Eat4Cheap challenge

Eat healthily and save money

Take the Eat4Cheap challenge for a week and see how much money you can save and still eat healthily.

20 tips to eat well for less

Top 20 tips to help you eat a healthy diet and save money on your weekly food shopping bill.

'We made healthy eating fun for the kids'

Rachel shares her tips on shopping for a family of five on a tight budget and eating healthily.

'I managed to eat healthily on £3 a day'

Caroline reveals how she ate healthily on £3 a day without compromising on taste and variety.

'We saved money and still got our 5 A DAY'

Tori and Ron tell how they saved money and still managed to eat more fruit and vegetables.

'Eating leftovers for lunch helped us save'

Tom and wife Emma cut their weekly food spend by half by making their ingredients go further.

Eat well for less (PDF, 338Kb)

An infographic showing how much you could save on your food bill and eat healthily

5 A DAY meal planner

Create a weekly meal plan and shopping list packed with fruit and veg in five simple steps.

5 A DAY meal planner



Find easy exercise and healthy eating tips for you and your family


Whether you're cooking for a family or eating on the run, our tips and recipes can help you get your 5 A DAY

The Eatwell Guide

If you want to get the balance of your diet right, use the Eatwell Guide. It shows you how much you should eat from each food group

Food and diet

Find out how to achieve a healthy, nutritious diet to help you look and feel your best

Weight loss guide

Lose weight the healthy way and learn the skills to keep it off with our 12-week weight loss guide

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