When should I go to hospital? 

Midwife Tracey Owen describes the various signs of labour that mean you should be heading to hospital.

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When should I go to hospital?


Tracey: If it’s your first baby, labour is a bit of an unknown entity to you and it’s all a bit scary. At the end of the day, the midwives are there 24 seven to answer your questions so just give them a ring. Everybody’s expectations are different; everybody’s pain thresholds are totally different. If you’re sitting at home and you’re talking all the way through, it’s not a contraction. If you are at home and you can’t concentrate on anything else and you want to bite the worktops, it’s probably a contraction.


The first couple of twinges are a bit weird and it is going to take a little while to get used to them. But really, the longer you ignore them the better. Carry on life, make your dinner, watch a bit of TV, soak in the bath and then think about ‘hang on a minute. Are they getting into a regular pattern?’


There are a couple of times when it is important for you to call the hospital: if your waters break, if you’re bleeding like a period, if you are worried about your baby’s movements since you’ve been having tightenings and if your tightenings have got themselves into a nice regular pattern – about one every five minutes lasting a minimum of 60 seconds.


Of course baby number two sometimes comes a bit quicker, so you need to be a bit more aware of what your body’s doing. You’ll know: you’ve been in labour before. You’ll know it’s uncomfortable and you know you’re baby is coming so give them a call a little bit earlier.


Around about 36 weeks you’d have probably packed your bag. And re-packed it. And packed again. Leave it by the front door so it’s ready for a quick exit. But remember you need your phone, your notes, your birth plan and your partner.


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