How do I play with my child to help their development? (9 to 12 mths) 

Health visitor Ruth Oshikanlu describes the best ways you can play with your child to help their development.

Find out more about why play is important.

Transcript of How do I play with my child to help their development? (9 to 12 mths)

How do I play with my child to help their development?   Ruth:  It's very important to play with your child, because it does promote bonding and it aids their development. It helps you to relax and unwind with your baby and you get to know your baby better and the baby gets to know you.   Babies don't really need too many toys. They actually prefer the wrappings rather than the toys! They use their senses. The sounds, the touch and feel.   Mirroring is quite good. You get your baby to do something and then you copy them. And so they see you as a playmate. They teach you and you follow their lead. By about six months, they can see across a room, so from then you could start to play peek-a-boo. When you hide, your baby thinks you've disappeared. So it's quite reassuring when you let your hands go, and they see you again. It helps them develop trusting you, that you're not going to go away and not come back.   If your baby has favourite toys, you can put them all in a box, open the box up, and they will tell you what toy they want first. Use household things, pots, pans, spoons. You could use that as drums. Or you could have little empty containers with some spaghetti in it, or pasta. They like to shake them. Playing is important for your baby's development and it's that special time with your baby that you will forever cherish.    


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