How do I know if my baby is properly latched? 

Midwife Kate Taylor talks about how to check if your baby is latched on properly.

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Transcript of How do I know if my baby is properly latched?


How do I know if my baby is latched on properly?


Kate: Getting the baby in the right position and ensuring the baby’s latched on really well so comfortable for you will help prevent you getting sore, cracked nipples.  The principles are that the baby should be facing the breast always so they’re not having to turn their head to the side.  Have their head free so they can tip it back and lead into the breast with their chin and the nipple to the nose.  First of all they do need to have a big wide open mouth like a big wide yawn, looking for food and they latch on with the roof of the mouth.  The first latch is to your breast.  They tend to have a few fast suckles to begin with to help the milk flow.  That can be a little bit uncomfortable sometimes but it shouldn’t last more than maybe 15-20 seconds.


As the milk starts to flow the baby’s suckles get deeper, you actually see them taking great big drinks of milk and to know that they’re actually feeding correctly and latched on properly they should have rounded cheeks, not sucked in, they should be comfortable and contented at the breast because if they keep coming off they’re probably not latched on properly.  It should be comfortable for you and the baby.


If you’re having any problems with your breastfeeding you need to contact your health visitor or midwife and there’s lots of support and advice available to all mums in all parts of the country through the local children’s centres and trained staff and telephone helplines.  It’s always good to get the advice and support early on and not leave it too late.


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