How to put someone into the recovery position 

This video provides a step-by-step guide on how to put someone into the recovery position.

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Transcript of How to put someone into the recovery position


Move away any objects that could get in their way.

Kneel on the floor to one side of the person.

Place the person's arm that is nearest to you at a right angle to their body

so it is bent at the elbow with the hand pointing upwards.

This will keep it out of the way for when you roll them over.

Gently pick up their other hand with your palm against theirs.

Now place the back of their hand onto their opposite cheek.

Keep your hand there to guide and support their head as you roll them.

Now use your other arm

to reach across to the person's knee that is furthest from you

and pull it up until their leg is bent and their foot is flat on the floor.

Now with your hand still on the person's knee,

pull their knee towards you so they roll over onto their side facing you.

The person's body weight should help them to roll over quite easily.

Move their bent leg that is nearest to you away from their body

so that it is resting on the floor.

Lastly, gently raise their chin to tilt their head back slightly

as this will open up their airway and help them to breathe.

Check that nothing is blocking their airway, for example any food.

If there is an obstruction, remove this if you can do so safely.

Now let's put this all together.




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