How will I know I am in labour? 

Midwife Michelle Hicks-Molligan describes the signs that mean you are in labour.

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Transcript of How will I know I am in labour?

How will I know I am in labour?


Michelle: There are many different signs that you will have before you actually go into labour.  You can start having contractions, these may start off as cramps, or period-like pains in your back, then they become more intense, the frequency, it will start to come every two-to-three minutes, you may also have a show, you can also have backache, you can have your waters breaking – these are all signs, so I would tell you not to worry.


The bloody show just means that you are getting ready to go into labour.  It’s a sticky plug of mucus, so once it’s sticky and it has blood which could be either red or brown.  That’s quite normal.


When your waters break you could put a pad on. I’d advise you to call your midwife and she will advise you to come into hospital just to check that the colour’s normal, that you are well and that the baby is well. You may also be discharged back home if you’re not in labour because the process can take up to 6 -12 hours.  Other symptoms that you may be in labour are nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea. These are all signs that things are progressing well and you’re going to the right direction.


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