising, I had turned to comfort food. However, from when I happened to have been weighed previously last week, until today, literally the 7 February 2012, I have carefully lost weight from 11 st through to 10 and a half stone meaning I have lost 7llbs! I hope to continue the trend, I was previously last year exercisiing less and less also, because I was always feeling very tired, so I wanted to see if exercising a couple of times a day was the problem, however having had a blood test done, my iron levels normal. I feel that the trick being I have turned to having Green Tea, with an added flaour, and that helps me to boost metabolism for weight loss, and I am finding that I have cut down, or not had any bread at all, and certainly not overeating anymore either. From this week, I'll return to my normal twice a day or once as maintenance exercise regime.

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deborah said on 18 March 2008

i stay on track with my diet as i had a health scare with my heart , i aslo have had high colesterol so to keep to my diet i never say i am nt allowed to eat i just say i can eat but i alway chose a healthy snack and always remember no food tastes as good as slim feels hope my experience helps

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