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  • Patient travels over 250 miles to be treated by his favourite Consultant
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  • Blakelands Hospital celebrates 10 years in healthcare!


Blakelands Hospital

Blakelands Hospital in Milton Keynes, is a purpose built day case unit that provides convenient, effective and high quality treatment for patients who are funded by the NHS, self-paying and medically insured.

The centre has been designed to provide outpatient facilities for the assessment and treatment of patients and has two operating theatres for day case surgical procedures.

Blakelands Hospital offers a variety of services to NHS patients:

- Gastroenterology (Endoscopy, colonoscopy, gastroscopy
- Ophthalmology (Cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment) 
- General surgery (Hernia repair, lump/bump removal, haemorroid treatment
- Orthopaedic surgery (Hip/knee, hand/wrist, shoulder/elbow, foot/ankle)

In line with all-purpose built centres, all car spaces are close to the entrance providing same level access. If a wheelchair is required within the centre we are more than happy to provide one. 

The hospital has an x-ray department, outpatient consultation rooms, pre assessment facilities, two operating theatres and a four bedded recovery bay. 

We have excellent levels of cleanliness and have effective infection control methods resulting in very low infection rates. All our facilities are regularly inspected and approved by the Care Quality Commission.

Our consultants and nursing staff are highly experienced and have your care and comfort as their highest priority. 

Blakelands Hospital understands the need to offer patients variety and choice for outpatient appointments so patients have the option of booking into regular weekday and evening clinics, and occasional Saturdays.

The following services are available for Private patients:

- Cosmetic Surgery
- Diagnostic imaging
- Gastroenterology
- General Surgery
- Ophthalmology
- Orthopaedics
- Pain Management
- Physiotherapy 

For NHS appointments, patients should ask their GP for a referral to Blakelands Hospital. Private patients can call 01908 334200 for appointment enquiries.

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Blakelands Hospital

Tel: 01908 334200   Fax: 01908 334201

Address: Smeaton Close, Blakelands, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK14 5HR



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Equipped with onsite Imaging offering X-Ray and Ultrasound, and Physiotherapy. Blakelands Hospital is perfectly designed for day-case care.

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Latest news

Patient travels over 250 miles to be treated by his favourite Consultant

Mr Marek and patient

Robert Thompson, a 73 year old patient from Cumbria, travelled over 250 miles to Blakelands Hospital just for an appointment with his favourite Consultant!

Mr Marek, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, previously worked at Kendal NHS Treatment Centre in Cumbria and in 2010 performed knee replacement surgery for Robert. Shortly after this surgery the unit shut its doors. The patient now requires a new hip and asked his GP to refer him back to Mr Marek who now works at Blakelands Hospital in Milton Keynes. Robert was more than willing to travel for his treatment given how pleased he was with his surgery outcome and the service that Ramsay Healthcare offered him previously.

Robert also did the same back in 2012 when he needed his other knee replacing, making four visits down to Blakelands for Consultation, Pre op appointments, surgery and a follow up.

Mr Marek said ‘To my surprise, last week Mr Thompson appeared in my Blakelands clinic declaring that the knees are brilliant, praising our services again. He managed to go skiing few times since his last surgery! He now unfortunately needs a total hip replacement, but has thankfully chosen Ramsay Healthcare once again.’

Blakelands Hospital celebrated its 10th anniversary earlier this year and offers a wide and comprehensive range of clinical specialties from Orthopaedics including hip, knee and foot and ankle surgery, Ophthalmology, General and Cosmetic Surgery. It offers high quality treatment for patients who are medically insured, self-paying and funded by the NHS.

For NHS appointments, patients should ask their GP for a referral to Blakelands Hospital. Private patients can call 01908 334200 for appointment enquiries.

You can read an interview with Mr Marek here.

Last updated on 17 August 2016.

Take a look inside

Look inside!

We recently had a photo shoot and Google Tour of Blakelands Hospital to allow patients to look around before attending their appointment.

To explore Blakelands Hospital click here.


Last updated on 17 August 2016.

Blakelands Hospital celebrates 10 years in healthcare!

10th anniversary

Blakelands Hospital in Milton Keynes celebrated their 10th Anniversary on Monday 16th May 2016, a fantastic milestone.

Purpose built as a day case unit, Blakelands Hospital opened in May 2006 and has continued to grow and develop since this date. The Hospital is part of Ramsay Healthcare UK, which is one of the leading providers of independent hospital services in England.

The Hospital currently has over 10 Consultants covering a wide and comprehensive range of specialised clinical specialties from Orthopaedics (including hip, knee and foot and ankle surgery), Ophthalmology, General Surgery, to Cosmetic Surgery, treating both private and NHS patients. The Hospital has a diagnostic department which includes X-ray and ultrasound facilities and their own Physiotherapist.

Blakelands staff have played a pivotal part in the success of the Hospital, providing a friendly and professional service with special emphasis on individual patient care.

There are 5 staff members celebrating 10 years of service this year:

- Madeleine Boxall (Administrator) 
- Janice Cruickshank (Healthcare Assistant) 
- Cyril Marek (Orthopaedic Consultant) 
- Diana Duran (Nurse) 
- Amina Ajilly (Nurse)

Congratulations to them all and 'thank you' for your support, hard work and loyalty.

General Manager, David Munt, said 'All of us at Blakelands Hospital are extremely proud of our facilities and developments over the last 10 years, and we will continue to provide quality private healthcare to the local community over the coming years.'

Last updated on 17 August 2016.

The Power of Personal Choice for NHS Treatment

Blakelands Hospital

Since 2008, every person in the UK who is eligible for treatment under the National Health Service (NHS) can make a choice on where to have their treatment as long as it is clinically appropriate.

For the majority of us, this means that when we see our family Doctor and require a referral for further care, we can choose where to receive more specialist health care.  We may choose a traditional General Hospital, however more and more people are asking to be treated in smaller, more specialised hospitals operated by the independent sector.

There are two independent hospitals in Milton Keynes, both hospitals provide NHS and Private healthcare and both can be chosen by a patient when they see either their GP, or when selecting their treatment through the Choose & Book system (by making an appointment by telephone or through the Choose & Book website).  One of the hospitals is Blakelands Hospital, operated by Ramsay Health Care.

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Cyril Marek, who is a specialist at Blakelands Hospital said “It is important for patients to realise that they do have a choice of where to be treated.  It may be closer to their home or family, they may be in pain and want to be seen as quickly as possible and different hospitals have different waiting times.”  Mr Marek went on to say “For some patients, it is important to see the same Consultant throughout the treatment, at Blakelands Hospital I see my patients in the initial consultation, I personally operate on them in theatre if they require surgery and I see them again for any follow up appointments.  Consultant led care is very important to some people and this is what we provide here at Blakelands Hospital, along with free parking of course!”

However, many patients are still unaware that they have a choice where they could receive their specialist treatment and will be sent by default to the closest place of healthcare applicable.  This could mean a longer wait for the treatment they require, or and in some cases more importantly, where other factors may have influenced their decisions, such as the number of cases of MRSA or other hospital acquired infections have occurred, or what reviews other patients or their families have made upon their treatment, either the clinical aspect or bedside manner!

It is always worth looking at what choices for treatment are open to you personally, seeking advice from friends or family regarding their experiences and looking up the healthcare provider on NHS Choices or their own website to see what comments people have left or whether they publish their Patient or Friends and Family surveys either on the website or as a leaflet in the local GP Surgeries.

Last updated on 19 October 2015.

Quality of service at Blakelands Hospital

Care Quality Commission inspection ratings

Friends and Family Test: Inpatient

98%Patients recommend this hospital. 149 responses

Friends and Family test score: Outpatients

98%Patients recommend this hospital. 3200 responses.

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