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Health watchdogs and authorities

About health and care regulators in England

Responsibility for regulating particular aspects of care is now shared across a number of different bodies, such as:

This section will give an overview of some of the health watchdogs and authorites overseeing health and social care in England. Please note that this is not a complete list of regulators.


NHS Protect: tackle crime across the health service

Stop fraud in the NHS

Stop NHS fraud, call 0800 028 4060If you are aware or concerned about fraud being committed by individuals or organisations within the NHS, you can report this securely and confidentially to NHS Protect.

NHS Protect has national responsibility for tackling:

  • fraud
  • violence
  • bribery
  • corruption
  • criminal damage
  • theft

These are all activities that would otherwise undermine the effectiveness of the health service and its ability to meet the needs of patients and professionals. 

Visit NHS Protect to find out how to report suspected fraud.

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