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Telephone: * 0844 669 6939
Address: 144 Harley Street, London, W1G 7LD

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sk:n is the country's leading skin clinic offering highly medically trained staff and the most regulated treatment approach in a meticulously clinical environment - nationwide. No one offers more specialised skin treatments - over 250, from mole excisions to anti-ageing injectables, tattoo removals to facial resurfacing - or uses more advanced technololgy to do so.

sk:n's heritage goes back over 24 years, to when it was founded in 1990 in Harrogate in a private clinic. sk:n's initial specialism was in port wine stain birthmark removal and the company invested in the highest grade lasers on the market, operated in partnership with the NHS. Before long however, sk:n doctors were treating NHS patients for broader dermatological needs and an ongoing parnership emerged.

A stand-alone clinic was opened in Birmingham City Hospital in 1993, followed by a private clinic on Harley Street in the same year.

sk:n now have a network of nationwide clinics from Aberdeen to Portsmouth, with opening hours up to 9pm and are proud to be home to more leading consultant dermatologists, doctors, plastic surgeons, nurses or therapists than any other dematology service provider.

All sk:n's laser technicians have the longest training in the industry and like all treaters in the organisation, operate according to the Medical Standard's Team approved medical protocols. There is a Medical Director in every clinic and all medical consumables used are of the highest grade available.

With extremely high customer loyalty and satisfaction scores, sk:n looks forward to offering even more clients the most effective, yet safe treatments on the market, as The Nation’s Skin Clinic.

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