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The Keogh Mortality Review

The Keogh Mortality Review outcome reports

On February 6 2013, the Prime Minister announced that he had asked Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS Medical Director for England, to review the quality of care and treatment provided by those NHS trusts and NHS foundation trusts that were persistent outliers on mortality indicators. A total of 14 hospital trusts were investigated as part of this review. You can download the final report (PDF, 1.18Mb) now.

Although the 14 hospital trusts covered by the review were selected using national mortality measures as a "warning sign" or "smoke-alarm" for potential quality problems, the investigation looked more broadly at the quality of care and treatment provided within these organisations. The review considered the performance of the hospitals across six key areas:

  • mortality
  • patient experience
  • safety
  • workforce
  • clinical and operational effectiveness
  • leadership and governance

Mortality data reviewed was from the NHS Information Centre, the Care Quality Commission, Dr Foster, the Imperial College and Healthcare Evaluation Data (HED). The HSMR (Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratio) and SHMI figures (Summary Hospital-level Mortality indicator (SHMI) contained within the evidence packs are re-based and with the latest information to provide the most reflective picture of current performance at the 14 organisations. For ease, the SHMI figure has been reported as an "expected of 100", rather than the Information Centre's "expected of 1.00".

Findings and recommendations of the Keogh Mortality Review

The review of all 14 trusts has been completed. At both a local and national level, key findings have been collated and examined and recommendations have been made.

As well as the national overview report (PDF, 1.18mb), which outlines all key findings and recommendations, you can also download final reports for each individual hospital trust in the section below. These include:

  • Rapid Responsive Review (RRR) report
    This report details the findings from the announced visits, the unannounced visits and other hard and soft data collected on the trust.
  • Risk Summit action plan
    This report details the actions and recommendations that were agreed at the Risk Summit. It also details the next steps in the process.
  • Risk Summit video
    This shows the first part of the Risk Summit where members of the RRR panel summarised the results of the review to the Risk Summit panel.


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cecil9 said on 22 July 2013

The registered nurse hours to patient day ratio mystifies me in two respects. If the average is 85.69 how can a hospital exist, George Eliot,at 15.5
If the average is 85.69 nurse hours per patient day does this mean that the averarge hospital has 85.69/24 nurses on duty for each patient at all times.This is approximately 3.5 nurses per patient.

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Annoyed n letdown said on 17 July 2013

What do we expect from an organization based on the self interest of the staff who work in it. Indiscriminate use of LCP and DNR thro to the callous indifference of GPs.

Break it up having worked in Europe one gets, cheaper care when one wants it 24/7

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109 said on 16 June 2013

Looking for data packs on ULHT?!!!

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User780362 said on 13 June 2013

There are no packs for United Lincolnshire - the public meetings start on Monday so how can you have effective consultation if this data is not available

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Trevor Ellis said on 05 June 2013

Also looking for report etc. on Northern Lincolnshire and Goole - there is not one...

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floey64 said on 05 June 2013

Looking for report etc. on Northern Lincolnshire and Goole - doesn't appear to be one...

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JKR66 said on 09 May 2013

Shouldnt this information been available for patients /public to review before/at the meetings on May7/8 I t would have enhanced the process a

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