Diagnosing a tapeworm infection 

If you see what you think are tapeworm segments, eggs or larvae in your stools, speak to your GP.

Infection with an adult tapeworm is diagnosed by finding eggs, larvae or segments from the tapeworm in your stools (poo). If the pork or beef tapeworm has caused the infection, any segments in your stool may be moving.

If you see what you think may be a tapeworm or a segment in your poo, do not flush it away. Place it in a clean glass or plastic container and take it to your doctor so it can be identified at a laboratory.

If you have not already provided a sample, your GP will give you a sterile container and ask you to provide a sample of your stools. They may also check the area around your anus for signs of tapeworm eggs or larvae.

Diagnosing a tapeworm larvae infection

Depending on the type of tapeworm, infection with tapeworm larvae may be diagnosed using:

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