Enid Mutton

AGE 71

LIVES Cornwall



Enid was brought up outside Tintagel and used to walk two miles to and from school and work each day. Thanks to lots of home-grown, home-cooked food and plenty of exercise, Enid has been in excellent health for most of her life. She says, “I've always been healthy. I’ve never even had measles, mumps or chicken pox.”

Eight years ago, Enid developed diabetes. After losing two stones in weight on the recommendation of her doctor, Enid’s condition is now under control.


"I’ve eaten home-grown veg all my life," says Enid. "I still grow my own beans and tomatoes, though I doubt if I do this five-a-day thing. But it's probably not the best diet, being Cornish: we do like our pasties! My grandmother and mother always bought the richest milk and skimmed off the cream."

Doctor's notes

"Enid is doing a number of things right, even if her weight did increase for a while. Home-grown vegetables are a good idea for several reasons. They're fresh, so the nutrients don’t have time to deteriorate, they don’t cost money and fuel to transport so they are good for the planet and the wallet.

"Finally, there is the added benefit of the exercise and fresh air that you get from growing them. There’s probably an additonal sense of satisfaction at seeing the crops grow. A win in every respect."

Enid's health tip

“The secret for me is contentment. I've always appreciated where I live. People say to me, ‘Where do you go on holiday?’ but I say, ‘Why should I pay to leave what you pay to come and see?’”

  • The Class of 1948 content, including this article, was written in 2008 to mark the 60th anniversary of the NHS and is not being updated.

Class of 1948: Enid Mutton

Enid, 71, developed diabetes eight years ago. After losing two stones in weight on the recommendation of her doctor, Enid’s condition is now under control.

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Charmer said on 19 March 2011

The question is How do you find "Contentment" Can it be learnt or brought? If not, then it really is not much of a tip if you are simply genetically programmed to be content ... and therefore healthy. Maybe it is more to do with a positive attitude. It is interesting that despite being Diabetic Enid reports she is healthy. However, diabetes requires ongoing treatment and care to reduce risk.

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