Derriford Hospital

Telephone: 01752 202082
Address: Derriford Road, Crownhill, Plymouth, Devon, PL6 8DH

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Derriford Hospital

Tel: 01752 202082   Fax: * 0845 155 8235

Address: Derriford Road, Crownhill, Plymouth, Devon, PL6 8DH


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PALS (Patient advice and liaison service)

You can talk to PALS who provide confidential advice and support to patients, families and their carers, and can provide information on the NHS and health related matters.

Under the NHS Employers Positively Diverse programme the Trust is one of nine lead sites with special responsibility for identifying and promoting good practice in religious diversity.
We have a Christian chapel and Multi Faith prayer room.
Christian worship: Sundays, Holy Communion 9.15am & Mass 4pm.
Muslim worship: Jumah prayers Friday 1.15pm.
Tony Kyriakides-Yeldham: 0845 1558172

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South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
01803 614567 Ext:
0207 034 5250 Ext:
BMI Healthcare
0203 283 6600 Ext:

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There are currently 760 public parking spaces. Of these, 60 are reserved for disabled users(free of charge and no time limit). Blue blue badge holders can park in non disabled bays free of charge and with no time limit.

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