Who will be with me during a home birth? 

Midwife Suzanne Barber describes who will be with you if you have your birth at home.

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Transcript of Who will be with me during a home birth?

Who will be with me during the home birth?


Suzanne: During the home birth you will be attended by a community midwife, probably somebody you’ve met already and have been able to develop a relationship with.


Whilst your labour is progressing she may pop in and out or if you need her there to support you she will stay with you.  Apart from talking and supporting you, she’ll be listening to the baby’s heartbeat regularly to make sure the baby’s coping with the labour.  She’ll be giving you advice about positions – you may already have planned to give birth at home in a birthing pool, in which case she’ll make sure the temperature stays just right for you and your baby.  As your labour progresses and your birth becomes imminent, she will press for support from the hospital.  This might be another midwife or a maternity care assistant.  They will make sure that when your baby’s born there will be someone there to care for your baby and also somebody to care for you should there be any complications.  People say having your baby at home is a great start to having a family.  Having the friends and family around you to keep you comfortable and safe all aids to keeping you nice and relaxed and make everything as normal as possible.




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