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Depression and low mood (BSL version)

In this video, an expert describes the various levels of depression, the early warning signs and the treatments available.

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Find out who is more at risk of mental health problems and were you can go for help

Find out how your local NHS manages depression care

Depression is more than simply feeling unhappy or fed up for a few days.

We all go through spells of feeling down, but when you're depressed you feel persistently sad for weeks or months, rather than just a few days.

Some people still think that depression is trivial and not a genuine health condition. They're wrong. Depression is a real illness with real symptoms, and it's not a sign of weakness or something you can "snap out of" by "pulling yourself together".

The good news is that with the right treatment and support, most people can make a full recovery.

How to tell if you have depression

Depression affects people in different ways and can cause a wide variety of symptoms.

They range from lasting feelings of sadness and hopelessness, to losing interest in the things you used to enjoy and feeling very tearful. Many people with depression also have symptoms of anxiety.

There can be physical symptoms too, such as feeling constantly tired, sleeping badly, having no appetite or sex drive, and complaining of various aches and pains.

The severity of the symptoms can vary. At its mildest, you may simply feel persistently low in spirit, while at its most severe depression can make you feel suicidal and that life is no longer worth living.

For a more detailed list, read more about the symptoms of depression

Most people experience feelings of stress, sadness or anxiety during difficult times. A low mood may improve after a short time, rather than being a sign of depression. Read more information about low mood and depression.

When to see a doctor

It's important to seek help from your GP if you think you may be depressed.

If you've been feeling low for more than a few days, take this short test to find out if you're depressed.

Many people wait a long time before seeking help for depression, but it's best not to delay. The sooner you see a doctor, the sooner you can be on the way to recovery.

Sometimes there is a trigger for depression. Life-changing events, such as bereavement, losing your job or even having a baby, can bring it on. 

People with a family history of depression are also more likely to experience it themselves.

But you can also become depressed for no obvious reason.

Find out more about the causes of depression.

Depression is quite common and affects about one in 10 of us at some point. It affects men and women, young and old.

Depression can also strike children. Studies have shown that about 4% of children aged five to 16 in the UK are affected by depression.


Treatment for depression involves either medication or talking treatments, or usually a combination of the two. The kind of treatment that your doctor recommends will be based on the type of depression you have.

Read more about the treatment of depression.

Living with depression

Many people with depression benefit by making lifestyle changes such as getting more exercise, cutting down on alcohol and eating more healthily. 

Self-help measures such as reading a self-help book or joining a support group are also worthwhile.

Find out more about how self-help and improving your lifestyle can help you beat depression.

You can read other people's experience of depression in our comments section below.

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PixieSal said on 28 June 2014

I am 21 years old and had stages of happiness and sadness for about 5/6 years. My childhood until I was 11 was very troublesome. My mother is an alcoholic and my childhood was spent locked indoors and in dark rooms, made to think that I have autism. My clothes were old and uniform was never bought for school so I wore short clothes so my school life suffered. My mum would get so drunk she would sware at me, eventually she would kick or pull my hair.

I moved out at 11 into my dads and step mums, they have gave me the absolute world however I just can't seem to accept it. And they suffer because of my sadness, I rarely see my mum as it's as if she lives in her own world and on a cave.

Being 21 I want it to be the best years of my life and I want to enjoy it but I let so many things worry me and get in the way. I've lost my motivation and although I do not think about my past. I know it's there somewhere, the people around me are suffering because they feel they cannot help me. I get so upset by people rejecting me, and I don't like to be alone too much, I like to be around people. I want to learn to like myself. I've tried councelling twice just expensive to keep up with. Tried exercising daily, it's ok for a while.

I'm lost too, seems like I've tried everything. . .

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AbbieAbbz said on 19 June 2014

Hi, i'm 21 years old. I have suffered from depression since I was 12. I had a fall & nearly died, I had to have my spleen removed, At the time i thought thank god i'm alive. Truth is, I didn't know, it was the start of something huge. I had to rest up for 6 months, staring at a massive scar going down my stomach. Most people say, "oh it's nothing" but to me it meant i'd never be like anyone else, i could never wear a bikini again, i was this young girl.. That felt insecure & empty. My mum had just had a baby & suffered from post natal depression, my dad was always working & my older brother had drug & alcohol problem. I felt like i had no one. Then when i was 16 i met what i thought was the love of my life, in the beginning everything was amazing, i felt wanted, something i hadn't felt in a long time. But everything turned, 8months in to the relationship, he started calling me fat, ugly, all the names under the sun, then followed to physical abuse. I ended up turning to drugs to lose weight & in three months, i went from 10 stone to 6 stone. I dont know how, but i managed to fall pregnant with my first baby around 10 months in to the relationship, i was so happy, i thought this would change him & we would be a perfect family.. Boy was i wrong. 4 months into the pregnancy, he punched me in the stomach. I lost my baby & not a day goes by where i don't blame myself. I should of got out of the relationship and saved my baby. But it was to late. I now have problems and i don't yet know if i cant have kids. This has made my depression 10x worse. I left him after 2 years of being with him, but losing him, meant being lonely again. Thinking i had my family, but i didn't, they were to busy with other things. Eventually last year i went to my doctor & i broke down. They gave me anti-depressants, but all i have off people is, they dont help, only you can help youself.

Lately things have got worse, i'm lost.
What do i do?

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AR Wilson said on 03 June 2014

I started my own blog about my battle with depression and anxiety -

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User843481 said on 28 May 2014

I am 22 and went to my GP at 18. I was severely depressed almost to the point of being unable to speak and move it was extremely frightening. I felt so incredibly low. Stopped sleeping and eating. Was offered drugs (That made me worse - these things should be supervised, not just handed out like sweets, they really have the potential to mess people up big style). Having said that I can honestly say it makes the world of difference having an understanding GP who doesn't feign concern and who is genuinely interested in trying to get you help (It's not their fault that the help they refer you to is crap). My GP is very good and I feel lucky I have one who isn't dismissive or rude.

He got me an urgent referral to see some people at a CMHT their service was abysmal and instrumental in a further breakdown. My next breakdown was spectacularly bad, I ended up floridly psychotic and now have a paranoid schizophrenia diagnosis. I think that therapy can be good but what is offered at the moment is not fit for purpose. A&E if you are feeling suicidal is even worse, I went there when I was really skinny, covered in burns from harming myself and basically a complete wreck and they sent me away and back to the useless CMHT. I nearly succeeded in ending my life shortly after this.

I'd say they need Early Intervention teams like they have for psychosis, also set up for people with clinical depression. Good emotional support, talking therapies, practical and social support, and sometimes drugs that aren't just standard SSRI's can be helpful for more complex cases.

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kimsu88 said on 14 May 2014

Stupot, I totally agree with your comments regarding the GPS lack of care options people with depression. You're not alone! Im 26 and I have had depression for 4 years as I was bullied at uni. Just today my gp told me that my only option is to take medication for 2 years, then and only then will they consider any other treatment. Im a young women and thoses types of tablet make it impossible for me to go out into the world and function. I can't go to work and I am self reliant. My family is not wealthy and they cannot afford to support me while I spend the next two years catatonic. I keep losing my jobs because employers have not been sympathic and therefore I'm in debt to the tune of 15k. If I lose my job, than I will most likely be made homeless due to this mental illness and end up on the streets. Chugging down citilopram, isnt going to help. I have tried desperately to explain this to the go but his attitude was entirely dismissive. He basically told me it wasn't his problem and I should go to my mp if I didn't like it. Gave me a leaflet on stress (ha ha) and told me to get lost.

I have tried everything to get the help I'm entitled to on the NHS but they will not do it ! They do not provide the Cbt..therefore i am putting myself in more debt to see a private practioner but if I don't I don't know what will happen to me.

Hopefully, I will get better and when I do I will making a serious complaint about the lack of duty of care that these drs have. I have been back and forth to the drs and they have made it worse. I've been insulted many times and treated like overemotional silly girl despite the fact that I was studying at masters level when my depression was triggered.

I hope your wife feels better. Its so nice to see another get family support. I hope that you are also coping, it can be hard living with someone with depression especially when you watching them suffer. I hope that you both get the support you need going forward.

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ryannn said on 13 May 2014

hi am 20 yr old and i have felt very low since i was 17! i dont know why am sad and unhappy. i cant do things for myself in the real world i always need my mum to help me i cant even go the dentist on my own i get very scared at doing things like that i feel like a joke am even scared to apply for jobs on my own i cant even ring the doctors because am scared and i dont know why. i have zero motivation. i always sit in my room crying everynight i dont know what to do with my self am to scared to get up and do anything for myself. nobody even gets me. iv told my mum how i feel but nothing changes i feel like am getting nowhere. my mum n dad are split up n i feel like i cant tell my dad because my mum might get in a bad mood with me. am just so scared right now i just need help. i tell myself that i hate myself n my life everyday. am also very paranoid about my looks i hate going out but this may seem a bit silly but i hate going incase people laugh at me or what am wearing. all i want to do in life is make my mum proud of me. i dont have anybody else to talk to i used to have friends but i drifed myself from them because i was on para all the time.

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Cherry 74 said on 12 May 2014

I have suffered with depression on and of for a number of years since the age of about 15 years. My daughter who is 14 years has now been diagnosed with depression and is on medication and receiving support from CAMHS. I have also been suffering with stress, anxiety and depression over the past 6 months, which I believe is due to stress at home and work. Although this is a difficult time for me and my daughter I want to tell people that it does and can get better. Mostly I manage well, but with bouts of depression, which vary from a few months to a few years. I would rather the depression would stay away but unfortunately it comes back at times of stress or difficulty and there are times when I can't get out of bed and just want to cry. But I know how to deal with this now, I accept the medication when needed and try to take care of myself, healthy diet, lots of sleep and I try to get out of the house as much as i can. It also helps to talk to someone who has an understanding of what you are going through. If you are given medication that doesn't suit you ask to try another. Depression is hard to come through and for some it is harder than others but my story is that by being strong you can live with and manage depression. I hope my comments are helpful to some of you.

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Siobhan96 said on 10 May 2014

It is so nice to see that I'm not the only one that feels like this.I'm a 17yr old female and have only known to be suffering from depression and anxiety for the past 6 months and it's so hard I have been through a hell of a lot in my childhood. I have no family or friends only my long term boyfriend but I push him away and he doesn't really understand this illness I quite college due to this and have no motivation to do literally anything I do get suicidal thoughts quite often I won't go into my feelings too much as I don't like to talk about this I have my first GP appoinment next week and I'm so scared. Does this illness ever go away do you ever go back to normal?

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Stupot1968 said on 29 April 2014

I understand that these 'rough' guidelines can give an indication of whether an individual is depressed or just feeling 'a bit down'? But my wife has suffered from severe depression for years, even trying to end it all at the very young age of 14, where she was told by the so called professionals to 'be a good girl and don't do it again, as you have a nice family' with no further counselling! We have had more success with self help books and briefly attending B-eat counselling as with many there is a connection with an eating disorder, while funding allowed. Now at 46 years of age she take it one day at a time, as the GP's only option considered is to drug her up to the extent that she could not function. Sorry to rant, but sometimes I feel that the NHS has badly let her down. And sometimes ( but not all people) it would be far more successful and cost effective to find and treat the cause rather than masking the symptoms with drugs,

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JimDon said on 22 April 2014

For anyone suffering with depression wanting advice/help I'd recommend going to the depression forum links above to "" & go to the "Action On Depression" group. It can be quicker & easier to get answers and can be a help.

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AshleighMegan said on 22 April 2014

When I tell people I am on antidepressants and suffer with depression they say but your 20 pull your self together. But people don't understand it isn't that easy, 2 years ago 8 days before my 18th birthday my boyfriend beat me up, the whole time that was happen I felt I deserved it and I should just take the beating. A month or two after was when I noticed something wrong with me I could barely sleep, I was surviving on chocolate and you only had to look at me a second to long for me to bite your head off, I remember being in a shop and I saw someone I used to know and she was staring and that was it I just saw red I was screaming shouting and I wasn't me anymore, I was never an angry person, I didn't even recognise me anymore but I loved the feeling I had after I was shouting at her I needed that to let my anger out and then it became a regular thing after that, I was just an angry little girl and I didn't no how to cope with it and then it just became worse there were days I couldn't even bear to get out of bed all I wanted to do was cry, I felt worthless and I wouldn't talk to anyone I just lay in my bed and cried, I new what was wrong with me I just didn't want to admit it I thought I could handle it myself and I'd just snap out of it. Then it started to affect my work life, I'd sit at work and cry on the bathroom floor because someone asked how I was, I'd start fights for no reason, and it was like I was invisible in a place where there was hundreds of people I was screaming but no one was hearing me. I'd been to counsellors numerous times before for numerous reasons and I didn't feel like they helped me, they made me worse and more depressed to go other all the things that happened in my childhood. I still have very dark days and yeah I don't no how to cope I just take it one day at a time, but for me my coping mechanism is talking to my best friend, we sit and eat chocolate, she takes my mind off it and it helps or we go for a walk, but it does get better

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Harbor2001 said on 16 April 2014

I have been sad/angry and been suffering from anxiety for roughly 5 months now. It all started on Christmas Day when my sister got hospitalised because of an eating disorder. She was in hospital for about a week and got released on New Year's Eve. I was so angry. I was angry about them ruining my Christmas, my Boxing Day, my New Years Eve. A couple of weeks later it turned to sadness. I was lonely. I still am. How come when I'm in a crowded room I feel so alone? I shut myself in my room for days on end. It didn't help that I had to leave my former secondary school to go to another. I would spend hours contemplating life. Thinking about who I was and what my future be. I wouldn't talk to people. And then that's when the insecurities came in. I told myself I was fat and that I was ugly. I told myself not to eat. The next thing I tell you is something that I'm ashamed of but I still somehow want to do it again. I tried cutting. I got a razor and cut. After two strokes I couldn't do it again so I turned to scratching my arm till it bled. I covered it up. I used to always role my sleeves up at school, until i started cutting and then I rolled them down. I sometimes think about what it would be like if I wasn't alive. About how people would feel. Would they miss me? Would they cry? I turned to reading, but it just makes me more sad. How come everyone seems to have a happily ever after and I don't? So it's been 5 months now. 5 months till my world turned upside down. My sister has got better, and I feel like know one cares about me. I don't care about myself. I'm useless. Nobody needs me. I can't tell my parents. I can't tell my siblings. I can't tell anyone. I was so close to telling my best friend but then I realised, there's no point because nobody cares. I don't know what to do. I hate myself and I hate everyone around me. I'm so tired all the time and when I try to sleep, I can't. I'm sorry that this is so long and I thank you for having the patients for reading this

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SLollypopW said on 04 April 2014

This is the first time ive spoke about this so please bare with me as i try to explain, i have been feeling incredibly down, sad, lonely for a good 7/8 months now, i have lost interest in everything, i use to be a party girl, now i barely make it out of bed and when i do i have no energy, i cant sleep because it feels like my thoughts are nibbling away at my brain. The strangest thing was the other night i was laughing, and my laughter randomly turned into me crying my eyes out (sad tears). When i cry its almost like my brain tells me or reminds me of other things i should be crying about and i start crying all over again.. I don't know if this is depression or if its just high emotions? My mother has depression, but what im going through doesn't seem to be the same as her symptoms? Can someone please help

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SLollypopW said on 04 April 2014

I have never spoke to anyone about this before partly because im not sure if im just emotional or if there is something wrong with me. Since my dad passed away ive felt low, but i thought that was just part of grieving, but that was almost four years ago and surely i should have got over it and stopped grieving by now? I get these days where its hard to even get out of bed, and i have this constant empty, lonely feeling, even though im always surrounded by my family. I cry randomly, i almost always cry when in alone for no reason, then when the crying starts all these little things start to nibble away at me. The other night i was in the middle of laughing and it suddenly turned into floods of tears (sad tears) i just don't know what to do, i don't know if there's something wrong with me or if its normal. I just feel so awful, im young and have no sex drive, in fact i don't even feel like my partner even wants to be with me half of the time, i don't know if this is because of me constantly feeling sad, or if its genuine, im at a loss i honestly am.. Can anyone at all suggest what to do?

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MikeyJS said on 24 March 2014

Shanlatham - You need to request an urgent appointment to see your GP, we can help with these things!

Don't despair.

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shanlatham said on 23 March 2014

I already have postnatal depression from my first, she is 8 Months old, but I am currently 29weeks pregnant, and these feelings are getting worse and worse, I am starting to have horrible thoughts about wanting to hurt myself, and even had a few suicidal thoughts, I feel asif I can't conmtrol myself and feel really out of control, I am paranoid constantly, I feel like I can't talk to anybody, I'm not eating which I worry about most cause of my unborn, but if I try eating I physically can't I throw it back up again, I've lost my sex drive with my partner, we argue an awful lot more than we used to, were not the saMe anymore and I feel its my fault, I feel asif I cant talk to him and he's supposed to be the one person I should talk too. I felt like this for quite sometime now, and I didn't think anything of it but now I know I need help and a lot of it, I'm harming my unborn and I feel so horrible but I can't help it, I constantly feel low and agetated I feel asif my bodys getting taken over but a demon and I feel like I can't control me I need help please?

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JimDon said on 07 March 2014

Mm2014 & anon7376.
It's not easy to talk to people about depression. Remember that you only see the doctor very briefly (I assume you don't move in the same social circles) so frankly who cares if they don't believe you or judge you. You know how you feel. You know your mind & body better than a doctor. Besides if they don't help what have you lost? Nothing, but imagine what you could gain. You could start on the road to recovery to reclaiming your life back. You could learn how to deal with those thoughts that constantly shout out in your head or even silence them completely. Make that appointment & go along on the day. Take a deep breath, let the mask slip a little and tell the doc. I won't lie to you, you may feel weak & rubbish initially afterward but a little later you'll be so glad you did it and perhaps even a little proud of yourself that you took that first step (the most important & difficult one). Don't give up. Fight! Good luck both

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Mm2014 said on 05 March 2014

I have been carrying these feeling for so long and i to just can't bring myself to go to the doctors and get help. I don't know how to overcome my fear that the doctor will not believe me, I've tried talking to my boyfriend but he just doesn't understand that I cant just snap out of this. Ive grown up in a family that just doesn't discuss things like this so i have to carry on every day pretending that I'm ok when I'm crying inside. How do you find the courage to talk to a stranger about been 'depressed' ?

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anon7376 said on 03 March 2014

I don't know how to go about getting help. How do you make that step and go to the doctors, and utter the word ' depressed.' I've just struggled on alone because I cant bring myself to do it. How did other people overcome this?

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JimDon said on 27 February 2014

I hope you get to read this & that I can put my thoughts across well.
Don't give up girl. You are doing the best you can & I'd bet he does appreciate it on some level. You cannot take his depression away but you can help him by being there. Read this:

Ask him to read the next bit;
Sir you will lose her if you don't seek help. By the simple fact that she is on here trying asking for help & how she can change for you is proof of that. You probably won't lose her in her running away but in the sense that you will push her away & leave. That would be the biggest mistake of your life. That's exactly what I did. I regret it every single day. I thought things were so bad & that she was better off without me. While I still believe that I know that I am not better off without her. I wish I'd gotten help years ago and now it is too late. I am at the lowest point I have ever been in the 20 years I've stuggled with depression. Yesterday I actually spoke to a counsellor. I have booked sessions for next month to try & sort myself out. If I had done this 5 years ago I believe I would still be with the woman I still love & miss. The thing is I didn't fully appreciate her or realise how much I loved her until we'd been apart for a year. By then it was far too late, the damage was done & the depression has ensured she stays away.
Don't let your girl go, she appears to be a good un & a keeper. She loves you. Love her. Get help. FIGHT IT!

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Smandaangel said on 22 February 2014

I think my problems really kicked in after I was made redundant from my job just over a year ago. It was a job I loved as it fit in perfectly with my family life, since then I've had one job for just over six months and felt like I couldn't cope with the shift work as they refused to let me have days off with my husband as he works shifts too.. I then changed jobs and they told me that I'd be able to have my set days off.. However just over 5months in, this has been changed and I can tell that all the symptoms of depression are coming back. I'm feeling tired and run down all the time as I can't sleep when I get to bed but them can't wake up in the mornings so am staying in bed til nearly lunchtime when I'm on late shifts. I'm arguing nearly everyday with my poor husband over small trivial things, or weeping profusely! I always feel like all that's going wrong is because of something I've done and feel like everyone would just be happier if I disappeared. I hate feeling like this and feel like I'll be letting everyone down if I go to the drs as can't really afford the time off even though I desperately need it to get my head straight xx

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usa1776 said on 21 February 2014

In answer to "tryingtofindanswers". I myself suffer from depression and have done for years now. About 2 years ago I saw a therapist who sent me to a group therapy programme which I've been on for the last 18 months. I can understand him not wanting to see a professional, neither did I but I promise you when I finally did, it was the best decision I ever made. For all your good intentions in wanting to help him your still not an expert in the matter like the therapists out there and they will be able to help him fix himself. It's not easy opening up to complete strangers and to be quite frank it can be terrifying but the rewards he can get from it will set him up for the rest of his life. As for you causing parts of his depression, certain things will set him off depending upon the type of trauma he's undergone to make him depressed in the first place, things that to you may seem trivial, the worse thing you can do is blame yourself though. There are things that upset or anger me that might not bother most people but because of my past experiences they bring back bad memories and feelings. Just try your best to get him to see a therapist, if he's really struggling or even if you are you could always call the Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90. Good luck :)

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tryingtofindanswers said on 20 February 2014

Hi.. Recently my boyfriend has been diagnosed with depression, I feel like I've been doing the best I can to help but there doesn't seem to be much improvement, he gets very agitated when I say or do certain things and although I know its something that cannot be helped I still feel so useless. I have read many columns and comments people have left and it has given me a better understanding of how depression works and how to deal with the person with this depression. I feel like I might need a bit of advice? I do try my best to understand how he feels but know that I never truly can because I'm not going through this. He spends a lot of time isolating himself in one room and I do try to get him to do more things but feel as if I shouldn't be because I know its something he doesn't want but may need? I'm really confused and would love to hear from someone who has been through or going through a situation like this. I feel so helpless sometimes and I know he feels like I'm no help at all, I would love to help him get on the right track but feel as if its a very sensitive subject for him, he doesn't want to speak to a professional but has been going to his GP regularly, I don't know if this is something he doesn't want to accept? I can understand if he would feel this way because it is a hard thing to come to terms with.. He blames me for a lot of things relating to how he feels and I am doing my best to minimize the things that irritate him about me, is this normal? Or is this really something I could have caused without knowing until now? .. Please help.

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Jogga121 said on 07 February 2014

Jat95, you have said absolutely everything I feel. If you also want to talk let me know.

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User839125 said on 28 January 2014

Ive had it for 2 years now it all started when i got letter from my local council to come to an interview at the time i was on benefits and selling items on ebay for friends and family however i didnt realise i was breaking the law at the end i was given a fraud conviction. I tried to fight my case on grounds that the evidence was in accurate as they said i made 28k but after hrs off study and prints i calculated about 12k this was sent to them but no good as i was told i need a clark to organise the calcuations had no money so i gave up. I spent 4 weeks non stop hardly ate and achieved nothing but a conviction and lost my job due to the conviction. Knowing they were inacurate made me even angry. I just felt down and down whilst all friends family were around i just pretended everything was ok . But inside i was dying i just stopped eating completely everytime my friends came to see me i said i ate but they could here my stomach making noises this noise was constant eventually i stopped hanging out and just kept indoors living alone really doesnt help.
I felt like im no longer an intetest to humamity just didnt want to do anything did have thoughts off jumping out the window but this is not allowed in islam.
Could not get a job as i had fraud i started realising the true nature . That no one will employ me and im stuck.
I stopped sleeping and lived on coffee only i would only sleep when i got tired but this was about 9am and waking up around 3 to 6pm i smoked about 30 ciggs every night. i sometimes would eat at my mums but never told her my issues. Before this started i was 13.5st today im 9.8st and losing more everyday. I feal a slight satisfaction from not eating as it eases the depression but health wise it still killing me i now have full depression feal like killing my self every now and then also have nervous breakdown angziety dizzyness heart ache also skin disorder egzema week back constipation cannot sit in a car as passanger head spins. Dr dosnt help

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Emsabo said on 16 January 2014

hi tom! my mum had depression for few years and she always found help in people most close to her or someone she really thought understood, for example, a doctor you see regularly, I would advise going to a group of some kind if you live in town/ city because you will have a common understanding with other people there- this helps- because they can relate with you

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SNPPNS said on 21 December 2013

Being a depressed person myself what is the point in spending your life 'trying' to be happy

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Colin31 said on 16 December 2013

It seems a lot of people are using this platform to voice their experience of mental health issues and even ask questions. While these forums can make you feel heard they are unlikely to provide the answers you require.
Most, if not all, of the users have a mental health issue of some kind. This can be difficult to accept, because there is still a stigma attached, and many people still do not realise that you can't simply 'snap out of it'. Even some GP's will tell you to just try harder to manage it yourself. The situation doesn't get much better when you are referred to specialist teams. They often seem reluctant to make a diagnosis, and they are so stretched that you can't always access the treatments you need.
People are suffering unnecessarily; the government and health professionals need to wake up and realise that more still needs to be done. If you are one of those suffering then please know you are not alone. It feels like a very lonely place and nobody really understands you. During those very rare mo