Benenden Hospital

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Address: Goddards Green Road, Benenden, Cranbrook, Kent, TN17 4AX

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  • Hospital opens new £1.85 million unit
  • Cataract Surgery


Benenden Hospital

Benenden Hospital provides surgical and medical diagnosis and treatment, with state of the art theatres and supporting facilities. The consultant led services are backed by a rigorous approach to cleanliness and hygiene.  You will have the reassurance of knowing that your safety is always our highest priority, together with preventing infections.

We are an independent hospital with charitable status situated in the heart of Kent and serving the South East.  We serve Benenden members, private and self-paying patients and some NHS Choose and Book patients.

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Benenden Hospital specialise in a number of areas such as:

Benenden Hospital consultants cover a large range of medical treatments and services:

  • Colorectal surgery
  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • ENT surgery
  • Gastroenterology
  • General surgery
  • Gynaecology
  • Neurology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Respiratory medicine
  • Rheumatology
  • Urology
  • Varicose veins


For more information call 01580 240 333

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Benenden Hospital

Tel: 01580 240333   Fax: 01580 241877

Address: Goddards Green Road, Benenden, Cranbrook, Kent, TN17 4AX



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Departments and services

The Hospital offers extensive Diagnostic Imaging, together with General Surgery, Gynaecology, ENT, Urology, Paediatrics, Colorectal, Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology and Physiotherapy.

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Latest news

Hospital opens new £1.85 million unit

Sterile Services Opening

A celebration was held to mark the opening of Benenden Hospital’s new £1.85m Sterile Services Department.

The unit is where theatre instruments and scopes used for diagnostic procedures on patients are cleaned, disinfected and sterilised. The department plays a vital role in infection control and the fight against hospital acquired infection.

Benenden Hospital is quite unique in having its own Sterile Services Department as many hospitals outsource this. The new department is equipped with the very latest in sterilisation equipment, purchased from Belimed, a world leader in infection control, with the unit built by CFES, a specialist contractor, who have recently completed the construction of a similar facility at Guys and St Thomas’s Hospital in London.

Benenden Hospital has always had its own Sterile Services Department. A new and more modern one has been created as part of a £45 million redevelopment of the site, which will result in a state-of-the-art hospital, poised to meet future healthcare needs.

Attending the department opening were hospital governors, hospital directors and staff and representatives from CFES, Belimed and the Burgess Group who all worked on the project.

The new department has three main rooms: an autoclave room, an inspection assembly and packing room and a decontamination room.

In 2014 the hospital acquired infection rate at Benenden Hospital was 0.86%, compared to a national rate of 6%. Benenden Hospital has never had a case of hospital acquired MRSA bacteraemia.

At the opening Graham Goddard, the hospital’s redevelopment project director, said: “This new unit boasts some of the best decontamination equipment available.”

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Last updated on 04 August 2015.

Cataract Surgery

The very highest standards of care, hygiene and treatment
You will be treated by one of our specialist consultant ophthalmologist team, in our clean, modern facility, backed by our caring nursing staff , helping to make your visit as successful and enjoyable as possible.  The service is delivered as a day case treatment under spray applied local anaesthetic, with people typically spending only 3-4 hours at the hospital. Following the treatment all patients have access to a 24hr, 7 days a week phone line to a qualified specialist Ophthalmic Consultant. You will undergo a comprehensive pre-operative examination covering your general health and to carefully measure and assess your eyes for the correct lens implant.


And there’s no need to wait
At benenden hospital we warmly welcome benenden health members, private and self-funded patients and patients coming to us through the NHS Choose and Book system.  benenden hospital is a not-for-profit charity, which is why we are able to offer very competitive prices for self-paying patients. Cataract treatment packages start from £1,935 per eye, which includes your initial consultation and follow up.


Symptoms to look out for
Most cataracts are caused by natural changes in the lens brought on by age. They usually develop slowly, and at some point you feel your sight just isn’t quite right. Gradually, you may find your sight becomes cloudier, making it harder to see.  Lights can seem to glare and you may notice that colours look different, often yellowish.  Whilst delaying treatment will not make it any less effective,  most people choose to have their cataracts removed when the change in their vision starts to impact on everyday life.


Cataract treatments with our new lenses are performed by Consultant Eye Surgeon, Anders Granberg, who has been delivering this procedure for many years. He is supported by our highly-experienced ophthalmology team, who last year performed more than 1,000 cataract treatments.

Our 2013 results with regards to clinical outcomes. The RNIB estimates the UK average complication rate to be 2% after surgery. benenden hospitals complication rate was less than 0.34%

benenden cataract patients rated the overall quality of the service as very good or excellent.




Last updated on 10 March 2014.

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