What can my baby understand and feel in the womb? 

Child clinical psychologist Linda Blair talks about what exactly your unborn baby can understand.

Find out more about what your baby can understand and feel in the womb

Transcript of What can my baby understand and feel in the womb?

What can my baby understand and feel in the womb?

Linda: Lots of mothers are always wondering what their baby can understand in the womb, because they’re not here yet, they can’t imagine their baby, what are they understanding about the world out there?

The sounds that baby hears are the kind of sounds you would hear if you were underwater. Everything’s there, but everything’s very muffled, and a little bit less loud. And certainly, remember you’re talking a different language than baby knows, baby doesn’t know word language yet.

Baby is going to get used to the voices that he’ll hear when he’s in the world, and dad’s voice is lower than mum’s, so that’s a different kind of picking up, and it’s a kind of more rhythmic picking up, so dad’s voice is really important, it gives a sense of safety.

Music’s great, because what baby hears most is the regular rhythmic beat of your heart and your own body working, they love regular rhythm, so if you give them music, it’ll make them soothed and calm.

It’s not necessarily the case that what mum eats, baby eats, but what mum eats are tastes that then the baby becomes familiar with, and that helps baby adapt and want your milk.

The feelings depend very much on the mood you’re in. It really does matter if you’re calm and relaxed whenever you can be. Obviously, none of us can be calm and relaxed all the time, but the more you do that, the more your baby will feel safe, and grow well, and it’ll come into a world that it thinks ‘wow, this is going to be a great place’.


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