How do I introduce my baby to solid foods? 

A health visitor explains how to introduce your baby to solid food

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Transcript of How do I introduce my baby to solid foods?

How do I introduce my baby to solid foods?   Jackie: When you are ready to introduce solid foods you should ensure that your baby is relaxed and settled, and not do it when you are in a hurry.  You’ll know when your baby is ready for food – they should be able to sit up straight and hold their head steady.  They should be able to pick up the food and place it in their mouths, and swallow it.  This is normally around the age of six months.  Your baby should be sat up straight and facing you, ideally you should use a high chair.  It doesn’t really matter how much your baby eats, the important thing is that you introduce lots of different tastes and textures.  To eat solid food your baby needs to move the food from the front of their tongue to the back so that they can swallow it.  Some will do this quickly, some will take longer, however it is important to make sure you do this at your own baby’s pace.  Feeding your baby is a great time to communicate with them, ensure that they are facing you, and keep talking to them the whole time.  Babies like to explore – offering them finger foods or a spoon to hold is a great way for them to do this.  Finger foods should be small enough to hold in the hand, but long enough to protrude from the baby’s fist.  Never leave your baby alone whilst they are eating, because they could choke.  You’ll know when your baby’s had enough – they may scream or shout, push the bowl away, refuse to swallow the food, or turn their heads away.


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