What can I do to encourage my baby to sit and crawl? 

A health visitor talks about what you can do to encourage your baby to sit and crawl

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Transcript of What can I do to encourage my baby to sit and crawl?

What can I do to encourage my baby to sit or crawl?   Kathryn: Babies are all different and will develop at different rates, so try not to compare your baby to anybody else’s. Too much time spent in car seats, buggies and baby walkers can delay your child’s physical development. Encourage them to play on the floor. Rolling around and tummy time will help your baby develop new found confidence and skills. Babies will often learn to roll before they can sit and crawl. From four to seven months your baby will learn to roll, sit and hold their head up. You can help your baby learn to sit by encouraging them to play on their tummy as much as it’s possible. Try to get them to look up by using colourful and noisy toys or by pulling funny faces and making sounds. By looking up baby will be encouraged to strengthen head, neck, back and shoulder muscles which they will need to help them sit up and crawl. Once baby can sit they will learn to balance with their arms and once your baby can lunge forward and balance on their hands and knees, baby’s almost ready to crawl. Most babies can crawl by the time that they’re a year old. Some babies may take longer, and some babies may never crawl at all. This is normal, and parents shouldn’t worry if their baby doesn’t want to crawl. The best way to encourage crawling is to put toys and other objects just slightly beyond babies reach, and this will help improve their confidence, speed and agility. When your baby becomes mobile, either through crawling or bottom shuffling, you will need to make sure your house has been childproofed.


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