Polycystic ovary syndrome 


A scan showing polycystic ovary syndrome 

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Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common condition that affects how a woman’s ovaries work.

PCOS affects millions of women in the UK.

The three main features of the condition are:

  • cysts that develop in your ovaries (polycystic ovaries)
  • your ovaries do not regularly release eggs (ovulate)
  • having high levels of "male hormones" called androgens in your body

You will usually be diagnosed with PCOS if you have at least two of these features.

Read more about diagnosing polycystic ovary syndrome.

What are polycystic ovaries?

Polycystic ovaries contain a large number of harmless cysts up to 8mm in size. The cysts are under-developed sacs in which eggs develop. Often in PCOS, these sacs are unable to release an egg, meaning ovulation doesn't take place.

It's estimated that about 1 in every 5 women in the UK has polycystic ovaries, but more than half of these have no symptoms.

Signs and symptoms

Symptoms of PCOS usually become apparent during your late teens or early twenties. They can include:

  • irregular periods or no periods at all
  • difficulty getting pregnant (because of irregular ovulation or failure to ovulate)
  • excessive hair growth (hirsutism) - usually on the face, chest, back or buttocks
  • weight gain
  • thinning hair and hair loss from the head
  • oily skin or acne  

Polycystic ovary syndrome is associated with an increased risk of problems in later life, such as type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol levels.

You should speak to your GP if you think you may have PCOS.

Read more about the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome.

Why it happens

The exact cause of PCOS is unknown, but it often runs in families.

The condition is associated with abnormal hormone levels in the body, including having high levels of insulin.

Insulin is a hormone that controls sugar levels in the body. Many women with PCOS have too much insulin in their body, which contributes to the increased production and activity of hormones such as testosterone. Being overweight increases the amount of insulin your body produces.

Read more about the causes of polycystic ovary syndrome.

Treating polycystic ovary syndrome

There's no cure for PCOS, but the symptoms can be treated. 

If you have PCOS and are overweight, losing weight and eating a healthy diet can help reduce some symptoms.

Medications are also available to treat symptoms such as excessive hair growth, irregular periods and fertility problems.

If fertility medications are ineffective, a simple surgical procedure called laparoscopic ovarian drilling (LOD) may be recommended. This involves using heat or a laser to destroy the tissue in the ovaries that's producing androgens such as testosterone.

With treatment, most women with PCOS are able to get pregnant.

Read more about treating polycystic ovary syndrome.

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Rebeccamariex said on 14 September 2014


I know the feeling of being in it alone babe, try look it up to understand it more, it's not as bad as what some people say. It does effect your life in a lot of ways but it also doesn't stop you from living the life you want to live. The only reason I'm finding it so hard is because I've wanted to be a mum for so long and my dream isn't coming true. But so so many people are in the same shoes as you, don't feel alone, talk to someone, you'll find it helps rather than go through it by your self. The main things I think is watch your weight, being over weight Brings it on worser, try stick to a balanced diet and exercise as much as you can do. Easier said than done I'm about 11 stone and for my height I should be 10 and a half lol. But if you put your mind to it, you can do it love. I hope you find the right thing to help you out. All the best girl

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Rebeccamariex said on 14 September 2014

I was diagnosed with pcos about 5 years ago, must admit. I hate it with a passion! My skin on my face is awful, tried all the lotions and potions people recommend and nothing seems to help but make it worse, so please ladies any advice on the skin?
Also I've had numours of ultra sound scans and blood tests, been put on the pill and off the pill to try regulate periods but now my new doctor tells me I shouldn't be on any pill with my condition?
However have been trying for a baby with my partner for 3 years now and no success? I no it's possible as I've read some peoples comments and I'm so happy for you that have conceived, I no how heart breaking it is to try for so long and still the same result, any suggestions that I could try? I'll try anything lol. I have heard about having an operation to remove cyst on overies has anyone who's had the operation fount it helped?
Really appreciate any info from anyone, no one else seems to get it or understand what we go through. Thank you girls and all the best to you all x

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princess88uk said on 08 September 2014

Hi Girls

I got diagnosed this morning with PCOS after waiting nearly two years for someone to tell me what was wrong. And tbh Im really scared. 2 years ago in January I bleed for 32 days straight and went for an ultra sound and got told that I had cysts and that was it. So I left it and asked my new doctor to look in to it for me and this morning he told me. So if anyone has any advice for me would very much be appericated and sometimes I feel like Im all alone and don't have anyone I can turn to too.

Hope your all enjoying this weather its gorgeous out there today.,

also have one other question Im on the depo injection atm and the doctor suggested to me that maybe I should go on to the coil but I don't know what to do?????/



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Kitty my luv said on 02 September 2014

Can anyone please tell me if having your overies removed cures PCOS. Thank you

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Charley93 said on 05 August 2014

Hi, I am 20 years old and currently going through the diagnosis stages of PCOS, I have a blood test booked for the 11th and then depending on the results they will do a scan, but based on my symptoms my doctor seems fairly certain that is what I have. Symptoms are very irregular periods, overweight, excess hair, fatigue, mood swings, milky residue leaking from my breasts, oily skin and we have been trying to conceive for 16 long months with no success. I guess what I'm wanting to know is how the treatment process is likely to go? How long will treatment take? What will they try first if anything? I have spoken to my doctor about my concerns and he hasn't been very forthcoming. Any help or advice would be fantastic!! Thank you

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Sun pearl said on 03 August 2014

Hi girls, I also suffer with pros and was dismissed by doctors and told at 14 I was unlikely to have children. I was just told to lose weight . I look bloody awful loss of hair on my head you can see right the way through, I've never been considered attractive and this really doesn't help what with the hairy body too -none of my friends have hairy cracks!!! Seriously!!!! What is that about??? I just kept being told to lose weight which is ridiculous as pcos is linked to insulin resistance in the body which also doesn't let you lose the weight!! So no matter how hard I tried I was accused of being lazy and not trying hard enough. It was just disheartening and I resigned myself to the shelf never to experience life as I feel I could have.

I urge you all to look into taking vitamin d supplements as this seems to have been found to help. I have researched this and having taken vit d for 2months and a half now - I have just finished my 2nd period and people have asked if I have lost weight?? I have also given up wheat and gluten in my diet and this seems to have helped with the fatigue too. (I didn't have a period in over a year and a half before this).

Please research this and have your vit d levels checked they could be too low!

It may be too late for me but not for you young things xxxxxx

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MsPaveley said on 03 August 2014


I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS. After reading numerous comments below about misdiagnostes I thought I would leave a more positive comment.

At 19, I have just had appendicitis resulting in surgery. At this point the doctors noticed free flowing menstrual blood in my stomach. Alarm bells rang and I was immediately referred to a gynaecologist. Just two ultra sounds later (done within a week!) I was diagnosed.

If you are even the slightest bit worried that something is wrong, seek advice. I have always been one to google and research but it is so much better to speak to your GP first hand. I have no symptoms of PCOS (apart from not getting periods- but I am on the implant) which is apparently due to my weight but now I am prepared for any complications in the future.

At first, I had nightmares and woke up crying because I have always wanted a family but with the support and information provided by the NHS I feel confident that there are so many different things to try that I will be able to conceive, or become more 'balanced'.

Research is ever growing and developing, fingers crossed that there is something out there in a few years that helps me conceive, and helps us all.

Good luck ladies!

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shanece said on 09 July 2014

Hi, i am 19 years old have been told i may have PCOS, the most annoying thing is i have never had any problems until i come off the depo vera contraceptive injection, i was on this for 4 years and i have recently been told your only supposed to be on this for 2 years which i never knew and think its disgraceful that i was never told, all my life all I've wanted is children and now it may not be possible which is devastating. good luck to everyone who is trying to conceive or have been able to :) x

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KAREN POTTS said on 29 June 2014

Hi some years ago I was wrongly diagnosed by my GP as having a hormonal imbalance I now realised that I have PCOS as I have all the symptoms of it. My GP prescribed me anti-depressants and also the contraceptive pill as I was having severe mood swings every month and suffering from depression however, on talking to a friend who has PCOS I now realise this is what I have as I have all of the symptoms. I am now 46 and have been trying unsuccessfully to conceive for 3/4 years. I have extensive hair loss, mood swings, depression, milky residue from breasts, hair on chin, around mouth and from naval down to pubic hair I now feel my GP has robbed me of the chance of ever conceiving or having a child of my own through no fault of my own by his incorrect diagnosis. I have a female cousin who had a large cyst on her ovary which had to be drained and the ovary removed - she was told she was unlikely to ever conceive but went on to successfully conceive and have a daughter. Is there any medication I can take, even if there is only the remotest chance of me conceiving and having a baby at my age - if my GP had correctly diagnosed my PCOS at the time and I had received the correct treatment for it I would now have children.

Mrs Karen S Potts

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KAREN POTTS said on 29 June 2014

Hi my name's Karen about 10 years ago I was diagnosed with a hormone imbalance as I had been suffering from severe mood swings and depression like symptoms on going to my GP he suggested I take anti-depressants and also the contraceptive pill. However, on speaking to a friend who had been trying to conceive for 5 years she described the symptoms of her PCOS when she described her symptoms I realised it mirrored my own exactly and that I have been wrongly diagnosed by my GP. I stopped taking the contraceptive pill in April 2013 and have been unable to conceive. I am now 46 and feel that I have been robbed of having a child for the rest of my life through no fault of my own due to being wrongly diagnosed by my GP.

Is there any medication that I can be prescribed that would possibly give me a chance however remote of getting pregnant? I am still having periods which last about 2/3 days but are very unpredictable and I never really know when I am going to have one!

I feel very aggrieved because I told my GP who diagnosed a hormonal imbalance that I had excessive hair growth on a monthly basis on my chin, black whiskers growing on my face and from a mole on my face and that I also had hair growing from my naval down to my pubic vaginal hair - none of these things were ever picked up on by my GP and I now feel he has robbed me of the chance of ever conceiving or having a child.

Is there any recourse legal or otherwise that I can take in relation to this matter?

Karen Potts

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brann76 said on 22 June 2014

I've just been diagnosed with PCOS at the ripe old age of nearly 38!!! I have very regular periods but after not conceiving we decided going to the GP who referred us to the assisted conception unit due to my age. After having the scan and being told that I had PCOS it answers a lot of questions - dark hair on breasts, hair loss and being overweight even though I don't eat that bad. I was told I wouldn't ovulate again this month I don't think people realise sometimes how devastating this can be not only for me but also my partner.
I am now going to lose the 1st stone I need to and lets see if I can beat this!

Good luck to all out there will keep my fingers crossed for everyone trying for a baby ??

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RJaynee123 said on 05 June 2014

Hi well i am 16 years old and i have been diagnosed recently with PCOS and i have had a lot of difficulty in high school. I've must on a lot of weight which is not my doing i am getting bigger and have many hospital appointments this month i am scared and upset but i suffer from depression from all of this but i hope i will get through this. I was told i am infertile but i want children thats all i have ever wanted and i hope with surgery i can do it my self and not through IVF i want to do it my self. I will do anything to be what i used to be because going through high school with excess hair, weight gain and constant cramps is aweful. I am actually sat in my science class on my last day. I havn't told nobody about my condition only family and very close friends are aware but i am sure many students know but have enough respect to mention it. I am considering gastricbypass surgery because i really want to be the size i was because for my age i shouldn't be this big. My friends don't mind it but it bothers me alot. I went through a period of being a recluse to hide myself away from the world and i entered depression. Now i don't hide away apart from in summer as i cannot show my body but i have come to learn that everybody is beautiful and having something wrong with you shouldnt define who you are because you were born that way. God made everybody different, unique and beautiful. I think every woman is beautiful no matter there size, looks or otherwise. You should embrace who you are and love who you are, if you want to change do it but always remember your beautiful and nothing should put you down, there are alot of hurdles in life and i am learing to overcome this one. Good luck to you all <3 wish me luck !! <3

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E000B said on 11 May 2014

Phinn, you are entitled to a second opinion. I was not happy with my diagnosis of IBS (buscopan did not relieve my symptoms nor did changing my diet) and so I went back to my GP who sent me for an MRI. She was going to send me to a second consultant after the scan but it was not necessary as the results were conclusive - it wasn't IBS at all. I would definitely advise asking for a second opinion if you are not happy.

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Phinn said on 29 April 2014

I have many symptoms of PCOS, but my periods are more frequent. My GP did blood tests, but found nothing particularly abnormal. She decided to send me for a scan to see if there anything else (like cysts) causing my problems. I went to my appointment, but was told by the male doctor that I did not need a scan, I just needed to have a coil fitted. He flatly refused to give me a scan, and there was no way I was having him fit a coil. So I continue to suffer.

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Sophiebooo said on 08 April 2014

I am 15 years old and worried that i may have PCOS. I haven't had a period for a various amount of months and before that the were very irregular (i would come on one month and not the other). I know for sure that i cannot be pregnant and i have most of the symptoms:
*irregular periods or no periods at all
*weight gain
*hair loss from the head
*oily skin
I am quite worried and haven't figured out how to tell anyone.
Does anyone have any information that could help?

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chels0111 said on 28 March 2014

I am 17 years old and just recently I found out I have pcos from a blood test, this came as a huge shock to me as I never expected it to be anything like that and before this I had never heard of pcos before. I was about 9/10 years old when I first started my periods, they were always regular, obviously sometimes heavy and sometimes light, like how it is supposed to be, never missed a period and it was always regular. Then when I was 13 years old I decided to go on the depo injection for contraception, when I first had the injection my period lasted literally for about 2/3 months non stop, after that my periods were gone (which I was told was normal when on the depo) I came off the injection 2 and a half years ago now, and thought that soon my periods would kick back into place after being on the depo for 2/3 years and having none at all, so I waited and waited and months were going by and still nothing happened, only last year in September and october did I have a little bit of light bleeding and 2 heavy to normal periods, it is now March and I haven't had a period since then. I went to my doctors numerous times concerned about my periods and they all just kept saying wait a little longer and see what happens, then months later I asked to have a blood test, and pcos was the results of my blood test. I'm not overweight or underweight, I don't have any unnecessary hair where it shouldn't be, my skin is okay, just a few spots here and there (the usual), the only thing is my periods, and how I haven't conceived once in 7/8 months of unprotected sex. Since reading everyone elses comments on here I went back to my doctors and had to ask for a scan to be done, I'm appalled at how they didn't suggest it in the first place. Now I'm just waiting for a date for my scan to check my ovaries. If I hadn't of asked for a blood test then I would probably still be waiting now not knowing what is going on with my body. Everything was normal before the depo injection, now I have pcos

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Emilina29 said on 27 March 2014

i started my periods at 13. I noticed that they were heavier and much more irregular than my friends from a young age. They lasted from 10-20 days and they were never regular. I am now 20 and they are still irregular and painful and heavy and getting worse! I have tried every pill going, had the coil fitted and removed as it didnt work for me. I was referred to the gynae last year and they were adamant that i had pcos. However i had no cysts on my ovaries, all the hormones were normal, i had no acne or weight issues. Basically I had none of the symptoms that would even resemble pcos, I have recently been having blood clots every day. sometimes they are covered in blood and other times they are skin coloured. Im 99% sure i havent got pcos, what do you guys think? im going back at the end of the month to the gynae and have taken photos of all clots so i can show them.

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User853407 said on 10 March 2014


I have just had my blood results back and my doctor believes I have PCOS but I don't have any of the symptoms everyone has been describing?

I have regular periods, never had a problem with my period since I started. I know I can get pregnant, my skin is average (as in nothing major to worry about) and have no excess hair on my body and have very thick hair on my head!

Only thing is I am overweight and have been dieting since I was 13, and cannot seem to loose the weight? and I have tried everything (minus surgery)

I am just wondering from people who do have PCOS does anyone else have the same situation as me or should I go back for a second opinion?

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jcn2014 said on 28 February 2014


Just wanted to share my experience with you hoping that it might help someone, as I know how frustrating it is to live with the symptoms of PCOS.

I went to my GP as I had a period every day for many months. She said I had to wait a year before they did anything. My family urged me to go private, so I booked a 15 minute appointment at a local private hospital, where she diagnosed me straightaway with PCOS and referred me back to my GP for tests etc. I was so happy that they had found out what was wrong! I am now receiving treatment at my local hospital, as we are trying for a baby - hoping it works!

A book that has really helped me understand PCOS and how to live with it is by Marilyn Glenville PhD "Natural Solutions to PCOS." It has really practical advice and has helped me understand what I need to do to live with PCOS symptoms. It has also helped me understand that all my symptoms are normal for PCOS sufferers.

Hope that this info can help someone else too!

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Samanime said on 04 February 2014

Hi All

First time posting here (though put this on other sites) , I really hope someone can help me...

I am currently 20 years old, have been having irregular and extremely heavy periods for 12 years. I have been going back and forth to various doctors within my surgery, who have told me a variety of things: 1) Lose weight, 2) I have depression and it's all in my head, 3) To go on the pill (went on all of them.... made it worse! and 4) I have Asperger's Syndrome so I am more likely to be over exaggerating.

Anyway, after having a blood test after time number 80 of visiting my G.P she initially told me that it is indicative of Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome (which they were not doing anything about).

I was then told that I needed to have an ultrasound and an internal scan. I had the ultrasound last week and the sonographer told me that I needed to ask my G.P for blood tests. Yesterday I did and spoke to one of the G.Ps who informed me that in fact now the one from July was perfectly normal.... and that because of that they are not doing another one.

For years I have been struggling with really bad dull abdominal pelvic pain that is there all the time, my abdomen is swollen and fluidy at points (not actual fat), keep having to urinate frequently, keep gaining weight, my moods are all over the place and that my periods are so heavy I have a tendancy of fainting when they eventually arrive due to the alarming blood loss.

I am sorry to bother people with this, I just feel like I am losing my mind with this, I just want to know if I am over reacting.....

Many thanks.

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Beth96 said on 03 February 2014

Hi, I'm a 17 year old girl who has recently in the last month been diagnosed with PCOS. I have never had regular periods and never thought much of it until one night I suddenly experienced unbearable pain and had to go to a&e.. I couldn't lay or sit down and it hurt to walk, but gradually it wore off. After being in hospital for 3 days, I was messed around and was only sent for an ultrasound scan on the last day, before this they were willing to put me under a general anaesthetic and operate to see if they could identify the problem. Each of my scans said different things, I had 3 in total. The first said a large cyst, the next said no cysts and then I had an internal which said I had polycystic. I have since been put on the pill but still experience minor pain in my lower stomach where my ovaries are.. Please, if any similar experience occurs make sure you have the ultrasound FIRST! I always suffered with bad spots on my chest, back and face and has since effected my confidence. I would like to hear some similar stories, and since reading all your comments it has reassured me for the future x

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Bethanypaige said on 02 February 2014

How old do you need to be for this because I am 14 and I've had my period once which was a couple of days before New Years. It should've started again but didn't and I'm scared it won't. None of my family have it but I could, I dunno. I of course have achny it's normal for my age but not having my period this month has worried me and I would like to know more?

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pullapulla said on 25 January 2014

I self diagnosed myself with Pcos (irregular or sometimes no periods while off the pill, thinning of my hair and being unable to GAIN weight) after a bit of research on the net. had an ultrasound and was referred to the fertility clinic where I was started on clomid, fell pregnant almost instantly and so thankful for clomaphene! It was an easy drug to use and after years of feeling 'infertile' and 'manly' I was finally having a baby. my advice is go to the doctor and write down ur symptoms and suggest a plan, you have 10 minutes if that at appointments so b prepared to help your GP use his time effectively! Good luck fellow Pcos sufferers!

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KirstyHayler123 said on 19 January 2014

How Do You Know If Your Infertile With Pcos

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KirstyHayler123 said on 19 December 2013

Hi I started my period when i wass 11 first day of high school they were ireegular then till was 16 me and my mum just thought it could be my body takeing ages to regulate but we decided to go doctors because i was also gaining more weight they didnt help much they sent me to my nearest hospital and i had a ultrasound that confirmed me having pcos im now 18 and over weight trying to losse it but finding it hard i started slimming world when i was 14 loosing 3 stone i moved out of my mums house o my bfs and put it bk on and 2 more stone and i eat unhealthy i admit that but now i have lost 7 pounds in a few weeks since eating healthier and now im staying the same weight my periods are more regular i have them every month except last month but got my period this month and i was jw what foods i should eat to loose the weight and im trying to get pregnant and its not happening which is depressing me will i get pregnant or not i cant see mine and mine boyfriends life without them
thanks get back to me asap plz

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TashaTori95 said on 11 December 2013

Hi. when I was 12 had my 1st period, and I did not get another period until turning 15, these where irregular (although they where always on time they where short and light sometimes lasting half a day) but I never thought much of this or the fact that I had been having unprotected sex and never fell pregnant, I went on the pill but stopped taking it after a few months. it took months to get my periods to go regular and this time lasting 4 days. I went to the DR's complaining about cramps, after a lot of tests they told me they all came back fine except my FSH levels, 3 months later I got a scan (March) confirming I has PCOS. my dr was unhelpful saying lose weight and try metphormin. at the time I was doing plenty of exercise and eating healthy (still overweight) I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant (roughly) a few weeks ago, I recently miscarried the baby at 10 weeks, has anyone had the problem of getting 6 positive urine tests but 2 negative blood tests? ive heard of both being negative but being pregnant :/ as well as I got little help off the NHS when they realised my bloods came back negative and I was in agony and losing a lot of blood they dismissed my emergency scan, saying if the bloods where neg I wasn't pregnant, but I had 4 drs urine tests done at different clinics and 2 home clearblue saying positive as well as all the symptoms, and my stomach had started to lightly swell and 4 weeks later I definitely passed a foetus. :/ it really bothers that they dismissed me when theres been 100's of cases off women with PCOS to have negative tests urine/blood and demand scans and to have in fact been carrying a child :/ any advise or anyone been in a similar situation? please Im beginning to loose hope partly because of the way have had little to none help from the NHS :'(

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tailsbeth said on 03 December 2013

I'm 20, I can't even remember when I was diagnosed with PCOS, it was early years of high school anyway. I started my periods very early and they were always irregular but I wanted to give it time to settle, I remembered I'd be told it was quite common. However, they never got better. As I started high school, I soon noticed dark patches of hair particularly around my neck and lower back, not the best thing to find as a teen girl, it's bad enough starting high school! This is when my concern kicked in so finally made a trip to the doctors. I got some tests and finally got my answer. Now I've seen a lot of stories on here of doctors telling them they will struggle to conceive. The first thing I was told was not to worry about this, it's very uncommon for there to be major problems. If there is they can be dealt with at the time if there is real concern. I'm so sorry to hear how some of you have been treated, I can't imagine being told this, incorrectly too. At my current age, my biggest problem is the hair growth. I feel confident in my body most of the time but when I start feeling fuzzy on my neck, well it doesn't help at all. I wanted a permanent solution so I looked into laser treatment. Now I thought I'd have to save up for it, maybe get it when I'm 25 but I actually asked my doctor, what the heck! I'm so glad I did because she asked around for me and it turns out the NHS will fund laser treatment. I got the funding for 12 treatments, just had my first one a few days ago. If you're scared of the pain, I wouldn't worry. I barely felt a thing, could have easily gone for a little nap there and then! Now I know it won't solve all the horrible symptoms but it's a start. I can't wait to stop buying hair removal creams, they cost quite a bit nowadays! Hope this story helps as at least one person. Good luck to you all ladies :) xx

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charushara said on 02 December 2013

I am diagnosed as PCOS but i am trying to become pregnant. My GP said " You have PCOS but we can't do any treatment bez you already have a baby - We will do all the medical treatment only for the 1st baby" I am not really sure what to do now. She said that "I can get naturally pregnant without any medication in a year or later or not for ever" My 1st child is 6 now. We believe that is already a big gap. not just bez of baby This PCOS is really bothering me every-time i miss my period for a month or 3 - I am confusing weather i am pregnant!! Is there is any rules in NHS? Or Shall i try another GP?
What they expect us to do now?

Any advice?

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Rayesha123 said on 23 November 2013

I have just been diagnosed with this at the age of 22. My doctor was very unhelpful and cold in the way he told me about this. I was advised I wont be able to have kids by the time I am 27. So I should just try to start a family now or leave it. I advised him as I am in uni, I am not ready yet to have kids to which he responded well its upto me but dont bother trying in a couple years time because I wont be able to have any. He also advised me I was going to put on loads of weight and prescribed me tablets to reduce the risk of me having diabetes.Though he didnt even ask me what type of diet I was on so had no idea if I am already eating healthy or not. I have learnt a lot more from you ladies on this page, and feel more hopeful after reading some of your stories. Thank you for the glimmer of hope, feeling more positive then when I left the doctors surgery. thank you <3 xx

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van2uk said on 12 November 2013

I'm now 29 and I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 19, but I wasn't aware of this until my doctors told me. I was then worried that I couldn't conceived and the age of 26 I got pregnant. And since I've had my little boy. My condition has gone worse, I can't lose my weight, I have no period and I'm losing my hair. This is really effecting my confidence. Been to the doctors before over this and they just fob me off.

Is there anything that I can do to lose this weight? As I've tried everything and it's just getting worse and my hair just keeps falling out. Sorry for rambling but this is really depressing me.

Thank you for reading this. I would appreciate some advice. Xxx

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zedkay said on 08 November 2013

I am 36 years old and was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 16, when it was not so commonly heard of and I was devastated to hear from the gynaecologist that I was likely to have problems conceiving in future.
I had always had irregular, heavy and painful periods and took the contraceptive pill only for a brief period of time to try to remedy this.
When I was 25 I felt I was ready to have a baby but the PCOS played on my mind constantly. Following much personal research I started eating a very low- carbohydrate diet and cut out white bread, rice, pasta and other doughy products. I exercised and toned up and in the process I lost quite abit of weight, despite never being overweight in the first place.
Gradually, I stopped feeling the discomfort of cysts in my ovaries. My facial hair decreased and I was convinced I had relieved myself of PCOS, at least to some degree, due to fat loss and a low sugar diet combined with exercise.
Since then I have had three normal pregnancies with three healthy babies. Two were delivered by c-section and the third was delivered naturally.
I promised myself after I had the first baby that I would go on an online discussion forum to give hope to women who felt the way I felt for years- despairing at the thought of not being able to have a baby. I used to read on forums to hear success stories from other women to keep me positive.
(It's taken me abit longer than it was supposed to but at least I am doing it now!)
I CAN'T STRESS ENOUGH the importance of the strict low sugar diet and the burning off of excess body fat that helped me.
Even now, whenever I gain a little weight I get symptoms of PCOS. I then force myself to exercise vigorously.
My previous GP told me that my BMI is borderline underweight and that I should try to put more weight on, but I have learned only to take that as a guide, since I am in good overall health and besides, my body does not handle fat well at all.

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LadyAmz said on 06 November 2013

So have been diagnosed with PCOS today. I have never had regular periods (I started when I was 13) and now at the ripe old age of 25, I finally have the answer. Have been reading some of these comments as it's nice to know that other people understand what it's like.

Does anyone know anything about / have been prescribed spironolactone for any unwanted hair?
Would be good to know if it works...

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zmi said on 30 October 2013

after having my 2nd child I went on contraceptive pills I put on 3 stones! So decided to get off it. Then guess what I stopped having periods for like 6 months. Never happend to me before so I went docs they done a scan and I was diagnosed with pcos. I started trying for a baby straight away didn't care what docs said and got pregnant. I was still told its a risk. But other then my girl weighing only 5pounds she is completely healthy! And I also lost 4 stones after giving birth. So dont lose hope!!!!
I do blame pills tho!

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Liljo said on 27 October 2013

Hi I'm 20 and have a 1 year old boy, I have been diagnosed with pcos this week after 6 months of no periods and rapid weight gain even though I eat healthily and exercise. I have been told there is very little chance of having another baby but the way I see it is there's still a chance fingers crossed one day I will see the two lines appear your comments have been very helpful to me this week and I hope you all get what you dream of I feel so lucky to have my lil boy and no matter what ill always be happy to have him xxx

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EET said on 21 October 2013

Thanks to pcos I have : Hypothyroidism, gall bladder disease, PMDD and endometriosis. Plus a very large stomach. Someone up there doesn't like me. Sorry if this is not useful but I have no positive experiences from it. Just pain. Hope you ladies are fairing better than me.

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_mikayla_ said on 16 October 2013

So i'm 18 years old. I found out i have PSOS. I haven't started my periods either, I have to wait 2 months to find out why, it worries me that i might not be able to have children due to not starting my periods at all. As its something i would like is children when i get to an older age. Is there anything a doctor would give to help me start?

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Colleen_1980 said on 14 October 2013

I wanted to comment to Tia_Ellise. Sorry for your news. I would urge you to not stress yourself to much right now over this. There are many options for becoming a mother if that is what you wish, right up to adoption. You are young and new technology is always being announced. Now you've had sometime to think about the news I would suggest you go back to your doctor/specialist with a trusted person and a list of questions. Sometimes you hear the worse when you get news about your health. Perhaps the news was not quite what you remember. If you feel too upset or embarrassed to ask the questions get your friend to do it. If you doctor is unsure then answer ask them to refer you to a specialist to ask your questions. Feel free to ask for a second specialists opinion. You also can ask for a fertility consultation to see what are the chances of freezing eggs, free donor eggs etc. It will take time to get all this information. Some of the information may upset you. You can also ask your GP for a referral to a free or cheap counsellor to help you deal with this news.

I have been through similar steps but I am 30. I don't know if I could have coped with this when I was 17 and I have received some counselling.

Life is not fair, good friends and family help.

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jmln85 said on 13 October 2013

Hi im 28 and was told i had pcos when i was younger and me and my partner where told it was unlikely we would be able to have children this wasnt a problem for me as i come from a large family i never really had the earge for children at 17 i got very ill and preg test etc told me i wasnt preg after a long 6 months a doc told me i was preg with my 1st child my partner was over the moon just 2 years later we where told we where exspecting again i now have 2 children 1 of each and both december babys my daughter was born on the 4/12/02 then 2 years 21 days later ( yes christmas day ) my son arived in to the world . I have only just got my monthly back after nearly 3 years with out 1 due to lossing the whaight i had gained for me the bigest problem along with the whaight gain has been there hair growing on my face etc now at 28 i have a large need for a baby and me and my other hafe have said we will let nature take it cores i have a doctores apointment in the next few weeks now to see how we can try for baby no 3. Just rember there is all ways a way and if u cant then there r lots of babys /children looking for a home in the world. Hold your head high and rember every ting happens for a reason good luck to u all. rember any thing is posable 1 way or another xx

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Gemmalouise1991 said on 12 October 2013

I have been diagnosed with pcos for a few months now, I haven't had a period in around a year me and my fiancé have even trying for a baby for around a year and haven't been successful yet. It took doctors nearly 8 month to diagnose me I was in constant pain struggling with my work life and my personal life. As there is an age cap between me and my partner he is more than ready for kids now he is 33 and I'm 22 I find it so hard to bring able to do something which I thought would never be a problem I read all the stories on here an it's really uplifting reading about people who do end up with children and I am very happy for all that do. Gives me hope. I have been taking metformin now for nearly 3 months I was just wondering if anyone else had taken this before?? If there was any good stories or bad stories?? I'm just wanting to know if it's going to help fertility wise. I see a lot of things that people seem to be getting a lot of help when it comes to trying for children and I keep being told they won't do anything till I have been trying for a year just wondering who other trying for a baby are getting support from there GP??

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johnday1985 said on 10 October 2013

I just wanted to comment on Tia_Ellise.
i cant imagine how you feel right now. I was born with a rare condition leaving me with a high risk of infertility. My wife and I were asking drs for yrs to test me but as we were only in our twenties we just getting fobbed off too cos Dr's didn't know enough about my initial condition. We were distraught and heart broken when we eventually got our fears confirmed after 6yrs of trying for a baby without success that we would have no chance of conceiving. However we applied for adoption a yr ago and are currently visiting our little baby now before we take him home. I know it isn't for everyone and you are so young so have plenty of time to decide which road you go down but all is not lost. We thought we would never have a child and yet today we got to hold our baby for the first time and the love and bond we have with him is unlike anything I can describe. I was always scepticle of adoption but I promise though don't grow in your tummy they will grow inside your heart. All is not lost I promise. Though it may feel bleak right now you will find a way if you truly want a child. I hope I've helped a little as even though I'm a man I know from the fertility side it is heart breaking for u and family but with support u will do it. Good luck to u and your family Tia_Ellise
From john

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Tia_Ellise said on 22 September 2013

I got diagnosed Friday After having 4 years of being told different things. My periods were never really their and for the first couple months I thought it was normal as my body had to regulate but that was until I stopped completely. My doctor kept saying it was normal teenage processes in life and that it'd regulate soon enough but actually it didn't. I haven't seen one for 3 years now. My mum was getting frustrated around it as everything they said was not helping. I'd have cramps like I was on my period but nothing else. I weren't loving anything at all. My skin well that's never been great. I've suffered Acne since I was 12 and really I got use to having it. I mean yeah it's not the best thing on earth but I had to live with it.
I had gel and all sorts for it but it wouldn't go. Hair growth was always an awkward thing for me. people would point it out and I became very unconfident about myself. Weight gain had never been problematic for me. I went to a national dance school so I was always keeping fit and healthy. But then I finished and that was it. The smallest thing and i'd gain stupid amounts of weight. Whether or not I could help it I couldn't seem to lose it at all. Friends started to notice I was getting bigger and tried to help out but I got nothing from it.
I was super annoyed by now and wanted answers. Then we got an appointment with a trainee doctor and saw opportunity. She got me in for a blood test and a ultrasound and well I went for the blood test. (Ultra sound have to go for Monday) I got a letter through saying I had to see my doctor and he told me. I'm actually not able to have kids because it's so sever and being only 17 it's kinda hard to think i'd never get to become a mother. My sister and her fiancé actually cant have kids either due to He had Cancer. And my dad who was literally heart broken doesn't speak to his son. Any advice ?

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W1ld3 said on 20 September 2013

I have recently just been diagnosed and unfortunately for me I am now looking at having a hysterectomy. This is because there are no eggs being produced due to too many cyst. After I have been going to appointments after appointments for years and only now just figured this problem. I only stopped having my periods in May which is when I was sent for my latest test as I was convinced I was pregnant even tho my test were coming back negative. I'm gutted as I'm only 26 with no chance of being a mum and we've been trying since I was 19 and after all treatments it was confirmed I was the problem. I just want to say goo luck to everyone and I hope your situation doesn't come like mine.

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DJPH said on 17 September 2013

Hi ladies, I wrote a comment back in 2010, when I just found out I was pregnant with my son after 5 months of trying. I have pcos, and just wanted to write that I'm now 24 weeks pregnant with my second child, a girl this time!! I caught after 6 months this time. Both times were completely natural conceptions, no need for any help from the doctors. I had such a horrible time when I found out i had pcos, a nurse told me it would be very difficult for me to conceive, which ripped my world apart. Ijust wanted to send out some reassurance to anyone that's just found out they have the condition and is worried. I fell pregnant pretty easily both times, so chins up ladies!! Xxx

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bc92 said on 06 September 2013

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 13 years old. I'd had agonising abdominal cramps for ages! I've suffered with excess hair issues for as long as I can remember (mainly arms when I was younger, and then stomach, chin, upper lip, sideburns etc when I reached puberty at around 11/12 yrs old). I was in so much pain with the cramp I couldn't do a thing! I was off school for 3 months in total. I was seeing doctor after doctor who all told me different things. Including gastroenteritis and intestine issues. I was finally sent to a hospital in a nearby town and I saw a doctor who thought I had PCOS. I had an operation where they put a camera through my belly button to have a look at what was going on. they did not operate, just looked however I haven't felt pain since. i'm now 20, almost 21. they said things may change once I became sexually active. my period used to be very irregular, very heavy and would last anywhere between 2-4 weeks. however since becoming sexually active at 17 my periods have gone from lasting a few days to 6 weeks. I never know how each period will be. however within the past year or so they have became more regular. I tried for a baby with a ex bf and had no luck however that's probably a good thing as we're no longer together. I have previously taken tablets for heavy flow periods however no longer do. I am overweight, however have lost 2 stone in a year and since doing so has made me periods more regular but still heavy. I am in process of losing more weight, am managing excess hair, however suffering from depression, worried anti depressants will make weight loss difficult. hopefully, conceiving will be possible for me and my bf in the future as we would both like a family. PCOS is not a nice thing, however is manageable and bearable and does somewhat get easier.

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Mand0906 said on 29 August 2013

I had a hysterectomy last year because of cysts and constant bleeding, I have always had problems with my periods and was desperate to have children from the age of 19. I had my first at 21 and second at 23. Both times I fell pregnant after giving up hope! I was trying too hard, thinking it would never happen and feeling very negative. With the first I booked a holiday and thought " I'll try again when I get home" (6 months ahead) I went on holiday 3 months pregnant and second time we moved house so trying for a baby was pushed out of our thoughts, I moved in on the Friday and found out I was expecting on the Sunday. In other words, get rid of the pressure, don't actively try and it's more likely to happen.... Good luck and don't ever think it can't happen.... All babies are miracles xx

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xvivalakirstyx said on 27 August 2013

Hi I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries this year (25 years old) I have been pregnant before (I lost the baby) but since September 2012 I've had one period, I have gained a lot of weight unfortunately due to a lot of stress. I'm just worried that I won't be able to get pregnant again when I'm in a stable relationship. I also have an under active thyroid and increased levels of prolactin which could be caused by stress. I've always wanted to be a mum I just can't get the feeling that its not going to happen because I'm not having periods polycystic ovaries and an under active thyroid it's seems the odds aren't in my favour :( could anyone give me some advice ?

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lauraloo22 said on 05 August 2013

Hello, my name is Laura, I found out that I have pcos when I was 15, I only found out because I hadn't had a period for 9month then again for 8month, I fell pregnant when I was 19 years old & had my beautiful little girl on 24.11.11. I got told that my pcos can go once iv had a baby is this true? X

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sammy1993 said on 16 July 2013

Hey I found out that I had polycystic ovaries when I was 17 am now 19 and me and my partner are trying for our first baby. We have been trying for 4 months and its really starting to get to me, I feel like its not going to happen, I get told from the doctors to atleast try for a year but it hurts. Me and my partner really want a child, I just need to stop thinking bad things, it was just coz I was young when I found out. Need advise if anyone could help me :) . Sammy x

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worried1987 said on 05 May 2013

hi im 25 years old and was diagnosed when i was in my teens and struggled to loose weight. last jan i joined a slimming class and have now lost over 6 st and am a healthy weight. with this i also started havingg regular periods since december last year (and when i seen my dr he was pleased with my progress), i have been having unprotected intercourse with my boyfriend as we agreed with my diagnosis we wouldnt jeopardise my body going back to the way it was, however i am now 6 days late and feel sick whenever i eat along with a bad back. I know i should take a test but i dont think i can handle a negative test again.

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vicki37 said on 05 April 2013

Good afternoon ladies, my name is VickiI have read all these comments regarding PCOS, I like most of you had similar symptoms, weight loss is hard and even harder keeping it off, I lost enough weight in 2004 to fall pregnant naturally with my first child after miscarrying earlier in the year, I am now 37 and have been trying for antoher child since. I have put the weight plus more on since having my little fella. I have been diagnosed with diabetes type 2 which I am currently controlling by diet, and losing weight very slowly as you can probably appreiciate. This is a very upsetting and quite serious problem, my periods have never been regular, and I am usually on for 3/4 weeks a month, so trying for a child as you can imagine is very hard. The next issue I am dealing with is a biopsy, my GP has tried everything to help me and now suspects it has turned to cancerous cells in my womb. I hope and pray it is just the syndrome causing my problems. I remain determined to keep trying to lose the weight and encourage any of you that have just been diagnosed to watch what you eat and keep up a healthy diet and lots of exercise. I will let you know the outcome of my tests.

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dbh5000 said on 02 March 2013

Hi i am 28. I first started my period when I was 12. They were fine to begin with once I got over the initial shock of it all, but then over the next few months they became heavy, then light and really irregular. This continued until I finally gave into my doctor at 19, to start taking the pill as I also didn't want to start a family so young, so hoped to kill 2 birds one stone and all. The pill controlled the periods nicely. 21 days taking the pill, couple of days later bleed would start etc then begin tablet again after 7 days. Anyway we married when I was 25 and then we decided that we should stop with the pill and try for children. After a year still nothing. only a couple of periods. one which lasted a couple of months and really heavy, then nothing for a few months. we thought when its meant to be it will be. Anyway mentioned this to my gp and she told me that being overweight was the reason I couldn't conceive so I should work on this but in the meantime was referred to a gyne. He put me on clomid and provera, tried several months of this and nothing. Had scan done and showed loads of cycts so PCOS confirmed. they said it was the reason for excessive hair growth, weight gain which I am still struggling with now and redicullously heavy bleeds. However, I stopped the clomid and provera, a terrible period followed, cramps, and lots of blleding. the next month I fell pregnant. My son was born in the november. I then had 3 periods like clockwork I though fantastic having a baby has settled everything down .. I fell pregnant again. Knowing my condition and how we had tried for children, couldn't have terminated the pregnancy anyway. My sons are 1 year and 3 days apart and wonderful handfulls. I breast fed my second and and no period for 9months. however since they have been all over the place again and now, been on for 3 months straight, really heavy using both pads and tampons, scary heavy. seeing gp monday. Will just have to see how it goes

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Rosewfin said on 01 March 2013

I am 33 and suffered with PCOS since I was about 12. I struggled with irregular heavy periods so heavy that I had to have a blood transfusion. So I was given the marina coil at 18, which was great as it stopped my periods completely. But I have battled with weight and hair growth as well. I wanted to start a family when I was 24 and started trying after 2 years got sent to fertility clinic and went through the stages of clomifene and metformin after another 2 years of trying the consultant started me on tamoxifen yes the Brest cancer drug. I fell pregnant within another 6 months how ever after having a great pregnancy and a lovely little boy we decided to try again. So another 2 years after that we got sent back to the fertility clinic and was put back on the tomoxifen it took as another 2 years the second time. The problem I have now is weight loss I am at the end of my tether. Anyone take medication for weight loss that can help?

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Dando84 said on 26 February 2013

Hi everyone Im 28 and now been trying for 2 years and just found out I have pcos and also a thyroid problem which I am yet to find out if it is under active or over active. I have has so many blood tests n scans all to find out that I don't have any hormones which is preventing me getting pregnant even tho i have regular periods. I just need to know what to do next as the Liverpool women's is doin nothin at all to help me actually sort these problems it's tearing me and my partner apart knowing we can't conceive and even worse we live with his brother and they have found out they are pregnant and all I feel is jealousy is this Wrong?? Xx

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Cazza83 said on 25 February 2013

Hi I'm 29 and got told I had pcos at 18. I have got all the symptoms going.I had irregular periods and started to gain weight. I was not really sure what to do with the information as I was to young to start trying for a family and was on the pill at the time to help with my periods and bad skin.I came off the pill due to headaches and wanted to start a family after 3 years of irregular periods and not conceiving I asked my gp to be referred to a gyno. My partner and my self had all the tests done that we needed and was down to my self not ovulating :-(.I then started a course of 50mg of clomid but was unsuccessful and up the dose to 100mg with no joy I had a third attempt and did ovulate put did not manage to conceive. I then asked what my next option would be and the brilliant specialist I had put me forward for ovarian drilling to help stimulate my ovaries.I had this procedure in aug 2011 and it has gave me regular periods I now have a 34 day cycle every month which I am very happy about.i got told to try naturally for 6 to 12 mths but as yet still no joy. After meeting with the specialist again in June 2012 I have been now told I have to loose 4 stone and have a bmi of 30 before I can start back on treatment. As you can imagine is very hard with are condition so have been put on metorfomin and oralist to try and help with the weight loss which is still very hard. I have lost a stone now so got three to go and have also joined weight watchers and brought a cross trainer to try help me reach my goal of becoming a mommy. I can completely understand why my weight is now the issue of me not been able to carry on with treatment as the NHS is big on bmi and want to give me the best chance of conceiving.I am hoping 2013 will be my year Good luck to all you ladies with pcos I have been through it all and can not wait to get to my goal and beat the bulge. One thing I will say is both my gp and Gyno have done there very best for me so far.

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missoverthinker said on 19 February 2013

I'm 18 (19 in March) From the age of 12-16 when I went to the Dr my mom would mention that I hadn't started my period,the Dr said it was normal.When I was 16 I went back to my Dr about still not starting my period as I always had a feeling that there was something not quite right.Eventually the Dr said she would run some tests but that since my Mother didn’t start her periods until she was 17 then I would probably be 17 also.I had blood tests run 3 times & each time the Dr said they were fine.Then I went for an ultra sound & went back to my Dr to get the results,the Dr I usually saw was on holiday but I was so desperate to know the results that I went to see another,she said that from the blood tests,ultra sound scan I do have PCOS.I said my blood tests came back fine & she said no my first blood tests I had when I was 16 was abnormal,I was angry because what the Dr told me was wrong & I had been worrying all that time.What I can't understand is why I wasn’t diagnosed sooner not just because of the blood tests but because before that the Dr new my symptoms;Absent periods,overweight & not being able to lose weight even though I had dieted,acne,oily skin,access hair growth on chin,stomach (navel area),side burns&tash. (all point to PCOS) Now I regularly see a gynaecologist & take Metformin daily.I had my first period just before I was diagnosed but didn’t have one for another 13 months until I was also given medication to make me have a period,this was my 2nd period & it was 7 wks ago I haven’t had 1 since.I'm quite confused about having PCOS still as its still new to me & with all the symptoms really get you down.Also I am worried that I can’t have children,I haven’t told this but I have the same feeling about it as I did when I knew there was something up when I hadn’t had a period.
Missoverthinker x

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IJ83 said on 30 January 2013

Hi,wrote on here in May'11, when I have been diagnosed with PCOS by a gyno after trying for a baby for a year. A GP kept saying that heavy painful periods are normal since 2008, so had to go to a gyno privately as all I was told was to take paracetamol...Symptoms-wise I have acne on my jawline and upper neck, no excess hair or hair loss, but am overweight and it's very slow to shift...Had a scan with the dye injection and fallopian tubes are all clear. The periods are regular (28-34 days cycles on average)The gyno had prescribed me Metformin in 2011 and said keep trying, loose weight etc. Went for a follow up in Oct'12, where he said that Metformin has proved to be ineffective by latest research, so I stopped taking it. To top it all off my husbands latest fert test was quite bad (we both had nasty flu, so they said that was the likely cause) and Chlomid is not an option. We're seriously considering IVF now, as if both of us have probs then it can take many more years to fall pregnant naturally and a whole load of luck, which we hadn't had much of so far! Will let you know what goes...keep in there girls!

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helena75 said on 26 January 2013

Hi there my name is helena i was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries when i was 18 i am now 37.I have 2 wonderful daughters whom i concieved naturally but there is a 7 year age gap between them...i have problems with my weight due to the cysts its been up and down for years ive just managed to lose 4 stone after i found out my cholesterol was 9.6 ive got it down to 5.3 i suffer with excess hair,acne and my hair is now starting to thin..having polycystic ovaries for all these years has made me depressed as the older i get the more severe my periods are getting. Ive gone from having 1 a year to now bleeding 3 times a month very heavy and painful my doctor reckons its because ive lost alot of weight my hormones are everywhere im on anti depressants because of all this i also suffer from very bad mood swings..ive also had burst ovarian cysts in the past which made me very poorly...i am now waiting on a scan to see why i am bleeding all the time this has been happening after sex aswell my doctor has put me on medication to stop the bleeding.. i have also discussed a hysterectomy as i cannot cope anymore.they say polycystic ovaries run in familys none of my sisters have it but i think my niece has but she wont get tested i also think my 11 year old has it as she started puberty at 4 shes very hairy and very self conscious but they cant test her yet until shes started her periods..i just want to say dont suffer in silence with this awful syndrome and dont get fobbed off by your g.p there is help out there.. good luck ladies xx

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mel steel said on 17 January 2013

hi my name is mel i was told i pcos 5 years since i have very heavy painfull periods and have been tying for a baby for 10 years with no sucess i have been refered back to hospital but would like more information about pcos as i know very little.
i have been advised to go on the concreptive pill for a year and see how i go then i may be able to try ivf any informa\tion you can give me would be brill.

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emily7890 said on 04 January 2013

I am 17 and have just been diagnosed with PCOS. I have always had problems with my periods and just before Christmas I had such severe pain abd bleeding I had to go for an ultrasound. I have a copper coil so I thought it may have punctured my womb I was in so much pain. I cannot remember what triggered me to research pcos but there I saw the list of symptoms I have, loss of hair, excessive growth of hair, irregular periods, acne. I was devistated as I am very maternal and was so excited for a baby in the future, just hope it will all go well in the future when I do start trying for a baby. My boyfriend is upset but im not quite sure he totally understands how serious PCOS is. We're just trying to stay positive :-) I have read all these comments and most sound positive.

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Solja said on 30 December 2012

I recently posted regarding my P/O still have had no help from any websites... although for some weird reason i have started to bleed again, I'm going for a check up at the doctors tomorrow. I pray to God that my body is sorting itself out, the last time i had my period i think i was about 14... has anyone else had this?

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Jadeyy95 said on 08 December 2012

im 17, ive had polycystic ovary syndrome sice i was about 13, however now it is really bad, i suffer from agonising back-ache belly-ache and migranes, my periods come every 3months and i am on my period for around 3/4weeks, i get all the symptoms, except i have lost weight since having it, i do have a tiny bit of chinhair and a tash, but hardly visable, i lose alot of hair in the shower and the pill does nothing for me, i havent been taking my pill for 2months and regually having sex but it does nothing for me i still have the outragously heavy period and excrusiating pains, im worried that im playing everything by the book now and still failing to fall pregnant how bad will it be as i grow older:'( my doctors have sent me for scans since i was 12, and sent me away with nothing everytime but 'you have polycystic ovary decise' its really scaring me and i dont want to put my boyfriend through a futer with no children, not conteceptive pill regulates my period and no antibiotics stop the pain or decise, any advice ladys?X

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Chloe20 said on 27 November 2012

Hi my name is chloe.
Found out just under a week ago that i have PCOS after having what felt like period pain the doctors finally sent me for a scan. Results show my right ovarie is fine but right has early signs of PCOS.
I am overweight but have been since i can remember. recently lost over a stone but the doctor still advising me to lose weight.
Been trying for a baby since Augst with no luck. My period are regular so does this mean im still ovulating? Was due 3 days ago hasnt showed up yet but very bad cramping. Really dont want to let my boyfriend down.
Anyone else is this situation? Really worried and feeling lonely.

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Solja said on 04 November 2012

hi im 21 and i was diagnosed about a year ago. i had a normal period from about the age of 12 but when i was about 14 they just completely stopped. i also started putting on a little weight when i started my period and ever since i've always been overweight. I have tried a few things but none of those seem to be getting my period back. It's effecting my confidence so much, i still feel too young to have a baby but it upsets me when i see a few of my friends having them. I feel restricted in relationships and i cant seem to find the courage to tell my boyfriend when i start a new realtionship. my best mates mam had p/o and obviously she had my best mate. I really need help but i don't know what to do or who to go to. :(

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emily1111 said on 30 October 2012


Just wanted to reassure people. I was having irregular periods for six months and I knew I had pcos for the last six years. I was trying for a baby for only three months even tho I wasn't having periods I fell pregnant. I had a successful pregnancy and gave birth to a little girl two weeks ago.
I've worried for yrs that I wouldn't be able to have children. I know it's hard but you never know I wish I hadn't spent all those yrs worrying. There is hope and it is possible.

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Mon mon said on 26 October 2012

Hi, just read all of your stories and im abit taken back ,
I'm 20 this year and I am really worried about pcos , I really want to have kids in the future and i worried that it wont happen. I only found out last year that I have pcos , I noticed that my periods would just stop and I'd have horrible pains in my lower stomach , I went to see my doctor and she sent me to see a gyno straight away , and he basically told me I was over weight , I've tried so hard to keep my weight down but in the last few months I've had surgery and I've not been able to exercise Im scared that if I keep putting more and more weight on I wont be able to control the pcos , if anyone has any suggestions on how to loose weight or could put my mind at rest about being able to conceive it would be much appreciated


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Vickytoria72 said on 18 September 2012

Hi, after being on the pill to regulate my periods I came off them in 2009 to try for a baby. After the initial withdrawal bleed no more periods happened, so after 5 months went to the Doctors who referred me to the hospital for a scan which is when pcos was diagnosed. I was put on Metformin to have a period, after a couple of months I was pregnant but miscarried early in the pregnancy. It was 4months later also put on Chlomid to increase my fertility, I got pregnant after the first month of taking this. Apart from developing gestational diabetes because of pcos I had a healthy pregnancy and had my little man in May last year. We are now trying for another baby but after coming of the pill in February I have only 2 periods (mid April,mid June). August went to the doctors to discuss the irregular periods and no fertilty. They said when the next period comes to go and have a blood test done on the 2nd day. Still waiting for the next one. Have a hospital appointment beginning of next month so if nothing happens by the hopefully they can tell me whats going on.

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bexxharris said on 10 September 2012

I have polycystic ovaries, but apparently don't have PCOS (I'm on contraceptives and don't know how they can check for PCOS while I am on them).

My doctor said I will only know if I can have kids or not when I try to have them. I'd rather know beforehand, as it will be devastating if I try to have them to find out I can't.

can anyone out there tell me if they have polycystic ovaries (not PCOS) and if they've had kids? I'm not overweight and I don't have excess hair (or hair thinning), but I do have pains in the lower stomach.

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Sarahhh said on 28 August 2012

Im 17 and I haven't had a proper period in a few months, I have had thinning on my head for a few years which caused my hair to fall out alot and has taken 4 years to grow back a little bit, I have excess hair growing on my face a little bit I'm worried I have PCOS
Please help

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kalieh said on 10 August 2012

Hey ladies. I am 24 years old and have been TTC for 6 years. The doctors tell you to ignore the first year to 18 months if u have been on any sort of birth control. So I did this. Then went back and they did the many urine test blah blah blah.
I was finally diagnosed with PCOS about 6 months ago (although they did know that it was there a year before but failed to tell me!

So..... I've been on chlomid now for 6 months, first 3 on 50mg, last 3 on 100mg. With baby making like mad from day 10-18. And then day 21 bloods. And according to these bloods, ovulation has still not occurred! :-(

I have just booked an appointment with docs for when my next cycle is due, and just wonder now how my useless doctors are going to react. Will they just fob me off again I wonder.

Anyone else been through the same and able to give me some light on what happens next?

Thanks, Kalie x

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Lou86 said on 05 August 2012

Hi Ladies,

I am wondering if you can help me, in Jan I was diagnosed with PID but several swabs etc have come up clear ..(the doctors put it down to me being in my twenties so it must be a STI) ..since they have been proved wrong they have decided 7 months later to send me for a scan as I'm always pestering them ..it's worst on my left side, my acne has got worse especially on my chin and my stomach is constantly bloated even though I eat 3 meals a day and snack on fruit.

they even sent me for an early smear ..and the nurse said I had swollen cervix... do any of you have similar symptoms and do you think I could have a cyst ? xx

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downmum said on 04 August 2012

Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to share my own exp and view...... I'm 31 yrs old and was diagnosed with PCOS in 2010. Of course I have probably had it a lot longer than this. Anyhow I had just had my first child at the time so the G.P simply told me not to worry about it. I had put on a lot of weight during pregnancy and have been trying to lose it ever since. G.P had me on Orlistat (which of course has been out of stock for the past 5 months) so my weight is now stationary :( My cycle has become very irregular and well close to non-existent. I've been suffering from severe abdominal pains, spotting in between cycles alongside the usual hair and acne problems.

After reading comments on here I returned to my G.P to discuss being put on Metformin and well got pretty much the standard response if your not trying for a baby there is no point!!!! Anyhow I did manage to get a gynae ref and also the lotion for my acne.

Will see how I get on with the lotion and consult.....

Gud luck to the rest of u x

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downmum said on 04 August 2012

Hi Ladies,
Just wanted to share my experience and views.... I'm 31 and was diagnosed with PCOS in 2010. At the time I had just given birth to my first child so the Dr simply told me not to worry about it. I had put on a lot of weight during my pregnancy and since have had real trouble losing it despite being prescribed Orlistat (which of course has been out of stock for the past 5 months). Anyhow my weight is now stationary despite my best efforts to lose it. My cycle has become very irregular and close to non existent, severe abdominal cramping, spotting in between cycles, suffering from excessive hair and acne. After reading the comments on here I returned to my G.P to discuss being put on Metformin, pretty much got the standard response unless your trying for a baby no point!!! Anyhow did manage to get a gynae referral so am awaiting a consultation date and he also gave me a lotion for acne so will see if that works.

Will post on here again once I have had my consult.....

wishing the rest of you luck with it all x

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ZaRaAmY said on 04 July 2012

I'm 28 and after years of irregular periods and taking the pill I have just been diagnosed with PCOS. It was only due to some discomfort and what I thought was a unnatural bleed my sily gp referred me for a emergency scan. Sure enough when I attended the scan I see both my ovaries absolutely covered in cysts. In the moment I felt like my world had been ripped apart. I have been trying for about 4 months now to fall pregnant but with one periodand complete lack of ovulation according to my clear blue test kit was leaving me devastated each time I took a pregnancy test. I had shared my concerns at the start with my gp when I first thought about trying for a baby and they said all will be fine and it's not till after a year of people trying would they intervene and do bloods etc. Well thank god I pushed them to do something last week otherwise I could of been none the wiser! I'm now seriously considering legal action against them for lack of due care etc as irregular periods have been part of my life since 16 Anyway enough waffling I just wanted to share my story and see how other people find this disease impacts on their life. From what Ive read I seem to be one of the lucky ones with no acne hairloss or excessive growth or even weight gain. I simply suffer from no periods! I am awaiting for my referral to the fertility clinic where the consultant has explained they will no doubt prescribe me Chlomid. I just wanted to here any stories/comments from people who have tried chlomid and have they had success and is there any nasty side effects to watch out for? I'm trying to stay positive x

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User642553 said on 20 June 2012

ok, so, i posted here at the beggining of feb and now, a few months later, my acne is gone, im stil using the cream 3-4times a week tho. im stil struggling with my weight n having bn in bed wit a bad back for a week its ruined my exercise, btimanaged to get 8lb off before that so gotta stck with! the body hair is stil an issue bt hopefully if i managed to get more weight off that may get reduced. periods r crazy irregular bt not as heavy, so overall, thingsr looking better for me, rest of u, stick with it. my aim is to shape myself up rdy for a family, thats my only major goal in life. stay strong girls:) (just bought the pcos diet book) have to see hw it goes!

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kez4 said on 19 June 2012

I have been trying for nearly a year to have a baby and so far it hasnt happened. i have irregular periods and i have recntly been diagnosed with a cyst on my ovary. i did ask my gp about tests for pcos but they would not do one. any thoughts on wether i may have this syndrome or not and ideas on how i could conceive quicker? replies wwould be much appreciated.

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emily1111 said on 06 June 2012

I was diagnosed with pcos seven years ago and I've done nothing but worry about trying for a baby. My husband and I finally took the plunge seven months ago. I was having weekly ovulation tests and every week they were coming back as negative. However after just three months of trying we conceived our baby and I'm now 22 weeks pregnant. I think woman with pcos will always worry about having children but my advice is not to. I wish I hadn't wasted the effort but it's easy for me to say that now I know. You have to live your life as you never know what will happen-I now realise that.

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welshrachy said on 26 May 2012

i have the majority of the symptoms and my mother has it. so am going to try find out if i have it. anyone now how too? as it is impossible to get a appointment at local doctors??

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amylou3 said on 25 May 2012

Hi my name is Amy,
my story about pcos i was 14 period irregular put on pill by 16 i was in a relationship stopped taking it months later was pregnant tried for another baby to no avail went back on pill to regulate themagain and again stopped fell pregnant again 4 yrs later on trying for our 3rd babydid what i did before didnt happen went to docs sent me to gyne went for a lap n dye test i've got pcos at 25 is when i found out they put me on clomid i say i didnt get to finish the 1st 2 weeks dose before i was pregnant the people who did the scans were shocked as to how quickly i concieved as the record is 3 months i hold the record at just 3 weeks so ladies with pcos there is a chace u concieve with this stupid pcos just have faith and no i wasnt skinny i was in 12-14 clothes weighing 12 stone and i got clomid x
Good luck XXXX

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siggy1997 said on 12 May 2012

im 14 15 this year, i have most symptoms of PCOS my mum has the disease, and i have the symptons like the cysts on my labia areas i have the really bad pain in my lower sections i have really heavy periods i have acne and ive suffered hair loss, could this be PCOS? can somebody please help me im so scared. the thought of me not being able to have a baby when i younger has broke my heart somebody please help!

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Elaine84 said on 03 April 2012

I wanted to share my positive story. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 15 (13 years ago). I'm a size 8/10 and was diagnosed after having really irregular periods (almost non-existant) and excess hair. Even though I was pretty young, I was devastated at the thought of never being able to have a child. I was put on to Dianette to help control my symptoms.

Because of my PCOS, me and my partner decided to start trying for a baby when I was 23. My doctor was happy to refer me to a gynacholgist after six months of trying because of my condition. I was put on Metformin for about 6months before being prescribed Clomid and had regular blood tests to check if I was ovulating . The side effects of the Clomid weren`t nice - I had really hot flashes! After being on this treatment for months, I was given one last chance on the drugs, before I was going to have to look into IVF I thankfully started ovulating in Feb 2010 and fell pregnant in Mar 2010 - giving birth to our gorgeous boy in Nov 2010. It was a tough 32 months of trying, but well worth it.

My advice is to stay strong and demand the ferility support that you`re entitled to. I struggled with my gynachologist and nearly transferred my treatment due to his lack of care and attention (you're now entitled to some choice as to where you're treated). But after a lot of perserverence, the result was great. I also made sure that, even though my weight wasn`t an issue, to eat sensibly and cut back on the alcohol.

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shelbel said on 23 March 2012

I would like to just tell ppl my story concerning pcos and pregnancy to maybe give you ladies out there a bit of hope. In 2006 I was 25 and was told I had pcos and my GP at the time told me I wouldn't be able to have anymore children,I wasn't really bothered at the time as I already had 2 boys,5 and 3. Anyway carried on with my life taking metformin to help supress my appetite apparently coz I needed to lose weight big time,I didn't realise I was pregnant in Nov 2008 and miscarried,not sure why but I put it down to metformin,they bought me back round as the bleed was really really bad that they lost me for a bit,anyway less of the bad and more of the good :) I got into a new relationship and fell pregnant in 2010 after losing 4st :) and I gave birth in Oct 10,in a new relationship now and have been for 18 months and he has no children of his own,he is 27 and I am 31 and I did miscarry in Nov 11 and have been trying since,my periods have been so normal without any meds since Nov 08 but still have symtoms of PCOS. As I sit and type this now I was due on 19th and really hoping I am preggers as would make things complete for us,we are so happy all 4 of us but would love one together,I know that if it doesn't happen that my man will still be here but in the back of my mind feel that I have let him down and that I not making him happy but he totally understands. In life there is always ups and downs. I just would like to wish all you lovely ladies all the luck in the world. Exercise and diet :) Have faith and it will happen. :) x

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LittleMissJoJo said on 18 March 2012

Hi everyone, I'm Jo.
I am 25 and was diagnosed in 2009 with PCOS, I had suspected for a long time that I had the condition as my periods have always been practically non existent and my cousin was diagnosed with it too.
I am in a long term relationship and we now really want to have a baby but I'm so worried that it's never going to happen for me. I have read so many horror stories and I can't help but think I am going to be one of them.
I have an appointment in a few weeks with a gynecologist and I'm praying for good news but I'm really suspecting I won't get any. Can anyone offer any advice please? I would really appreciate it. Thanks

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Stevie 1991 said on 08 March 2012

After 8/9 months of no period when I was 17, I finally went for a scan and got diagnosed with PCOS. At first it was scary. Being told I might not be able to have kids. Being so young at the time I never thought about kids, until I realised I might not get the chance and then I turned into a rebel and drank all the time, not giving anything else a second thought. Now I have grown up a bit and read more into it, I'm not so scared anymore. I don't get excess hair growth, but I get really bad stomach pains in the morning (feeling of being beaten up in the night!!) and I have always suffered with acne, and after various treatments I have just learnt to deal with it.I have a wonderful boyfriend who loves me for who I am so it doesn't matter. He doesn't know about my PCOS and I don't plan on telling him until we plan on having kids, because right now I still don't want them just yet and I don't really know whether to tell him as it doesn't concern him just yet. And I know he wouldn't be bothered anyway - there are plenty of options to have kids. Also, my mum was diagnosed with PCOS at around the same age as me.. she lost weight (not intentional) and has now got 4 children. So it just goes to show that those 4 letters (PCOS) doesn't mean you can't have children, and I know that, like mine, this is most peoples concerns when it comes to PCOS, but it shouldn't me. I have noticed myself putting on weight, but now I go to the gym and hope to lose a stone. Other than that, I am dealing with what life throws at me, because there are much worse things to have out there, and PCOS doesn't mean no children or no life. So enjoy your life and don't worry about not having children, if it's meant to be it will be. xx

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cathyjxo said on 28 February 2012

hi, i am 15 , size 6/8 and suffer with excess hair, combination skin, irregular periods and swollen ovaries -- does anyone else have this as a part of pcos? i havent been to a doctor as i am to uncomfortable to do so. any help would be appreciated, thanks,
caitlin xx

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Soph22 said on 22 February 2012

I was diagnosed with pcos last November, following over 2 years of periods every 2 weeks. I went to the doctor several times they said it was nothing and would sort it self out. After my 4th set of blood tests they noticed a hormone was not right I was then sent for a scan and was diagnosed. As a 21 year old it was probably one of the worst things I have had to cope with. I have always wanted children and the thought of not being able to have them was hardest thing.

I have always struggled with my weight and I am happy to have a reason why I have. Following being diagnosed I asked them doctor what would be best to help with my weight, he suggested excerise and following the GI diet. It was great advice, I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and have followed the diet (with a couple of treats along the way) I have already dropped a dress size and lost over 6 inches of my waist plus my periods have regulated! He also said that the weight loss is more likely to be successful if you do not expect miracles straight away. It is more likely to stay off if you lose it by being healthy and doing excerise rather than extreme diets like lighter life etc.
Fingers crossed I will one day be a size 10/12 and have children!

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aleaiactaest said on 18 February 2012

I am 43 years old and have had pcos since my period first started. My periods were extremely irregular, sometimes one a year. I saw a gynaecologist privately & he told me the best thing i could do to help was to keep my weight down, although it wouldn't be easy to do this. Eventually I lost the weight & my symptoms got better. I even got pregnant. After giving birth, my periods returned & they were normal. Whenever my weight creeps back up, my pcos symptoms return. i have two other friends with pcos who have also had children, without needing fertility treatment. So ladies, work hard & keep the weight off if you want to give yourself the best chance of conceiving!

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Lozzy209 said on 12 February 2012

Hi all, I have had pcos for about 12 years now. I used to be a perfect size 10 now an 18! I'm 30 years old and desperate for a baby. Came off the contraceptive patch in sep and haven't had a period now for 4 months! I've got a great book on pcos and I'm doing everything it says you should. Drinking fresh water( not tap), taking vitamins b6 and b12, eating well, loosing weight and excersising but still no periods! It was always really unregular, but never more than 8 weeks or so. I'm trying not to get stressed about it but longing for a baby so much just gets me down! I tried metformin many years ago but found it did nothing! Now I'm eating well and swimming twice a week, lost half a stone and going to keep going in the hope the periods return:(
I am very lucky that I only have the weight and lack of period issue but I would do anything to be back to the person I was 10 years ago!

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User642553 said on 07 February 2012

I was diagnosed with pcos about 3months ago. iv had problems since i was around 14/15 but never did anything about it until last year. weight is a big issue for me, no matter how hard i try, i cannot seem to lose it, anyone found any successful weight loss programmes? The hair is a big bother:( i heard about electrolysis but not sure, i dont want to have 2 shave the hair all the time, from my face and stomach;/ any1 tried anything else?

On a happy note, the doctor gave me some cream for my acne, its rather good, and starting to see the acne getting better, has also helped with alot of the scarring i had left by the acne previously:) it has helped alot with my confidence as it is something iv always lacked.

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danimak said on 02 February 2012

I am 35, I was diagnosed with (text book) PCOS at age 19.
I always had very irregular periods, which were managed by taking the pill, usually Dianette to help with the skin problems.
The hair issues have been managed with regular waxing. (A work from home beautician is much cheaper & friendlier than a salon).
Weight issues have been managed with a healthy diet and exercise.
I suffer with anxiety & occasional depression which was managed with therapy & meds.
Aged 30 my partner and I decided to have a baby, after 18 months of trying I was referred for fertility treatment only to find.... I was pregnant! I now have a beautiful 3 year old daughter.
I have experienced 2 miscarriages but these were so early I wasn't even aware I was pregnant.
The point of my post is to say to you all, please don't be overwhelmed or scared by this condition. I've heard all the same scare stories you have but you know what?...Its all worked out OK. Deal with each symptom as best you can. Take care of yourself and try to be healthy. Most of all, stay positive! XX <3

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Ash7 said on 01 February 2012


My name is Ash. I am 20 years old and I've been diagnosed with PCOS. I have had period problems since the day they started. I have never had a proper period. During the beginning I never use to come on for months and when they did eventually decide to come they came for months!
I hardly get period pain, but I do get very heavy periods and very irregular. For the past 6 months I have been coming on for 3-4 weeks or so and then they stop then they come back after 2-3 days. I have been to the doctor and she sent me for a scan and everything is fine and I have been on the pill too but nothing seems to work!

It's just depressing being in this state!

I pray for those women who have PCOS & hope they get better soon... x

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MissSarah2U said on 31 January 2012

I am 21, And was diagnosed with pcos about 3 years ago and to be honest... I just get sent to and thro appointments and none seem to help they just make me more depressed and confused =\

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kj381 said on 27 January 2012

after 4 years of tooing and throwing to the docs i finally got diagnosed with pcos about a year ago. last summer i had my first real problem with it with a burst cyst which cuased an over nyt stay in hospital. since then ive had pains on both sides around my bikini line. last week the oain was worse on one side and afgter a visit trip to the docs i was told a cyst had burst again. again the pain is continueing but ive been told by my gp thas theres nothing that can be done its just something im going to have to put up with. does anyone else feel like the nhs just think "yeah youve got pcos put up and shut up" ive had other side effects such too, excess hair although this is gradually getting worse on my belly and face. my sex drive also is none existant and my mood swings are awful!! can anyone help me and give me some advice on anything espec on the hair??

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jadelouise94 said on 23 January 2012

hello my name is jade, im 17 years old and after 2 and a half years i have finally been diagnosed with PCOS! i first noticed something wasnt right when i stopped my periods as 14 years old. i was getting horrific pains in my bikini line area, had major weight gain and suffered really bad acne. i had went to my GP and all she done was put me on 3 different contraceptive pills and they had failed. next she had put me on a pill that made me bleed, this worked once then it didnt work. because i was getting nowhere i decided to go to my local clinic where within the first appointment she refered me to the hospital to have scans. i had the scan and they had found 25+ follicles on each ovarie (abnormal). within 2 weeks i had my results. even though it was not good news, i was releaved that i finially had a diagnosis to my problems. i am now awaiting my key hole surgery to figure where my pain is coming from and the next stage is to have the follucles lasered off. The thing that made me sad the most was the gynocologist telling me that when i want to concieve i should be told i need to be prepared for miscarages. this made me depressed for a number of weeks, but ive learned that this is the start of a long journey and i know it is going to be hard and theyre is going to be a few high hurdles before i get to the place i want to be, hopefully with a child in my arms. ive also learned that i need to keep positive. if i can do this then so can all of you girls, remember keep strong and always think posotive!! my heart and love goes out to all girls/women who are suffering with PCOS <3 x

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CaveCanis said on 22 January 2012

I was diagnosed with PCOS last year when I was 15, I have gone 6 months without periods on occasions and its stupidly irritating :) I can't go on the pill because I get migranes and apparently thats a problem, the pills I was given I got every single side effect, as well as having a fainting fit, so I'm not taking them anymore because I'd rather not end up doing that particularly often if I can help it.

I was wondering if anybody else got these fainting fits, its not just when I've been on the pills, its happened twice now, but it normally occurs when I am having a period. I've read somewhere that due to the higher amount of insulin people with PCOS have it can cause hypoglycemic attacks although I'm not sure how realiable that was and i was wondering if anybody could tell me more about it, and also what I can do about it.

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cjr88 said on 20 January 2012

I have PCOS and I am currently taking metformin and spironalactone. am really struggling to lose weight and would really appreciate if any other PCOS have any weight loss tips I want to lose 3 stone asap. Once i have reached this target i will work at maintaining it to this level any help will be greatly appriciated please :)
Thank you in advance.

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pablod said on 12 January 2012

The thing that isn't discussed much in these information pages is the effects on the partner. PCOS increases male hormones which makes the women with it more agressive and moody. I wonder what the divorce rate is for PCOS sufferers. As a partner of a PCOS sufferer I can tell you it is difficult sometimes to remember that your partner has PCOS as the many effects of it have implications for the relationship and children. We had trouble conceiving due to the PCOS and had to go IVF, so have your kids young if you can. I'd just say that if you are a sufferer of PCOS keep in mind the effects it has on you influence how you act and there have ramifications for your partner and children. There are drugs to reduce the effects which you might consider. We've been married 20 years and the effects are still there , possibly even more pronounced, I love my wife but it does wear you down over time.

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UltimateStar said on 12 January 2012

I've now been put on metformin to help my periods as its been nearly 8 and a half months without a period, been waiting so long for the doctor to put me onto something, my blood pressure is too high for Dianette and I'm so disappointed about that as well. But I'm glad I've started one thing so far, which also will help the weight, I'm a tad over weight for my height too as everyone notices now that I've put weight on and gone up dress sizes. I just need the acne and hair growth to be sorted because its getting out of hand now and hopefully in a few months it will be sorted in some way, I just hoped NHS helped a lot more for women like us that suffer a lot with symptoms and more help to in the baby making as most of you are suffering too. (I'm not in that position but maybe in the future as i really do want kids)
I hope every one of you women all the best, we still need to try and keep our chins up. X

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Bobpal said on 06 January 2012

Emily 1111 - yes I have PCOS and tend to have periods every two weeks so one week on, one week off and every now and then I get an 8/9 week gap! This time I had a 4 day break :-(

I was diagnosed two years ago but have been complaining since I was 13-14 about symptoms and ignored! Eventually at 22 I demanded answers and got diagnosed with PCOS. I'm not over weight but do have excess hair on all of the usual areas but also my bum, yum and this year my face is rapidly becoming hairy on the kneck and chin. I have been having IPL hair reduction treatment and after 3 sessions have noticed massive reduction on my legs (not the other areas yet but I am getting ALL body hair reduced). This Christmas I have managed to go out loads for the first time without worrying about my legs :)

Unfortunately baby making hasn't been working. I'm 24 and have tried for 18 month with no results! Wedding dress purchased now tho so on hold until July. I've read that Victoria Beckham has PCOS and like many others she went on the GI or GL diet to conceive. I've started this in preparation for my wedding night and am praying for luck!!! Has anyone else found this works? Unfortunately due to stopping my GP won't refer me to a fertility clinic until I try for another 18months...don't know why I can't just go straight after the wedding :-( please share success stories xx

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User628390 said on 04 January 2012

hi i just wana say STACEYLOU that even though you have pcos it dont mean u cant have kids, both of my friends have it and they fell pregnant. it can just take a long time. if u still dont fall pregnant they have so many medications like clomid and stuff to help u fall pregnant. i just found out that my right ovary looks polycystic but i aint been digagnosed with it.. because i had a kid a year ago and i dont have the signs for the syndrome..and my left ovary dont look polycystic, just my right one...just be positive, i no its hard but one day u will have a child, many people that get told they cant normally do and pcos only reduces it, it dnt stop u having kids completely..coz otherwise both my friends wouldnt of fell pregnant but they did..it might just be a long process.. hope that helps...xxxx

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Stacylou1990 said on 04 January 2012

I went on the pill at 14 for my acne and recently since coming off it i havent had periods i went to docs and they sent me for a scan turned out i have PCOS...i dont have facial hair, im a slim, petite size 8/10 so im not overweight, i eat healthy and excercise 2/3 times a week...me and my boyfriend are trying for a baby and have been for 8 months, its really upset me that it hasnt happened yet but im trying to stay positive ive been referred to a gynocoligest and if im honest they werent any help at all they told me to come back in 4 months for a blood test if i start a period i have to go straight away and if i dont i have to go 2 weeks before my appointment, which has annoyed me because the pain is awful and sometimes cant go to work because of it, im really confused why shes told me this because im not having periods! she said that if we do the blood test then she will put me on medication but said 'im still young' well im sorry but im 100% ready for a baby so dont patonize me my mum had this problem and had a hysomectomy at 28, im just worried that i'll go down the same route and not have children, all ive ver wanted since i was a little girl is a family, its really broke my heart and i now have depression because of this, i feel really let down by the nhs because when i go back to hospital in 4 months time it will be nearly 15 months of trying...i have lost all hope :( has anyone else felt like this??

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raxp said on 04 January 2012

Hi All,

I read the comments today and some take me back to how i felt some years ago (ultimate star!).

I was diagnosed when i was 16- having had periods intermittently since i was 10. It took my GP 6 years to figure out what was happening and he did nothing about it despite me crying about my acne and how awful i was feeling- he just said i had to learn to cope as it was part of growing up.
When i went Uni i was an unhealthy 72kg (and I'm only 5ft2inch), had acne, a massive amount of facial hair and acne scars on my back and upper arms. I never wore sleeveless tops or went swimming. In fact to this day I'm not a great swimmer as i hated putting a costume on!
I was lucky- my parents got so worried about me, they stopped asking the GP for help and they paid for a private gyno to see me. The best thing i ever did. He diagnosed me with laproscopy, put me on metformin, cyproterone acetate and dianette and recommended how i could start to lose weight. I had laser hair removal (excellent) and dermabrasion for the scars (excellent).

Im 29 now, and things have settled. I genuinely have found the more i keep my weight down the better the symptoms- its taken 10 years but i have a good workout routine and healthy eating habits. Im not on any medication now as i wanted to see how my system would cope and its been a year and I'm still getting periods- although my hair growth and acne are coming back mildly.

Its been really hard- but there are always people to talk to. At the end of the day- trust your instincts. If you want a second opinion- get one! there is no easy way to shift the weight or acne or hair- it takes time- but stay positive and keep working at it.


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User628390 said on 30 December 2011

can some1 help me plz...im 23yrs old and i have a one year old son..i had a scan done due to tenderness on one side of my belly..i had the scan done and they said that i have a complex cyst, 4cms on my left ovary and my right ovary looks to be a polycystic ovary, not polycystic ovary syndrome. i have my periods every 35-40days, which is normal for me, always had that for years, im not over weight and i dont get excess hair anywhere...im just really scared that i cant have any more kids, can any1 help. thank you.xx

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Srimpy83 said on 24 December 2011

Hi ya just a little message to those who have been diagnosed and feel a little bit left out in the cold i have has PCOS for 11 yrs and it took me 2 yrs to fall for my 1st child 4 months for my 2nd which sadly i miscarried and than 9 months for my 3rd..... pregnancy is possible i used ovulation kits and i swear by them and than i monitor when i think im gonna ovulate with the results so you know that around about a 10day period ovulation will happen.... PCOS is due to lack of ovulation, i havent heard about the cancer factor and would ignore that i know many people who have it and have had children and been fine, weight gain is a pain and is harder to control i fluctate between 14lbs i dont get any severe hair or hair loss but i do tend to get spots or lumps that are a little sore.... but thats only every now and than, i have had this for 11 yrs now when i first got it my periods were once or twice a yr now there are every 5 - 7 weeks.... Hope this helps Vicky

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Sam16 said on 22 December 2011

I have been diagnosed with pcos, and was offered the pill to regulate my periods. I said no as we want to start trying for a baby in the new year, has anyone been given any advice or offered any other treatment? x feel like I havent had enough information about it x

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UltimateStar said on 22 December 2011

Im still struggling with it all. The docto r said I'm clinically PCOS, which means it s only showing how my hormones are by bloo d tests. Ive seen the doctor so many times , done blood tests twice, have to go back to the garny next month then back to the skin specialist in February so i have so much waiting to do to be fully diagnosed and at least start treatment. I need laser treatment which I know will take some time a nd the specialist did say once I'm diagnos ed they will try to fund for it. Has any one else been through all this waiting?
its been nearly 8 months without a period, my weight gain isn't improving and also my acne isn't either. My whole body isn't something great to look at. I need s o.much help. It doesn't help I don't have the money to go straight to laser treatmen t so I will wait patiently until I see the skin specialist. I can't go on the pill cause of my high blood pressure being to high for it.

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UltimateStar said on 22 December 2011

And my blood pressure is to high to go on the pill to help my periods and so on :(

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emily1111 said on 19 December 2011

I've been diagnosed with PCOS for 6 years and In response to the girl with facial hair - I have laser surgery and would really recommend it. If the hair has a pigment of colour then it can be removed. I have to have the treatment about every 10 weeks as my hormones change a lot but I'd def recommend it. I can now look in a mirror and not worry about what I see!
I have just started having periods every two weeks - is anyone else suffering with this?

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emily1111 said on 19 December 2011

I've been diagnosed with PCOS for 6 years and In response to the girl with facial hair - I have laser surgery and would really recommend it. If the hair has a pigment of colour then it can be removed. I have to have the treatment about every 10 weeks as my hormones change a lot but I'd def recommend it. I can now look in a mirror and not worry about what I see!
I have just started having periods every two weeks - is anyone else suffering with this?

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justanotherday said on 13 December 2011

Hi, i was diagnosed with PCOS when i was 17, I'm 21 now and in august 2010 i was admitted to hospital with a burst cyst on my ovary. there was nothing they could do at the hospital except put me on tramadol tablets until the pain went away, i then saw a specialist who did a 2 second internal exams and said there was nothing more he could do for me, since then ive been waiting to start my period and havent had one for 8 months. We have a new specialist doctor at my local GP and she informed me that we should have at least 3 periods a year to prevent build up of the lining of the womb, shes now put me on provera, this is the most anyones done in terms of helping me deal with this situation. she has informed me that i need to lose weight, i understand that im bigger than i should be for my height (6ft tall) but its hard to cope with the possibility that things might not turn out right for me, i can only hope that weight loss will lead to regular periods so that when the time comes i can have the kids ive always wanted.

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toni marie said on 07 December 2011

Hi! Am 18 and think I might have pcos, I started my periods when I was 12 and have only had about 5 periods within the last 6 year I dont no what to do and dont like going to the doctors.

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UltimateStar said on 06 December 2011

I'm struggling so much with this, I have every symptom and 7 months without a period and its making every symptom ten times worse. I still haven't been fully diagnosed with PCOS even though the doctors Ive seen are certain I have it but scans and blood tests Ive had past months are showing nothing for me. i already suffer with bad anxiety and depression and it doesnt help one bit, i look in the mirror and see disgust with acne and hair growth and weight gain. Does anyone have any advice or tips? Has anyone gone through with it like this?
Thanks xo

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UltimateStar said on 06 December 2011

I'm struggling so much with this, I have every symptom and 7 months without a period and its making every symptom ten times worse. I still haven't been fully diagnosed with PCOS even though the doctors Ive seen are certain I have it but scans and blood tests Ive had past months are showing nothing for me. i already suffer with bad anxiety and depression and it doesnt help one bit, i look in the mirror and see disgust with acne and hair growth and weight gain. Does anyone have any advice or tips? Has anyone gone through with it like this?
Thanks xo

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lillys1988 said on 02 December 2011

hey my names leanne am 23 i got told on tuesday i have pcos am finding it very hard for it to sink in i have been under the hospital for over a year and have just been told what i have got wrong with me i have but would love some one to talk to about it a bit more i have been put on tablets for my insuline leavels metroformin and i have to go see a diet expert i been told as well i have also been to told excersie so am gettin a wii fit bored been told it helps just wounder what will happen next i want a baby so bad but i have been told that its highly unlikley it will happen would love for some one with the same problem to chat to me regards leanne xx

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GingaSubadub92 said on 30 November 2011

Hi all. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 13, and was taken into hospital with suspected appendicitis. Turned out it was a 4cm cyst on my right ovary. I was then told I would struggle to have children.
Me and my partner were together for just over two years before I fell pregnan. I then had a late miscarriage. Two months later I fell pregnant, and had a healthy boy July 2010. We have been trying again since august and still nothing, but my periods are now every other week.
I am going to book a doctor's appointment tomorrow to see if he can help.
I just hope that everyone can see that we CAN beat the odds, ans good luck to everyone who is trying, and congratulations to those who, like me, have been blessed with a child.
Here's hoping I can give my little boy a brother / sister :-)

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laurareynolds said on 29 November 2011

my name is laura i am 19 me and my husband are desperate for a child i have been diagnosed with polysistic ovary syndrome my doctor put me on metformin i have been on 1000mg per day for 4 months now and still havent fallen on i have lost 2 stone so far and my periods have become bang on i am just wondering if anyone else has had a success story as this is getting me down especially when everyone around ya is getting pregnant my doctor said i cant go on clomid as the gyne has said to try this first, i just wanna try everything i possibly can as we want a family has anyone got any tips? good luck everyone fingers crossed for you all look forward to hearing from you all laura xx

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emzi1986 said on 21 November 2011

Hi every1 I am 25 years old and was diagnosed with pcos when I was 19, I was simply told come back when I want children. I am now in a re;lationship and having children is a big part of my life plan, I recently went to my doctor to ask about what can be done, I actually broke down crying with the doctor at the frustration of never being given proper info and help since being diagnosed. Though all my doctor could say was lose weight, I tried to explain to her that when i did lose nearly 4 Stone a few years previous it was no different, but she refused to help in any other way. So now I have to lose weight to see if this is what is stopping me from getting pregnant before she will carry out any further tests! Is this right??? Some1 help me please! x

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citicati said on 29 October 2011

just read this and think i may have it. i'm 18 and ive had acne since i was 12-13, it's still as bad now. I also have some unwanted hair in places like my upper lip, neck, chest, thighs,feet and also nipples :/ im very worried now with what ive read on here.

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ttblue said on 27 October 2011

hi girls.
having read all your terrible stories of struggling to get help with conception with pcos i feel really lucky to live in west cumbria where i have had no problems at all the first time in 2003 i was diagnosed and after many blood tests my gp gave me clomophine which worked for me and my son was born in 2004 and recently i have seen my gp again as we want another child she has done all the usual tests but due to new protocols she has had to refer me to a consultant at carlisle who was good to i only had to wait a couple of months for my initial consultation but due to being on a light period she couldnt do the scan and said there wasnt alot she could do as i had my last depo injection in october 2010 an it has to be out of my system (roughly 12 months) before any treatment however i am going back to see her next week for my scan and hopefully a treatment plan which she said will probably begin with clomophine again as it worked for me last time.

i really hope this gives some of you some hope and ive got all my fingers and toes crossed for all of us trying to battle this horrible syndrome.

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UltimateStar said on 27 October 2011

I've wrote on here before but want to tell my experience from now..
I've had blood tests and ultrasounds and they all came back normal then I got sent to see a skin and hair specialist, I told him everything from hair and acne, weight gain and irregular periods (nearly 6 months)
He is very convinced I have PCOS but i'm being sent to have more blood tests and to be put onto a pill called Dianette, I've heard it helps for skin and periods that i was going to ask the specialist about it anyway. I'm looking forward to taking the pill incase it does help me. I have to go back to the specialist in 4 months (yet another long wait) and hopefully i get diagnosed with PCOS and they said they could try and fund for me to get laser treatment..

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laurareynolds said on 24 October 2011

hi my name is laura, i am 19 i found out i had pcos when i was 18, after i had been trying for a baby and excess hair and struggling to lose weight irregular periods, i have been put on metformin and it has helped in a way with my periods and im fortunate enough not to have any side affects, i am just wondering if any other women have been put on this and have fallen pregant i have only been on them 3 months thanks laura

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KellyGMarcella said on 21 October 2011

My name's Kelly, and I'm being tested for PCOS. I'm 18 and I had the contraceptive implant removed in January 2011. Since then I've had one period. When I told the doctor, she made a note on my acne and excess weight then decided to send me for blood tests and an ultrasound. I'm really worried about it. I've always dreamed of having kids one day, and I even have names. I wanted two girls :(. But I went onto another site and it said chances of conception are slim. And I'm also bothered about the ultrasound scan. It's an internal one T^T. I'm gonna be so embarrassed!
Will losing weight help deal with PCOS? Or will it be harder because of it?

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FaffyMcFaff said on 19 October 2011

Hey, Im 21 and got diagnosed when I was 19.
I went to the doctors as I had dark hairs on my tummy and had pains 2 weeks before my period.
I got a date for an ultrasound, I was told I would have 2 ultrasounds, one on the belly like a pregnancy scan and the other an internal. On the day they just did the internal which was horrible but quick.
I went for my follow up appointment and gave me nearly no advice or info.
I am on the combined contraceptive pill which keeps you regular and also balances your hormones, however, during my week breaks each month I do become a bitch lol.
My mother also has it an had fertility problems however this isn't always the case. My mother took a drug called Clomid which worked. So all hope is not lost and youre not alone!

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FaffyMcFaff said on 19 October 2011

Hey, Im 21 and got diagnosed when I was 19.
I went to the doctors as I had dark hairs on my tummy and had pains 2 weeks before my period.
I got a date for an ultrasound, I was told I would have 2 ultrasounds, one on the belly like a pregnancy scan and the other an internal. On the day they just did the internal which was horrible but quick.
I went for my follow up appointment and gave me nearly no advice or info.
I am on the combined contraceptive pill which keeps you regular and also balances your hormones, however, during my week breaks each month I do become a bitch lol.
My mother also has it an had fertility problems however this isn't always the case. My mother took a drug called Clomid which worked. So all hope is not lost and youre not alone!

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20something said on 13 October 2011

Hi, my name is felicity and im 20. I recently went to my doctor complaining about my foot which has swelled over the last 2 months and shows no signs of stopping, after a very varied conversation we then got onto the subject of my irregular periods, to this day i havent had one in around 4/5 months. She seems to think I have PCOS and i have had blood tests and am awaiting an ultrasound. After researching pcos i am doubtful i have it but am slightly scared all the same. I no irregular hair growth its literally just my periods but I put that down to me being slightly more curvascious than i should be. Can anyone put my mind at ease here? Seems like reading alot of peoples comments that doctors are reluctant to treatment, losing weight for me isnt feasible as im in a high stress enviroment already and i eat fairly sensibly i just stay the same even with regular excersize. I am only 20 but do look forward to having a family in the near future so going onto the combined pill is not an option for me.
Can anyone help put my mind at rest?
there's also no stats on how many women are diagnosed with this although im told its fairly regular occurence. I have had blood tests on and off all my life, wouldnt they have picked this up before?

if anyone has any words of wisdom please reply, im silently dreading my scan if im honest.

many thanks felicity. x

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kiwi1989 said on 30 September 2011

hi my name is Kayleigh Seymour and I'm 22 and I only found out on Wednesday by my doctor that I have got POSC and I am slightly overweight and I have been having illregular periods since Christmas last year and I've been having it for 6 months now and I want to know is POSC treatable

Many Thanks
Kayleigh Seymour

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KittyAldora said on 20 September 2011

To Sophie-May,

Don't worry too much about having children, the two friends I have that also suffer with PCOS both have children! It is harder to conceive, but by no means impossible. I can understand your frustration with your doctor as I felt the same, but it is quite a specialist condition and despite how many people are affected by it they don't know that much about it. Your best bet is to ask to be referred to an endocrine specialist if your GP hasn't done so already, you may have to wait a while for an appointment but they are specialists and can help you manage your symptoms in the best way possible. They also often have support groups and dieticians who help you with weight management in the way best suited to PCOS patients (the GI diet). Don't give up hope, with the right help and time to adjust you can live a perfectly normal life!

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sophiemayxx said on 19 September 2011

Hello, my name is Sophie-May I'm 17 and a few weeks ago I found out I had PCOS. My doctor told me for definite on friday that I had PCOS, she wasn't too great with detail, she gave me a leaflet to read.
I suffer with excess hair, irregular periods (I have had 5 periods maximum over 4 years) and my blood test showed 0.5 more testosterone than what I should. Through my teenage years I used to suffer with ance, but haven't in the past year. I have also always been a size 10 until the past year where I have gained a stone and went up a size or two in clothing.
This is all really depressing me, but my doctor has put it down to having PCOS not depression. She advised me to lose a stone in the next 8 weeks, where I find I'm a reasonable weight I felt too skinny before? My family members have no idea of my PCOS, my fiancé pushed me to see the doctor. I have never found the right words to tell someone.
I suffered a miscarriage around the 23rd of June, it was early stages and I had no idea I was pregnant. It was really upsetting, and it wasn't until after I found out I had PCOS. Now it's worrying me that in the future I may never be able to conceive because I don't really have any periods at all. And I absolutely adore children, I hate knowing at 17 I suffer with this and it may possibly ruin the chance of a family later on in life because I'd hate to keep trying and miscarrying.
I haven't found my doctor any help either, she also advised me to invest in laser treatment later on in life, save up for it. When I researched that, it was £2,000 and some women have spoken about drugs to control it.
I never really knew how much of an impact it'd have on me, all I think about is the future and this seems like one big barrier ahead.
I'd love to talk to someone in the same boat as me, because me and my fiancé have problems talking about this, as it's a sore subject.

Hope all is well with the ladies trying, xxx

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kelbean said on 06 September 2011

Hi there, im 25 and was diagnosed with PCOS around a year and half ago. Im not overweight, dont suffer with hair growth or acne. I have regular periods but they have definately got lighter over time.
I was on the pill for 9 years straight and I came off just over 2 and half years ago. I often wonder if the trauma of this on my body has caused the condition.
After starting to worry about not concieving after a year and a half i went to my GP. I had numerous blood tests and different scans to find out i had the condition along with an under active thyroid too. My GP never told me what the condition was or how it was caused.
I probably like many women came straight home and got on the internet. I was absolutely devastated to read i may never be able to have children but i also read many stories of women still being able to have children so i carried on with life thinking it could happen.
Now 2 and a half years on i still havent concieved and the reality is starting to sink in now. I have been having many more tests and im now waiting to see if there are any forms of medication to help. My fiance has been for fertilty tests to find he has lazy sperm syndrome but this can easily be improved with many lifestlye changes.
I want children more than anything in the world and to have the feeling inside you knowing it may never happen is heartbreaking.
Many stories on here have helped me to keep positive.

Take care everyone it may happen one day. ;-)

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MrsKG said on 31 August 2011

Hi im 27 and ive recently found out that I have PCOS after coming off my contraceptive pill last year and not managing to conceive. Since then my weight has increased and I have developed acne on my back and face. My BMI is within normal range but I find it very difficult to loose it (most of the weight is around my middle). I eat reasonably healthily.

My periods have been irregular since coming off of the pill and I went to the doctor who did various tests and referred me to the fertility clinic. I am just about to take my first cycle of Clomid as I have been told I am not ovulating. I couldnt understand why I was having what I thought was a period but not ovulating as I thought you couldnt have one without the other but apparently you can still have a bleed but it is not classed as a 'real' period.

I am trying to keep positive about it all. My husband and I are desperate for a baby and we are trying to focus on all of the success stories that we have heard about but it can be difficult.

I hope some of what I have said is helpful you someone. x

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meenakshirawat said on 31 August 2011

Hi, I am 22yrs old. Last year I found out that I suffer from PCOD and PCOD might have started somewhere at the age of 18-19yrs. I had symptoms like acne, bad acne, chest and back acne, and I stated having that since the age of 18yrs..and I couldn't really understand it. I used to go to the dermatologist and take treatment for 6months....acne used to disappear for some time but after 6 months..they used to be back again...I changed several doctors but no use. then I went to a female dermatologist and she said that these are the symptoms of PCOS, and then I got my ultrasound done and my ovaries measured 18ml and 23.5ml where as normal volume shld be less thn 8ml. I was taking oral contraceptives to regulate hormones and after one year everything got sorted out. But After I stopped taking the medicine, I stopped goin for a walk, stated eating a lot...and after 3 months..I have started getting acne again....Now I have joined gym...i missed my periods too...gals wid pcos..ake extra care of ur body...treat it like a small baby..wrk out...loose weight...avoid fatty food....hope this hels...

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Efm said on 25 August 2011

I just wanted to offer a little reassuring story. I was diagnosed with PCOS four years ago when I finally decided I was ready for a family. I was never overweight but did suffer dreadful acne for years.

After 12 months of failing to get pregnant and ridiculously irregular periods, my GP referred me to the fertility clinic. I was put on a low GI diet and eventually given Clomid. I was pregnant within six weeks. I then got pregnant again a 2nd time completely naturally and very quickly.

I now have two beautiful children - keep smiling, things can work out x

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sorrell said on 24 August 2011

i'm 19 and yesterday i was told i had pcos which for me was a bit of a shock mostly cause of my age and only last week my partner and i were told i wasnt pregnant when i've got all the symtoms of being pregnant and still have to this day!!!

i dont know much about pcos at all i've got the symtoms ( heavy preiods, excess hair, etc ) i'm just worried cause i spent 3weeks convincing myself that i was pregnant and now it looks like its not going to happen at all. my boyfriend is 5years older his mates all have kids and we were talking about having a child in a year or so now it looks like it wont happen. its going to be hard cause i'm going to train to become a midwife and be around newborns all the time!!! i know it'll get easier but for now i think i'm just morning for someting that never was.

if possible can someone give me some feedback with any information regarding pcos??? would be very helpful

Thanks xx

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Mrs C 2010 said on 11 August 2011

I was diagnosed yesterday. My periods had always been very regular, every 25 days. When we started trying to concieve 8 months ago, i noticed my periods were a couple of days out. I asked the GP why this would be, she mentioned PCOS. When i mentioned that i had been suferring from excessive hair growth for the past few years, she seemed convinced that i had the condition. The ultrasound confirmed that i had.

Initially, i felt almost relieved that my hair growth was due to a medical condition, its something i've been ashamed about for years, too ashamed to even go to the Doctors. However, when i googled PCOS this morning, i was devastated. Not only may i never concieve, i may miscarry if i do. Plus other possible side effects such as thinning hair on my head. It makes a fairly grim read.

I'm doing my best not to get too down about this, if anything its made me determined to fight. What i mean by this is, i have always been overweight, carrying alot of baggage around my stomach. All the websites, and my GP conclude that losing weight is the only way of controlling the symptoms of PCOS. Therefore, i am about to embark on the diet of my life. I really hope that if i shift the weight, i will have a sucessful pregnancy and maybe even get rid of this hair growth which has antagonised me for years.

Its nice to read the success stories on here, always good to know of other people who are in the same boat.

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UltimateStar said on 04 August 2011

Hello, I posted a comment the other day and now I don't see it posted.
I'm 21 years old and I'm waiting on for an ultra-sound and already have had my blood test to check if I got PCOS.
I got the symptoms such as; Irregular periods (I've not come on for 3 months now) acne, excess hair growth and weight gain (I've always been a certain weight and now my belly looks pregnant which I'm not.
If anyone wouldn't mind emailing me, could you do so please.
Many thanks x

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midguard88 said on 02 August 2011

Hi i've just been told today that i have polycystic ovaries. I'm 23 and I've always had very irregular, heavy and painful periods but never thought of getting checked until my sister was diagnosed a few years ago. Two years ago i went for a scan to get checked but was told there was nothing on the scan. I'm not overweight or have excess body hair etc like the regular symptoms but I went back to my doctors for another check because i started to have more irregular periods than i was used to. I wanted to be sure, and this time they told me i had PCO. At first i was shocked and upset because i really want to have kids and i was worried about what this could do to my chances of getting pregnant.
But i look at my sister who found out she has PCOS some years ago and now has a son who is about to turn 2 and know that all is not lost lol. She had at least 4 miscarriages before carrying my nephew full term but she's still got him and is trying now for another baby.

PCOS is not the end of the world and there is still a chance to have a family. Anyone else who is worried shouldn't let this condition get them down. It's a shock at first but don't let it stop you.

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slbl386 said on 01 August 2011

hi my name is sam and ive had pcos for a long time. im 25 now and at took the doctors three years since i was 18 and a lot of ops to come to the conclusion i have pcos. im not particularly overweight and i dont have excess hair etc which is the reason it took the doctors a while to figure out what was wrong. i have been trying for a year and a half to get pregnant but suffered a lot of miscarriages and still havent been able to carry a baby full term. i just wanted to talk to other women who are suffering from the same as well as it would be nice to talk to someone that understands fully.
sam x

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chrismingle said on 31 July 2011

hi im looking for some advise im 31 and have a 3 yr old i suffer with depression have constant hair loss and cannt seem to loose weight ive been to my gp numerous times has i also suffer with cronic pains in imy overies ive had an internal scan and was told by the senographer that i have cysts that must grow and busrt that causes the pain the gp has taken blood tests but has found nothing and i still havent bee diagnosed with any kind of condition or given any medication apart from for my depression all my syptoms seems to point to polcycstic overies what else can i do to find out what the problem is?
please help!!!!

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maisie_the_moo said on 29 July 2011

hi, im 16 and my doctor has suspected i have pcos. i dont really know anything about it ... or what it does to you :S if anyone could tell me i would be grateful :D
i get really heavy and painful periods, and have been on the pill (yasmin) for nearly 4 months and it hasnt seemed to help.. any suggestions?! thanks xxx

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KristiH said on 27 July 2011

Im 24 and found out last week I have PCOD-not sure if polycystic ovry disease is different to PCOS though?
After months of blood tests and have both and normal ultra sound and internal and being told my ovaries were brilliant looking and there were no cysts imagine my surprise when ut of the blue i recieved a call from my gp making me a referal to the consultant. which is who told me i had pcod and that im at risk of losing my right ovary :(
now im looking into making formal complaints to the sonographer-who in my eyes if she was qualified enough to tell me there were no cysts then she is defiantly qualified to tell me there were!! im so angry and upset. my hubby 2b is now the only one out of all his siblings not to have kids and his sister and sister-in-law have both recently given birth within 6 weeks of each other. i want to be happy for them both but i then think why should i?
his sister is a terrible mother and thinks the government and tax payers will pay for her popping kids out left right and centre-oh and mummy and daddy will too! now i think that is defiantly the hormones or lack of that is making me become a hateful spiteful person- ive never been like that!!
i have found that reading a book called The Baby making Bible has helped me alot to understand what fertility cycle i am-its all based on chinese medicine and some western medicine. but its been my bible the past few days.
i know if i get pregnant im at risk of miscarrage- ive already had 2. 1st at 15 weeks and 2nd at 2 weeks.
so im already high risk factoring that in. my consultant wont put me on any drugs to help-metformin etc. and ive got to lose 4 stone over 4 months before i see her again!!

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BeeBees said on 22 July 2011

Thanks rihanna1989 for your comments, that has made me feel a little better!

I am 24yr and have just got home from the Drs having been told I have PCOS so I am just researching now what that means for me. My big worry is infertility as I would like to have children in a few years.

Should I go on the pill until then to get a regular bleed? I haven't had a period for nearly 2yrs now since coming off the pill.


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rihanna1989 said on 20 July 2011

I am 22 years old and have just been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. Whilst my periods are fairly regular, and if anything I am considered underweight, I decided to go to the doctors as my sister was diagnosed with it. I also suffer from facial hair and mild acne which is why I decided to find out whether I had it or not.
However, having read these comments I was hoping to feel better about the situation, and instead it has left my feeling quite depressed! I understand that everyone experiences of polycystic ovaries is different but I don't think its fair for people to be so negative when a lot of people will be reading this hoping to feel better. Yes it is annoying having it, but it is not the end of the world. It is such a common problem, I know loads of women who have it and are not even bothered! There is so much medicine can do these days to help you have children, and as for the symptoms, just wax/ use spot treatments or go on the pill! Think of all the other horrible diseases and illnesses out there, this is hardly anything in comparison and at least we are able to have a normal life. Also a lot of the symptoms we get most women do anyway without PCOS! And at least we have the luxury of hiding or treating them!
I understand that the possibility of not being able to have children would be devastating, but just because you have PCOS doesn't mean you won't have children, especially when so many people have it. And if it runs in families then think how were we born?!
Hope this helps people who are concerned or worried they have it!
p.s reading things on the internet are 1000 times worse, my doctor was so nice and made me feel way more relaxed about it- i'm sure half the 'facts' on the internet are just in fact made up!

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KatyBee said on 14 July 2011

Hi I'm 18 years old and I think I have this PCOS and so does my doctor. I am absolutley devostated. I feel depressed and upset all the time since my Dr mentioned this.

I am on a waiting list for a internal scan I've had numerous blood tests but nothings come up in them, I also have an under active thyroid too.

Ive had messed up periods for about 2 years now and they dont come for about 4 months at a time. I feel let down by the NHS as ive been backwards and forwards to the doctors about 15 times to try and sort this. Im so upset a the possibility of having this PCOS. :'(

I was wondering if anyone has had the same?



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sd31 said on 11 July 2011

I'm 31 and have had PCOS for over 5 years, that i know of. Ive had 1 son and he was a miracle as i was told i only had a maximum of 20% chance of conception. I am now suffering terribly and have been put on a contraceptive pill called Dianette and am waiting to go for blood tests as its thought i maybe pre-diabetic given all the symptoms i am showing. I currently have in excess of 12 cysts on each ovary and both are enlarged. I am constantly tired and hungry, which leads to dizziness and weakness and i have terrible mood swings and am extremely emotional for 90% of any one month. My periods however are regular and i assumed i was ovulating - I've been having unprotected sex with my partner now for 8 months and nothing at all.... it is extremely frustrating that PCOS is not taken as seriously as it should be and that you/I, literally have to battle to get anything done. There is no cure only a way to manage and you have to be pretty strict with yourself. I may have to go on to Metaformin and could possibly be type 2 diabetic. I await my blood test to confirm but, being honest, i'm not feeling too positive about it at all. I cant tell you how much im looking forward to a diagnosis to be able to get on with my life and enjoy my son again ! I wish you all good luck with your PCOS and hope you find some relief as i hope I do ! xxx :-)

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chantelle86 said on 30 June 2011

I was diagnosed with pcos two days ago after one period in 16 months prior to having the marina coil removed. I went for all the scans, lap dyes blood tests you could think of. Everything came back normal but then a cpl of weeks ago I did them all again and cysts were found on an trans vaginal ultra sound. I am over weight and need to lose about two stone.. I have been put of Metformin and have started eating really healthy and exercising. I have heard losing some excess weight really helps with ovulation. I also ovulated 17 days ago but have not come on a period... took tests but all came up negative :( I don't know whether its because of the pcos or not but I do know I ovulated as I take ovulation tests every day and had really bad pains in my left side earlier that day and for about an hour the day after. Well here's hoping they find a cure! I have another appointment with con in 16 weeks so hopefully by then I will have lost a stone or two and my periods will be back, but if not what will happen next?? I am thinking about asking for ovarian drilling?? Will see what happens! Its been 16 months already another few isnt going to kill me... Good luck to all you girls suffering with pcos axxxx

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Alex gibson said on 14 June 2011

Hiya im 17 years old and i got diagnosed with PCOS when i was just 13 years old. When my monthly period would start i would get strong stabbing pains in my stomach and be ill alot also. The doctor had put me on Mefinamic Acid Pill but on my first period on the Pill i couldnt cope with the pain and was bleeding strongly and was always being sick, so they decided to take me off it because it had caused my blood pressure to go sky high. After 4 years of having PCOS nothing has gone better. I have had a scan on my Ovaries and they said its all clear but i always miss a month on my period and i develop strong pains before i have my period. The PCOS has had a lot of effect on my and my family threw depresstion. I have lost alot of weight but i still find it hard to shed the pound. It has always made me less confident about myself well really overall i have no confidence what so ever, im also having Laser Treatment on my face for the facial hair and its slowly working but nothing i can do or anyone to help me is making myself better. I had living with PCOS it makes me down and tired alot also have pain when i aint on my period. I just know there is something not right.

Just i hope someone can give me advice and help me. x

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abx said on 12 June 2011

Hi , I am 19 years old.
I was diagnosed with PCOS about 3 years ago. Diagnosis followed after 12months of irregular periods, ultrasound scan and blood tests.

I was on the combined pill for 3 years prior to this, and when i was diagnosed, decided to come off the pill as i felt that it was only "masking" the problem.

2 years later i had still not had a natural period, went to see my GP and she suggested loosing weight.
After 6 months of trying to loose weight with no luck, my only aim was to restore my monthly cycle.

I began reading about the condition on the internet and found out about AGNUS CASTUS (CHASTE BERRY), a daily herbal supplement that acts on the hypothalamus and pituitary glands by increasing luteinizing hormone (LH) production and mildly inhibiting the release of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) therefore increasing the chances of resuming ovulation and restoring fertility.
After taking Agnus Castus for 3 months, i had my first spontaneous period in 3 years and then another on day 46 the following month. I am awaiting my third period !

If i am having periods, does that mean that i am ovulating ?

Hopefully the Agnus Castus has worked alone, however my DR has also prescribed me METFORMIN ( I am not diabetic) which apparently works at shrinking the cysts. I have not started the METFORMIN yet as i wanted to let nature do it alone first !

Has anyone took AGNUS CASTUS or METFORMIN for their PCOS ? What results have you had ?

I have been with my partner for 4 years, and we have not used contraception for the past year, as we feel that we are in a stable relationship, we have our own home, and if there is a chance that we will not be able to have children, then we should not prevent it !

I am here for anyone if they would like to talk :)

Alicia xx

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mcbi95 said on 11 June 2011

SLT95, im having the exact same problem as you, im 15 and turning 16 in a couple of weeks and ive noticed loads of the symptoms of pcos since i was like 13 but ive never been able to tell anyone, even my mam. and now im turning 16 i really need to tell someone and can someone please tell me how gps diagnose pcos because i hate injections and am hoping the diagnosis wont consist of any injections

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TinyKiki said on 09 June 2011

Today I just got diagnosed with PCOS. :( I'm 18.

It's not fair!! I'm a healthy weight-- even the doctor was surprised when she told me because I'm not overweight at all! I do all I can to keep fit and healthy. I do sports and eat healthily... gaaaaah.

I found out I had abnormal body hair, I'm pretty short and even though I'm an archer I started developing muscle that I wasn't exactly doing anything to obtain. So now I'm pretty much a short, hairy muscle(wo)man. Like fricking Wolverine, only in a skirt. ><''

Jesus! If this was going to happen to me, with my chance of never being able to have a kid, why couldn't I have just been born a boy!? I know it sounds stupid, and I used to love being a girl, but what's the point in being a woman if I'll never be able to have a child? :C We're the same levels of intelligence and everything, it's not that I'm sexist, but the only thing that made me so happy to be a girl was to look pretty and one day bring life into this world.

Apparantly going on the pill will 'erase my symptoms' but after reading these comments, I'm kinda losing hope...

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Christinaxx said on 05 June 2011

Hi there, this is Christina (from the video on this web page). I just wish to emphasise that it is possible to have a "life with PCOS" and make it a happy one. I never thought I would have a boyfriend, never mind get married and certainly not have any children (very low self esteem!). Hence the fact that I had no periods for over two years at one stage didn't bother me. However, amazingly, all that changed - albeit it was a rocky road. Not long after starting my relationship with my now husband, I found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks. A rollercoaster of emotions ensued - amazement, fear, happiness, more fear..... At 11 weeks I had a complete miscarriage. I knew by having PCOS it would not only make conceiving difficult, but also increase my risk of miscarriage - but that knowledge didn't help in the event of it happening. Fortunately, within 6 months I fell pregnant again. The first 12 weeks were terrifying...fear of miscarriage again, the 20 week scan...was everything OK?, reaching 28 weeks...the baby would be viable if we had to deliver early (relief!), then delivery...despite being advised I would have a c-section due to my weight they wanted to try a natural delivery, which ran into problems (they kept losing the trace of my baby's heartbeat) and resulted in a rush c-section. At last, after 9 months of thinking of nothing other than my unborn child, he was here in my arms - it had all been worth it!..... and I wanted more!! Unfortunately over the next 9 months I had two missed miscarriages (both at 10/11 weeks). Luckily, I conceived again quickly and thankfully went to term with my youngest son (in the video) - but not without the same emotions I experienced in my first son's pregnancy. I've been trying again and have had another two miscarriages in the last 9 months. It is possible to achieve your dream, but it can be a painful journey to get there xx keep trying - its worth it!!! xx

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SLT95 said on 26 April 2011

Hi ive just turned 16 years old and about a month and a half ago i was rushed into hospital due to cronic pains in my pelvis. they did some tests and they found a lot of fluid in my pelvis and a couple of cists on my ovaries. this they think is causing the pain. my periods are irregular and now ive read about it i realise ive got a lot more hair than other girls my age and often have very bad mood swings that i struggle to explain. i also went to my local gp and the put me on the mini pill to stop my monthly cycle. two days ago i got sent a letter from the gynaecology department in the nearest hospital and to be honest with you im really worried. i dont know what to expect and all my mother is saying is its fine. its also coming up to my gcse's and im stressing out. i find it hard to concentrate and struggle to get any revision done. my school is pretty supportive but i feelno one understands me :/ can anyone give me any advise?

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Mel71 said on 26 April 2011

Hi, I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 19, so about 20yrs ago, went to a gynacologist, she did the internal scan and determined that my ovaries were larger than they should be, sent me for an ultrasound which confirmed the cysts, plus I had chin and lower tummy hair and longer than normal cycle.
In terms of chlomid, I know a woman with PCOS who had regular periods, was trying to concieve but could not. Then they tried chlomid and it happened in the first month! My story is more difficult. When I was overseas with work I put on lots of weight very quickly (1.5 stone) and my cycles were getting up to 45 days. After this stage I was on a very calorie controled diet, eating healthy food etc, but it seems I was eating too much carbs. I took my food diary which I did regularly on line (through nutrimirror.com) to the docs appointment, and this was her first question - am I noting down all that I eat. I was sent to a nutritionist who prescribed a balanced diet of high protein and moderate carbs, low fat (40% - 40% - 20%) and asked the doc to prescribe me metformin 1500mg. Also regular exercise- every day at least 40min of fast walking or proper gym work (anything apart from swimming), I dropped in weight by the same amount. All this has finally led me to concieve on our first attempt around ovulation time. I lost the pregnancy at 7 weeks which is very hard to deal with. The doctors and nurses take it very lightly, totally disregarding the fact I will be 40 in a couple of months and I don't want to be 'trying' for a baby. I want to have a family, and no more miscarriages! Apparently they send you for investigations only after the third loss. As if they need proof things are wrong :( I am not sure where to turn to now :'( I am also looking for some place/clinic in west London to be refered to so that I can have a monitored pregnancy, in terms of hormons especially as well as insuline, although I think this is probably taken care of by the metformin,diet and excercise

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Mel71 said on 26 April 2011

Hi, I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 19, so about 20yrs ago, went to a gynacologist, she did the internal scan and determined that my ovaries were larger than they should be, sent me for an ultrasound which confirmed the cysts, plus I had chin and lower tummy hair and longer than normal cycle.
In terms of chlomid, I know a woman with PCOS who had regular periods, was trying to concieve but could not. Then they tried chlomid and it happened in the first month! My story is more difficult. When I was overseas with work I put on lots of weight very quickly (1.5 stone) and my cycles were getting up to 45 days. After this stage I was on a very calorie controled diet, eating healthy food etc, but it seems I was eating too much carbs. I took my food diary which I did regularly on line (through nutrimirror.com) to the docs appointment, and this was her first question - am I noting down all that I eat. I was sent to a nutritionist who prescribed a balanced diet of high protein and moderate carbs, low fat (40% - 40% - 20%) and asked the doc to prescribe me metformin 1500mg. Also regular exercise- every day at least 40min of fast walking or proper gym work (anything apart from swimming), I dropped in weight by the same amount. All this has finally led me to concieve on our first attempt around ovulation time. I lost the pregnancy at 7 weeks which is very hard to deal with. The doctors and nurses take it very lightly, totally disregarding the fact I will be 40 in a couple of months and I don't want to be 'trying' for a baby. I want to have a family, and no more miscarriages! Apparently they send you for investigations only after the third loss. As if they need proof things are wrong :( I am not sure where to turn to now :'( I am also looking for some place/clinic in west London to be refered to so that I can have a monitored pregnancy, in terms of hormons especially as well as insuline, although I think this is probably taken care of by the metformin,diet and excercise

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xhelzx said on 07 April 2011

Hiya im 23 and was told that i have pcos about 3 years ago, it didnt come as a surprise i had been telling my doc for ages that things werent right, my symptoms were high blood suger it used to go into 20 's when i did blood suger tests. the docters kept testing for type 2 diabieties but it kept coming back clear. acne oily skin and i was 20 and plucking my chin and lip. in the end they sent me for a scan and confirmed it. my docter gave me a leaflet and put me on 1000mg metformin a day and thats about it. It hasnt made any differnce to any of my symptoms and things are getting worse, I get really bad pains in my womb my hair grouth is worse and i cant lose any weight no matter what i try. Everytime i got to the docters all i get told to do is lose weight, i am getting really down now and feel like nothing can be done about any of it :(

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channytella said on 06 April 2011

Hello everyone, i was told i had pcos when i was roughly about 19. my longest time not having a peroid was about 9 months. i had never had regular periods and always knew something was up so when they told me i was not surprised. They told me that this might i would probaly not be able to have children. Then over the next few years i gained lots of weight which probably didnt help. i then deceied to join weight watchers and managed to lose lot of weight, i was still having irregeular periods but i was having them, soon after when i was 22 i found out i was pregnant with my little girl. so miracles can happen. !
after i had my little girl my periods started coming back every month, however over the years i have got use to eating more and more so i have put on much more weight. i am struggling to lose it but want another child. it would be nice to hear from others.

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TallyAnna said on 18 March 2011

Hi my name is Tally , and i got diagnosed with PCOS when i was 16, im now 21. i was overweight and bloated. I went on the low gi diet and after two years i managed to lose 3 stone , im now 10 stone and im 5 foot 5 . I have regular periods , which i never used to have, which i presume is down to weight loss. If i have too much sugar like , then my face will instanstly bloat the next day . which i dont know if other sufferes have this. Now i eat healthly but have treats , just watch how much sugar you eat. X

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lillozz said on 06 March 2011

I was diagnosed a year ago with PCOS, and since then have not had a single menstrual cycle. I have problems with my weight as well as spots and am fairly hairy on my arms. It's horrible because I want to be normal. My doctors have suggested I lose weight to help the problem, but to no avail. I cannot lose any weight, even after exercising, dieting and all other methods I could find. If anyone has had success losing weight or helping the problems of PCOS please help me, I want a family in the future.

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rebecca1983 said on 26 February 2011

hi i was diagnosed with pcos after i noticed that i had excess hair, bad skin and irregular periods. my bf and i have been trying for a baby for 3 years with no sucess. we've had a chat with a consultant in december and im on 2000 mg metformin a day.its heartbreaking to watch people around me get pregnant with no problems.im not a very patient person but if anyone can offer me any tips would be very grateful!!!

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BirdieB said on 20 February 2011

Hi All,
I have PCOS, diagnosed in April 2006!! In March 2007 i had my first baby with the help of 1 cycle of clomid. I have since had another little boy naturally. Please do not give up on your dreams. From the sounds of it i was quite lucky with my treatment as i was referred straight to the fertillity clinic at the hospital, and with 2 months of treatment i was pregnant, and over the moon. I have had irregualr periods since i can remember, have trouble losing weight and acne (in my 30's). I am hoping to have another baby this year, so believe me it is possible, and if you are offered clomid take it...
Hannah x

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jessroddee said on 05 February 2011

I wondered how many people here with Polycystic ovaries get pregnant when you take clomid and have an ICI?

We have been trying for a baby for 14 months now, I'm healthy, good weight, exercise, take pregnacare daily and would love to be a mum.

We have been referred to the hospital where I have had an internal, blood tests and a hycosy which wasnt very nice I have to admit.

I am due to go back next month to speak with the nurses about clomid and ici and cant wait to get the process started. My husband has been checked and is healthy.

I'm feeling down in the dumps, all my friends and so many others seem to fall pregnant like that and I just feel so upset .

I thought it was just me feeling like this however when we went to the hospital the clinic was packed. I'm 26 and my husband is 28.

Anyone that has any advice i would love to hear from you.

Claire x

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jessroddee said on 04 February 2011

Hi there

I was looked on the net for hours and hours since being told I have polycystic ovaries looking for people who have fallen pregnant. I am so desparate to be a mum, i'm 26 and me and my husband have been trying for 15 months with no luck.

My periods are pretty much normal ranging between 29 and 35 days. my hair has gone slightly thinner but no excess hair. I was overweight 5 years ago but have since lost 5 stone and kept it off. I exercise regular and eat pretty well. I am taking pregnacare conception tablets as I was told by the hospital that there the best.

I was referred to the hospital where I had an internal and a blood test then went back the 2nd time for a hycosy where they found I had polycystic ovaries. I was told that Victoria Beckham has this and she is pregnant with her forth so that gives me hope.

I was going next month with my husband to speak to the nurses about ICI and Clomid which it cant come round quick enough. I am told we have 3 chances of ici - it sounds similar to Ivf.

Has anyone got any happy stories where they have taken clomid or had an ici and became pregnant quite soon? anything i could do to increase my chances?

Would love to hear other people's views, i felt like i was the only person in this situation as all my friends were falling pregnant around me but when i went to the hospital there were so many couples waiting that I knew it wasnt just me. It certainly gets you down and you become slightly bitter thinking 2it's not fair" why not me!!!

I would love to hear from anyone in a similar situation.

Claire x

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lady lois said on 31 January 2011

hi all,
just wanted to have my say as well, i started my periods when i was 9 years old and from the age of 11 i had very painful periods and very heavy periods. i went to the GP's every couple of months and they just kept giving me pills to deal with the pain then 9 years ago i went to see a new doctor, i went during my period and in pain and she refered me to the hospital for tests. after two hours of internals and scans they thought i had endometriosis and sent me for a laparoscopy within a month i had the op and they found POC i am very overweight but no other symptoms. i was told when i came round that would have problems having children in the future and i tried metaformin but it did not suit me. i had a coil fitted on there advice and it is the best thing i have ever done, my periods had at that time beed every 28 days for 16 years ! without fail! and now, well i have not had a period for 8 years! i had my coil changed after 5 years and spotted for a week but thats it ! it has been fantastic i have had a life instead of 3 weeks of hell every month. now i am 33 and want a baby i know it will be hard but i have a loving and supporting husband and i have my coil taken out next week i am really scared of what will happen but i keep my fingers crossed and my thoughs possitive. i will update and let you know how i get on. my advise to you all is dont belive everything you read on the internet about POCS i am a nurse and have beed researching POCS for 8 years now to try to understand my body. a lot of what is out there is not going to make you feel any better about yourself and maynot be true, go to a family planning clinic and ask questions that is where i got my beast advice. thanks for reading x x x

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chantelle 1989 said on 24 January 2011

i was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries in december 2009 so when i was 19 nearly 20. the reason i was diagnosed? i kept getting rushed into a and e with acute abdonimal pains and finally one night after not being able to move due to the pain was admitted. they did blood tests, urine samples etc but everything came back fine. so they decided to do an ultrasound, again that came back fine so they decided to do an internal ultra sound thats when they told me that I have PCO. I was lucky my family was by my side along with my loving and caring partner. however it didnt cross my mind to ask the doctor questions about PCO. It wasnt until my nan had asked the doctor whether i could ever have children thats when i thought to myself please dont say no. unfortunately he said that there was minimal chance of me having a child of my own, the one thing i long for. However I am now unsure whether I do suffer with PCO as I only have one symptom which is weight gain. I compared my stomach to my sister who is 7 months pregnant and i have the same size if not bigger tummy. my partner and myself have been trying for a baby for about a year and a half but had no luck. I told my GP about my doubts of PCO but increased concern of infertility, I have got to have a blood test this week just to check my fertility. If it comes back infertile I will be so distraught and I know my partner will be aswell. Everyone says well if you cant have kids there is always adoption but given my mental medical conditions it is very unlikely that I will ever be able to have a child, my own or adopted. :(

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pawz said on 19 December 2010

hi. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries in my twentys, i had already had 2 children with help from clomid,both attempts worked first time,my only sympton was lack of periods..i then went on to have a third child naturally and later in life 2 more also naturally.I now have a regular monthly cycle and no symptons of polycystic ovaries,however my daughter who is 21 and has a 2yr old has just been told she has it after a scan and blood tests to find out why her periods had stopped,as i have 2 other daughters i think its worth noting that this is often a genetic condition,i would say be patient and dont give up if its meant to happen it will.

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kaykaywallis said on 03 November 2010

hi my name is kayleigh i am 23 years old. ihave just had a bllod test and a scan which confirmed i have pcos. i still aint sure what this means after reading all ur comments i dont feel i am the only 1 in the world that has it. i have to children a boy who is 6 and a daughter is 4. my periods have always been irregular since i started in peroids when i was 13. sometime times i would go 9 months or longer with out them. i fell pregnant with my son naturally when i was 16. as i didnt have regular periods i was 3 months gone wen i found out. after having him i went on the pill. 18 mnths later i fell pregnant with my daughter she was born in 2004 after coming off the pill to try for her. it happened straight away. then i recently came off the pill again to try again. my peroids never returned and went for test which confirmed the pcos. im not sure what to do now so if any 1 has some advice for me please ge bk to me.
p.s is it true ur chances of geting overian cancer is higher??????????????

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lolly12 said on 19 October 2010

i have just been told i have pcos. i have my scan in the next to weeks. i have been tryin for a baby for the last year and could not conceive i am hoping after the scan and then put the correct medication i will conceive within the new year hopefully.
lolly x

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beckiieboo said on 28 September 2010

congrats djph!!!
i was diagnosed a year and half after my son was born. when i went to the doctors about my periods as i wasnt having any except spotting everyday for few months... where i was sent for a scan several months later where it was confirmed. i was then put on (YASMIN) contraceptive pill which gave me heavy periods so i stopped. now i suffer from heavy periods nearly every month. i have been rushed to hospital 6 times by ambulance where i have been admitted once where they gave me tablets to slow the bleeding down. but i stopped taking them as i dont like taking tablets and didnt rly see a difference. i have been for 3 scans now and have several internal examinations. i suffer from very bad back ache, servire adominal pain, i also feel very light headed and my belly swells to the size of a women who is atleast 8months pregnant. i found my doctors very useless to be honest as they didnt give me much information about it i had to ask my mum to research it for me... i kept going to the doctors about it which has paid off and i am now having an a minor operation tomorrow to remove pollocks and have a coil. i have been told the coil will lessen my period or stop it. so worried about bein able to concieve later on in life... hopefully i dont have any problems fingers crossed for when the time comes!
i wish everyone luck!
beckie 21 x

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DJPH said on 28 September 2010

Hey everyone!
Just wanted to tell my story, myself and my fiancee were trying for a baby about a year ago, then I kept getting abdominal pains, so I went to the doctors, and to cut a long story short I was diagnosed with PCOS, but it had been masked by my contraceptive pill. So, we decided to go back on the pill for a bit. Anyway, I came off the pill 5months ago, so we could try again, and after 5months of ovulation tests and constant trying, i've finally got a postive test result this afternoon!!! YAY!! I thought it would take much longer because of my PCOS. So, keep trying guys and it will happen!!

One thing I want to know is am I going to be more prone to miscarriage??


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soulster26 said on 27 September 2010

well, I've just come back from the doctor who nodded knowingly as I desribed my hairiness and weight gain since I came off the pill and is now sending me for blood tests. Having looked at the symptoms and the illnesses that tend to run in the families of PCOS sufferers it's like holding a mirror up to my life. I'm 26 and I didn't know I wanted a baby so much until this morning when I was told it might be difficult to conceive. The messages on here have cheered me up though, as so many of you have families. I am worried about diabetes as it runs in both sides of my family as does high blodd pressure and high cholestral. Any advice to someone who's just trying to get her head round this?

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Sammy1977 said on 22 September 2010

Hiya ladies,

This is my first time on this site and I thought I'd sign up and speak with other sufferers going through the same condition as me.

I was diagnosed with PCO in August 2009 after not having a period for 2 months. Currently not taking any fertility medication, trying to concieve naturally. But may have recently suffered a miscarriage. When my suspected miscarriage began I honestly didn't know what was going on. I contacted my GP and wasn't satisified with my consultation. On the 2nd visit I was prescribed some tablets to help stop the bleeding, but these tablets can't be taken if you're pregnant or think you maybe. I had taken a pregnancy test which was positive. Luckily on my 3rd visit to the doctors my GP referred me to a hospital - Early Pregnancy Unit and was given an internal scan and took a blood test as the scan could not show any sign of pregnancy. The results of my blood test were low hormone levels which could indicate a miscarriage and explain the vaginal bleeding. I'm due back for a 2nd blood test to determine whether or not I had a miscarriage.
So it's encourgaing to know despite this, as it means I can conceive naturally. But I'm seeking advice on finding a fertility clinic in the area of West London. I've been looking through the internet and my sister recommends to look for a Well Woman clinic.

I do light exercise whenever I can and I totally agree with Sarah Wilkins the Wii Fit is the best!! I eat well and take daily vitamins and minerals. Don't forget to take folic acid.

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jenwren1 said on 18 September 2010

I have been left very confussed by by own diagnosis. I was diagnosed three years ago with Polysistic ovaries. The diagnosis was done from a scan only. My blood tests were fine. I never really took in what the consultant said to me because I was just in total shock. I was 27 years old. when I was told I had Polysistic ovaries and did not ovulate. I was also told that I had a fibroid on the wall of my womb. I was prescribed the pill and told that I did not need to see anyone again untill I wanted to try for a baby. I was given some figures about chance rates etc. I just did not take anything in that I was told. Then about 18months later i was still suffer with really bad periods I was then refered to another consultant and had a laparoscopy they discovered endmetriosis. Labelled as superfical. By was at the opening of my womb. The specialist stated that my ovaries looked healthy. I want to start trying for a baby next year and really don't know what i should do. Do i go and see my doctor and request medication to stimulate my ovaries? I also have a tilted womb. Can any relate to this and offer any advice?

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chitu said on 10 September 2010

Dear frnz,
Im 23 years old. Got married feb 2010.
Planning for a baby.
Two years ago i got tested and came to know that i had PCOS. Im so worried whether it ll affect the chance of getting pregnant. my period cycle is 45 days once.
Im in average weight. should i need to go for any check up before trying for a baby?
looking for a response from u all plz help me in this!!!!!

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michie b said on 02 September 2010

Hi my name's Michie,
I have just come across this site. I was told i had pcos when i was 21. The only reason i found this out was because i was only having two periods a year and was trying for a baby. i left it at that has i had split up with my then partner. I met my husband 6 years ago and told him from the start that i possibly could not give him children naturally. We went through the me having ovarian drilling this is were they burn some of the cyst. I then took clomid after the first month i didn't get a period so i rang the hospital and said that the tablets hadn't worked. They booked an appointment for me for eight weeks later. I thought nothing of it until i went for the appointment. They did an ultra sound and to my our amazement there was just a heart beat. That little heart beat is going to be 5 this month and he has a little brother who is two and was conceived naturally. So ladies be patient. I don't suffer from any of the other symptom's apart from having a little more hair on my top lip. Some time some Internet sites can give misleading info. I got most of my info from hospital leaflets and the good old library.

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Sarah Wilkins said on 15 August 2010

Hi all, I was diagnosed with PCOS after trying for a baby for almost 2 years. I was on the pill for about 15yrs so didn't really have what they call proper periods. After coming off the pill, I got all the symptoms such as acne, hair growth and slight weight gain. I did the same and researched on the internet about PCOS and my mum bought me the book 'PCOS for Dummies' which has helped me a great deal. I know that i will have PCOS for the rest of my life but by following some rules you can reduce the symptoms. I follow a low GI diet and excercise for 30 mins a day (Wii fit is fab)! I am know at a healthy weight and are now having a period every 5 weeks (which is almost there)!. Still not able to get pregnant at the moment as i do not ovulate (which is a common problem with PCOS) but have started my first dose of Clomid which will make me ovulate. Southampton hospital have been great and are giving my regular scans to monitor the treatment. They say up to 6months Clomid usually works so fingers crossed for our first baby soon! Oh and Debbie1988 you can't get cancer through having PCOS so don't worry xx

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danitristan said on 06 August 2010

ive just been told by my doctor that i hav pcos and i wasnt really given any information the only thing the doctor did say was that id proberly hav had it for yrs as it took me 4 yrs to get pregnant with my son who is now 16 months . the reason im writing is because im woundering if anyone can tell me what the procedure is when you got for a san and then to see a specialist what kind of things do they tell u id really appriaciate any information that anyone can give me thanks dani

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twinklesslinky said on 23 July 2010

hello ladies...i was diagnosed with this condition after i had a misscariage when i was 18 im now 25 and i have twin boys aged 4 and a girl aged 3 so yes stay hopeful cause it can happen...i was told being over weight can lesser the chance of u getting pregnant so my advise is to stay as fit as ya can and hopefully ya's will be able to get pregnant when the time comes....as for the cancer and that ive never heard about that but it could be true will have to find out about that..but have heard about diabetes but ya can also lesser the chance of this by staying fit...hope ive been helpful to you both x

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Winslet82 said on 21 July 2010

Hi, I was diagnosed with PCOS last year after suffering symptoms after I stopped taking the combined pill. I have done my own research on the internet and from what I can gather PCOS sufferers can have an increased risk of developing cervical cancer if they do not have regular periods. I was put back on the combined pill to ease my symptoms and so I have regular withdrawal bleeds now but when I was not taking the pill I didn't have a period for 5 months and if that carried on for years then I believe I would have an increased risk. I was informed that PCOS symptoms fluctuate over time and therefore your fertility will do too, but it is possible to conceive if you have PCOS, but whether or not you'll need some assitance is another matter. I hope that it will be possible for me and remain optimistic!

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debbie1988 said on 12 June 2010

hi my name is debbie i am now 21 yr old, i got told when i was 14 that i had pcos, iv been doing resarch on the net which i have fount out that you can get type 2 diabeties like you have said above but iv also fount out that you are more at the risk of getting hart problems as well as cancer if you dont have a pirod more that 3 times a year. is this true? i have also asked my gp if i could get this but all he said was the internet and darth vally hospital are talking rubbish as you cant get cancer thro having pcos. but everytime i read up on pcos as i got dinosed it thro darth vally hosptial they all say you can.
darth vally didnt give me much to go on so had to do my own resarch about pcos. and i have also got told i cant have children thro pcos.
but i have fount this helpfull to read and i would like to updated on this more as i dont know much about it my self. debbie x

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