What does a health visitor do? 

Health visitor Maggie Fisher explains the role of health visitors and the support they offer to new parents.

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What does a health visitor do?


Maggie: Health visitors are trained nurses, and a lot are midwives as well who’ve undergone extra training to become a health visitor.


Every family will have a named health visitor who will visit them until the child is five, when they go to school.  Your health visitor will visit you at home between the tenth and fourteenth day and then your health visitor or member of the health visiting team will do a follow-up visit and if all is well you will be invited to attend the child health clinic.


In your personal child health record book, which is your red book, your health visitor will write in that when she visits.  She will put her contact details, she will put her name and how you contact her.  Your health visitor can be based at your GP’s surgery, local health centre or children’s centre.  She will talk to you and find out how your health is and what your concerns may be, she will weigh and measure the baby and just check that the baby’s progressing and developing as they should be.


The sorts of things your health visitors can help and support you with is anything you may be concerned about, so your health, your family’s health, postnatal depression and then all the routine baby things that come up: feeding, sleeping, crying, minor ailments, when to see a doctor.


We will also look at the baby’s health and development and do we’ll routine developmental checks throughout your baby’s life and we will talk to you about immunisations.  We run lots of groups, we work very closely with children’s centres and we can put you in contact with lots of other people and resources that can help you and your baby.


We’re here for the health of the whole family so it’s actually mums and dads we’re visiting at home and helping you to adjust to becoming new parents.



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